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Blind Pursuit

April 21, 2009
By Candice Costello BRONZE, Buckeye, Arizona
Candice Costello BRONZE, Buckeye, Arizona
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Blind pursuit of an ideal is destructive. If a person does not know how they are going to accomplish something it can mess them up. Not knowing consequences can be a problem as well. It could be the cause of maybe not getting what they want in the end.

When a person goes after a goal without knowing how to they are going to get that goal, it can be bad. They do not have a plan so from the start they are unorganized. Planning to go to college is important but if someone does not have a procedure set up, they can miss deadlines. Financial aid has a deadline and if that is not reached, a person could miss out on free money. Just like applying to get into a college. Incoming students must have applications in on a certain date or they may not come that semester. It is extremely important to have a plan set for reaching ideals.

There are certain consequences for people’s actions. If someone’s ideal is a negative one, they may have a price to pay a price afterwards. Revenge can be one of those. If someone is trying to get back at another person, they may vandalize their home or get into a fight with them. Depending on how extreme an action is, they can get into some big trouble whether it be with police or school officials.

Blind pursuit of an ideal is destructive. It is not smart to go after something without knowing all of the facts. People should always check into things such as deadlines before getting started on things. By people knowing from the start what they are getting themselves into and being prepared, there is a better chance of the, being successful at what they are trying to accomplish.

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