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This Girl

June 2, 2009
By Creativelifelilly SILVER, Tigard, Oregon
Creativelifelilly SILVER, Tigard, Oregon
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What happened to the good times, where did our friendship go?
All the old memories, and laughs we shared were swept under ths rug to be left and forgotten.
We've made a mistake or two, but that's what people do.
Forgiveness is in a friendship, trust is in the heart of many. But these things dissapeared and not only a girl who wants to be there,
and a girl who wants to help,
but a girl who is broken, and unable to be repaired.
This girl can't be here in this thing you call a friendship much longer.
This girl doesn't want to leave you behind.
This girl was hurt by mistakes made.
This girl is sorry, and it seems to not be enough for you

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