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A Better Life

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous


What if there was no place for you to run away from
Your fears or hide behind you tears and hide who
You are because of peers
Your mom said you’ll be dead in a couple of years
Because she watched her last son grow up in the street
And throw his life away and all she could do was pray
But no one knows but you that you’re not like that you want
Different you just need to find you’re way

You think you have a plan to have a better life your friends
Say that life is not for you it’s just a bunch of rich people quick
To judge you and if you don’t go chase your dream you’ll end up
Shooting at someone’s crew

One day you dropped down on your knees to pray and later on
That day you had a dream god came to you to say it’s all up to you
And what you believe in and what’s in your heart and when you woke up your mom was right there and said we shall never be apart

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