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Little phoenix

August 12, 2022
By AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
AeshaDraws SILVER, Louisville, Kentucky
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Cold and dark
Not a light in the sky
I broke free to see from my protective black shell
To see smoke and red glowing feathers touching the ground
Momma, I yelled falling out of my egg
She was nowhere to be found
I was alone, completely alone
It was cold I had no feather on my back
All I could see is my nest and cliffs and frozen grass crushing as I step
Where are you momma I yelled one more time scared to be alone
No one was there to hear my cries
I look down to see a happy sight
A little bug alone like me
It buzzed at me
Making me jump
Bug looked at me and started to crawl away
I was alone once again
But then the bug stopped and looked back at me as if it was waiting
I got happy as I jumped, hopped, and fell to catch up with the bug
The bug showed me amazing things like how to eat seeds
How to tell where to go
We walked for days and nights
Each day I grew more
And each night my feathers grew bright
Until one day the bug takes me to the top of the mountain
The sun was big and bright my feather glowed levitating to it

I finally new my promise and said goodbye to the bug
I'll see you again
I spread my wings and started to fly racing with the sun
Calling out for the sky to hear
The little bug watched as her friend flew away
Yes, I will see you again one day.

The author's comments:

Based on the myth of the phoenix bird. Who is re-born every 500 years, But I show the story off where it all begins a baby finding his way to the sunlight and how he wasn't alone.

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