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the feud

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The Feud
They bicker back and forth to try and set their story straight
Each one accused of lying, cheating, and misleading
Their hearts start beating
Words start repeating

She goes right and he goes left
Muttering under his breath
As the bell rings, she takes her seat
He taps his hand to the beat

The tears start streaming
Her head starts spinning
What’s done is done there is no going back
His pencil snaps while he hands in the test
His heart filled with regret at its best

12 o’clock the cafeteria roars
In come the students as they pour
2 seats remain empty who could it be?
No other than he and she

In the bathroom you can find
A girl who is sadden and left behind.
On the campus he leaves in his car
Promising to go away by far

By 6 o’clock, the sun sets deep
And she is only left to weep
Upon her porch a bell has rung
She opens the door as she bites her tongue
She twisted the handle and in he stepped in
The moonlight shown faded and dim
He held out his hand and met her eyes
… her heart was no longer full of despise

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