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Killer Technology

January 13, 2016
By acamphor BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
acamphor BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Aziya Camphor“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” - Albert Einstein

Is this true? Is technology really killing us and jeopardizing our friendships? There are equal pros and cons to both sides of the topic, whether for or against. Yes, technology can be problematic, but with the right responsibility of actions it could actually assist us to evolve socially.

To begin, instead of “surpassing” our interactions with friends, technology and social media can be a great place for friends to share memories. To illustrate, say you find an amazing picture of you and your best friend from way back, and would just love to share it with others. With the help of technology you could easily post the memory online for people to see; showing how long and strong friendships can be even with technical devices. Although it has its faults, technology can rather strengthen a bond than break it; with just a simple memory.
Secondly, not just fueling old friendships, technology can build new ones too! Despite the scary factor of not knowing if the friend behind the screen is who they say they are, regardless, it only takes a second to ask, live video chat, or even take a photo with a specific item to prove their identity. In fact, you can thank technology for such helpful options. To add, 57% of today’s teens have admitted to making a copious amount of friends online. However, some protest that talking online can risk danger and antisocial behavior in teens, yet technology isn’t the only cause of those plights. Many teens who use technology can be very actively social on and offline. Furthermore, some teens face social struggles because of experiences of negative reinforcements as a child or environmental influences. Therefore, before you fully blame technology, consider the other various scenarios. Technology can create a better social life and friendships for those who struggle.

Some may argue that technology is killing teens and our relationships in life; which isn't completely a lie. About 42% of kids have reported being bullied online. About 20% of those kids contemplate suicide. However, technology and social media can’t take the full responsibility; the true responsibilities need to play their parts. Teens should think and set an example online for the next generation of online users by being more cautious and aware of the dangers, also mature and smart enough to avoid them. Adults as our influences, role models, and parents should be keeping a more alert eye on what’s happening on their child’s devices and online as well. Technology will never stop evolving, meaning it will always be a relevant factor is life, but when misused can create dangerous predicaments regardless. Yet, it should not have to take the full balme. Teens as growing young adults should be smart and responsible while using the internet.

Finally, rather than “killing” us, technology can save us in emergencies. Without technology, it would be pretty hard to call ambulances when hurt or police when in danger. The use of technology has advanced to a point of where you can soon text police hiding from an intruder or being kidnapped! Before you say technology is “harming” teens, realize that it can also keep us from harm's way.

In conclusion, though slightly flawed, technology can bring us together as much opposed. We can keep friendships strong and create stronger ones all with technology relevant. This topic is so important because technology has heavily impacted this generation for good and for bad. Yes, technology is risking teens in many ways, but with the right mindset of responsibility, technology won’t tear us apart. It will only bring us together as mature young adults.

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