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"back in my day"

September 28, 2009
By Vinson Pressley SILVER, Miami, Florida
Vinson Pressley SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Have you ever came home from school and walked through your front door with your Ipod on full blast or texting or on the phone or sending a picture message or doing something your parents have no clue on how to do and heard “you know back in my day….”. OH MAN! Here comes a story about a 45 pound phone or an 85 pound camera or how about a TV with no remote. Times have changed and I’m glad, I would’ve hated getting up every five seconds to change the channel or wait six hours for a picture to develop! Today you can snap a pic with your Iphone and keep going. Although one has to admit that our superiorly advanced technology has made us a bit lazy; if you ask me to get up from my comfortable spot (which took me five whole minutes to make!) to change the channel, you can forget it, we’re going to watch that same channel all day. The equivalent to a 2009, 1 ounce Ipod was a 1989, 200 pound boom box stereo that was conveniently carried on the shoulder! 1989’s “light” boom box could’ve in no way contributed to the chronic neck and shoulder problems those boom box carriers have today! “You know back in my day, music…” I have to admit, music back in the day was flawless. I love it! Music from back then could take you places, they told stories and had a positive message. There has to be some old-skool jamz on that Ipod! We’ve all heard those long and infamous stories that always begin with the phrase “you know back in my day” but you must cherish them. I know that one day, my child will come home from school with some extremely small electronic device and I’ll think back to this essay, pause, then smile and say “you know back in my day”.

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