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Views of God: from . . . . Their Eyes Were Watching God

May 15, 2009
By Ciera Davis BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Ciera Davis BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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As viewed by God

I am everything and every person that lives
I am the one being that always gives but never takes
I am the light when a veil has covered the horizon
I am the strength behind the sick that never give up
I am the one who loves all
Even though all do not love me.

As viewed by Jody Starks after becoming Mayor of Eatonville

God is what Ah choose tuh make ‘im
He’s de house Ah built from de ground up
He’s de money dat jingles in mah pocket every time Ah walk
He’s de sound of mah voice when Ah choose tuh speak
Ah am a BIG VOICE!

As viewed by Tea Cake after marrying Janie

God is in her eyes, her touch, her laughter
God is de love Ah feel for her
He is de reason Ah want tuh give her de world
He made her mah sunshine when it always seemed tuh rain
He made her fuh me
And she is mah God.

As viewed by Janie after Tea Cake’s funeral

God is in de breeze dat dries de tears on mah face
God is in de sun dat shines thru’ de clouds
God is in mah heart dat aches from de pain
God is in de healin’ dat comes afta de sadness
God is in de bee dat smiled at me
God lay secretively in his chest even afta he took his last breath.

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