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what scares me

July 27, 2009
By Doug-e-fre$h GOLD, Mission Hills, California
Doug-e-fre$h GOLD, Mission Hills, California
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I'm Lady Gaga, and i want your soul

I paint pictures with my words
but these pictures disturb you
and you walk away.
I say things that
i hope will get you in my arms
but you walk away
before i can get it all out.
I do things
to replace actually talking
to you because...
i couldn't even tell you.
I love you.
and i've never told that to
anyone else.
you'll look at me like...
a coward
because i've chosen to
tell you all this in
some stupid poem
rather than telling you face
to face and heart to heart
and soul to quivering soul.
It's just whenever i'm
in your presence
i freeze up
trying to hold back anything
that might sound
stupid and
make me look bad.
Everytime i see you,
my heart flutters
my lips suddenly curl
into a small smile
my mind races to come
up with a way of tell you how
i feel.
but i can't.
my hope is that if you
read this, you can finally
see the torture i've put myself through
for you.
let the words sink in for
a second...
and i can only imagine what
you'll do next.
And that is really what
scares me.

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