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Hopes and Dreams

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

She hugs herself tight,
Holding back tears,
As she cries every night,
Alone with her fears,

What lurks in a lonely heart?

She cries herself to sleep,
A way to escape the pain,
She breathes in deep,
Wishes prayed in vain

A shadow dances on the wall,

She covers her head,
Blocking out the ghost,
She hides alone in her bed,
Herself she hates most,

She throws off the covers,

Shivers with fright,
She runs to the washroom,
A glint of silver light,
She grasps her doom,
Holding the thin metal tight,

She takes a deep breath,
Red stains the blade,
Oh, sweet, sweet relief,

She collapses to the floor,
And along with her hopes and dreams,
She now lies dead,
In a pool of her crimson life.

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