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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Don’t they know it’s going to flood?
Violence is now apart of every life
It’s wrecking the world day after day.
Few people try to stop it while others think
Why complicate my life by getting in the way?
What if we were to get up and stand in their way?
What if one person was to stand up and protest?
Would the crowd win over the hearts of the blind?
Or will the power of one be enough to stop a war?
Some people will never know
Just sitting in their houses with closed doors.
But what of the people who fight and lose?
Will they have the strength to get up off the floor?
Will good win over evil just like in fairytales?
Or will reality come back and slap them in the face?
The people who disagree and take a stand
Will they win this hundred mile race?
Who will be the one to change the tide of fate?
Who will lead this impossible fight?
Will it be the head strong loser?
Or perhaps the witty brainiac.
Will it be the firm believer?
Or the one who never came?
Should we care some say its other people’s problems
We don’t have a say in it so just throw that thought away.
But what of those who refuse that and stand their ground and cry
We will have a say in any thing that concern us let us or die.
What if those cries were to reach every body with the will to hear?
Will we band together and stop this madness?
And finally give our earth the chance to heal.

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