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Like OMG! It's my BFF

February 13, 2011
By x333vivalaglam SILVER, Manasquan, New Jersey
x333vivalaglam SILVER, Manasquan, New Jersey
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Beep. Beep. Beep. I pull off my covers and unplug my cell from the charger excited to read my routine mourning text from my super sweet boyfriend. “Good Morning Beautiful,” I smile. Even from 1,417 miles away, he still manages to make my day.
With my boyfriend in Florida, it’s hard to constantly communicate with him but text messaging allows us to keep in touch all day long. Between classes and practices, homework and social events, it’s nearly impossible to call each other on the telephone. I can send him a text without getting him kicked out of a lecture or making him miss the game winning shot at the hockey game.
Text messaging allows me and my boyfriend to make our “impossible long distance relationship” work, but it also allows me to send my mom an SOS, when I need some quick advice or an escape route. With a single text I can easily let my dad know, without disturbing him at work, that my game at Henry Hudson is cancelled via weather and I need him to pick me up after school.
Instantaneous communication makes it easy to communication with my older brother who’s constantly traveling for business especially with varying time zones and hectic schedules. Interrupting a conference call would be the theme of my sibling torment for weeks on end; sending a text is a safer solution. My other brother would freak out if I happened to call during a date! Shooting him a text to call me when he’s not busy, I need help with my Physics homework saves us both from social disaster! Plus my brother has no style, how else would he send me a picture of his outfit for approval?
Regardless of whether texting should be used as means of communication, I couldn’t imagine my life without my cell phone. Text messaging makes it possible to communicate with the people I love; receiving support at the times I need it the most. It’s the simple text messages, the “Good Morning Beautiful”, the “ERIN! Blue shirt or red one?”, and the “I miss you too kiddo! California is so Beautiful.” that help me make it through the hardest of times.

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