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All Sunlight Makes A Desert

January 23, 2009
By MandaPanda1011 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
MandaPanda1011 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Ever feel like the world is on your shoulders? Like it is crushing down on you; making it hard to breathe? Yeah, the feeling is mutual. I’m sure everyone knows that if you ignore a bully they might just go away. Well yes, problems are like bullies-except- they don’t go away. Of course if you try to ignore it…it will surely only get much worse until the point where you cant hide it or stop the constant piling of problems. Everyone has experienced these moments. Everyone goes through this. Everyone doesn’t like problems.


Right now, right here, take just one little moment to think of one problem. See! At least one thing came directly to the surface, didn’t it? Within everyday one new problem will arise. Whether it’s the moment you broke your lead or the moment your main squeeze broke up with you, there is a problem somewhere. No matter who you are. No matter who is reading this, you all know what I’m talking about.

Paint this picture. Your friend, or the person occupying the desk or chair next to you, just ran out of lead. No big deal right? When you look at this person you see that they are actually frustrated. Wow. Silly huh? Now, look at it from their perspective. This is an actual problem stopping their happiness, momentarily, until the problem is fixed. Silly, but also serious.

Then again, lets say that this pencil broke during an important test in which of course you cant just lean over and interrupt someone else for a pencil. Stop worrying. Don’t invite the party pooper when you know it will just-well you know, poop on the party. Honestly, what’s the most logic thing to do in this situation? How about asking the teacher? Duh. Isn’t that the same thing you would do for any other problem? Well not exactly tell your teacher but you can always talk to someone else right? I sure hope so. If you try to handle some things alone you’ll either dig yourself deeper into that hole or, the world will sit on your shoulders. Believe me, you’d just be making it harder than necessary.

Every time you encounter a problem, stop and look at it from another side. More clarity solves problems. Then again life is death. Everyday you live more, everyday you gain more problems. If you continue into the ocean and all you do is add more weight wont you just sink faster? Who would what that? Certainly not me.

Honestly, if you thought about things more clearly wouldn’t that mean that you would get through things faster without irrationalities? Logically: yes. Truly, a lot of things happen in our days that affect us. The day happens. We start with some unresolved issues. The day goes on. The day ends. The problems seem to grow. And life goes on. In my personal opinion, that isn’t appealing at all. Imagine how it would feel like to stand tall at the end of the day with only a few things perched on your shoulders. The idea of fewer problems sounds wonderful.

I think if everyone just tried to see the real size of the matter, it would be easier for everyone. Steps are the key. Lets your tying your shoe. Imagine how much harder it would be to tie that shoe if you were walking. In doing so you just are adding to the problem and probably looking like an idiot. Why would you keep stepping on, if just stopping for a few seconds or minutes would give you a chance to get a view of the situation?

Although, everyone handles things differently.

Look at my title. All Sunlight Makes a Desert. Do you know what that means? Desert; a dry barren land. I don’t mean literally I mean figuratively. I mean that if you have no problems then you’d be a barren, just empty. If you think you have no problems then you better check which side of the pool your in because your in the shallow end.

Basically, I’m saying take life, the good and bad to have a strong successful life. Try it sometime. You never know everything till you try.

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