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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear stranger whom my heart belongs
we met on a night of untamed winds, and threatening skies
where making our presence known was almost denied
We felt that god had neglected
we got sucked in, spit out, and projected
across a universe where parachutes did not exist yet
Flesh exposed, limbs deformed
but the fear of falling hurt more than the hit to the floor
Arriving at the dark secluded spot was assumed to be a night of meaningless flirting, dance promoting, and body exposing
But, little did we know there was a deep love that cupid was provoking
As the base attacks my spine and forces me to move
I feel your eyes undressing me from the steps across the room
You make your way closer
but I am not just your pray
but the plan within your plot
the depth within you thought
I was the motive of the day
Although my lust, lied between the legs of the opposite gender
it was you dear girl that made me become wet, psalms sweat, moist, squeaked voice
but I remained a pretender
Although the music in the background seems to diminish with each day to another
the conversation we exchanged seems to speak louder as if the night accompanies me in a slumber
The music was now voices of unknowns when the clock struck two
it was time to part ways
thoughts of goodbyes where assumed
The passing of my number into your long term
enforced the idea that I was all for
continuing this new born affair
with the homosexual idea
But was I?
was I willing to neglect, all the intellect
brought to me from dust till dawn
taught from my pops and my moms
frowned upon
by those that don’t understand
intimacy lies within a women as well as in a man
And I say

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