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The loud cry the raven crows

December 4, 2009
By ConstanceScott BRONZE, Marion, South Carolina
ConstanceScott BRONZE, Marion, South Carolina
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Of the ashen skin that clothes her body,
None is paler than her eyes.
Those white eyes know more than you and I together,
And they speak to me.
They say: "look away at lost youth or perish now and behold the truth."
Therefore, I banish this horror from my sight and flee to the nearest home.
Inside, I find concerned gazes, honest and at my disposal.
Numbers beg the marked cars come hither,
But from the sight, their face cringes away.
Their hearts beat fast and their feet move slow,
Yet nothing speaks louder than the raven's crow.

The author's comments:
As a lover of the supernatural, I know that for years society has associated the raven with death. Made famous by notable author (and one of my heroes), Edgar Allen Poe, they have been known to feed on corpses. So, I find mentioning them quite appropriate when writing about loss. For anyone who is confused, the reason why the bird crows when the albino girl is found dead is because I was taking hints from Irish Folklore, where the banshee screams whenever someone dies. This is about all I will explain about the poem. As for the rest, I will allow readers to interpret it as they may.

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