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Not Just A Fashion Trend

March 27, 2009
By Amyyy BRONZE, Butler, Missouri
Amyyy BRONZE, Butler, Missouri
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Not Just A Fashion Trend

A typical teenage girl in America loves to wear cool clothes and keep up with the newest style. Yes, this is true, but are these new flashes of clothing harmful to girls? Thin, sleek T-shirts that show cleavage; short skirts; and two-pieced swimsuits are just a few of today’s fashion trends for girls. At first, you may think these trends are cool, but what is it really doing in the lives of girls? Could there be something more to the pants with the wording across the butt or the see-through T-shirt?

Celebrities, TV, and magazines set the rules for fashion. If a girl is truly a fan of this certain celebrity, she will want to dress just like her. Take Miley Cyrus for example. Right now, she is the most popular teen girl out there, and you have to agree that tons of girls love her. So, now you see girls running around with low-cut, sparkling pink shirts and really short skirts, singing The Best Of Both Worlds. Nothing may seem wrong with this, but could it potentially be a slight danger to these young girls? Teenagers watch these icons closely and are greatly influenced by what they see worn on these celebrities. So most highly of all, the media and celebrity portrayal sets the fashion trends for teen girls everywhere.

Now for the down side of these showy fashions. Most teen girls strive to look good and sexy. True? Yes, certainly for most girls. They believe it will help them get further in life, gain confidence, and earn attention. Celebrities dress sexy to get what they want in a guy. So, in turn, girls think it will work the same for them. In most cases, these sexy clothes do get the attention of the guy. Very low cut shirts, short skirts, two-pieced swimsuits, and skin tight pants are usually, in most cases, worn to get some guy to like them. But when a guy takes advantage, the girl can be hurt and can be led to believe that’s all she is- a model and toy for the boys. Now if you take into consideration, not only can these be a potential danger to the girl, but also the guy. It draws too much attention and then they begin to imagine bad things about that girl in their mind. No one wants this. Girls should be liked and excepted for who they really are; not their bodies.

Speaking of “liking someone for who they really are,” many people make strong opinions of someone just based on what they wear. Everyone should be able to wear what they want without being constantly criticized by others. That’s why I am not here to tell you what to wear. People each have their own unique style and that shouldn’t have to affect the real person in them. So you see that I am not going to tell anyone what they should wear; but I am going to tell them not to make unjust judgments of what people wear.

I’m just stating that girls should want more than dressing up and showing off. Girls need to realize that they are so much more than what they wear. They are so much more than trying to get a guy’s attention. It doesn’t exactly matter what you wear, but next time you put something on, try to think about what that will be doing to a guy’s mind. Protect your body and show off your own unique style; but always remember that you are so much better than some sexy fashion trend.

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on Jun. 3 at 10:53 am
lisilycee BRONZE, Kenmore, Washington
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I 100% agree! Girls are so much more than just their clothing or body. For me, I think that sometimes clothing can be a form an outlet for self-expression and freedom in a world where woman are often repressed. While I hate that women are sexualized for their clothes and body, I think that it's not all bad and could sometimes be something of a rebellious protest against misogyny! Really enjoyed your article <3

jimmela said...
on Sep. 3 2010 at 6:44 pm

I love to wear short shorts and I don't like Hannah Montana, I wear them because I like them. I am comfortable with my body, I eat right and get lots of exercise. I see your point but still love my short shorts!!


on Oct. 7 2009 at 4:44 pm
YOLANDRi SILVER, New York, New York
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Absolutely true. Amazing piece. This is real. Definitely a problem with today's generation.