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February 5, 2019
By zmiranda13 BRONZE, Lowell, Indiana
zmiranda13 BRONZE, Lowell, Indiana
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People are into dystopian topics because it is something different and can let you get away from your life. In the 3 stories we read they have perfect world’s about things that aren't actually good they are accaly dystopian worlds. That everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. So books say the world is a utopia in the world but really is dystopian,

In Harrison Bergeron a buzzer sounded in George's head and he was not aloud to think what he wants or anything they control his thoughts and to some people that makes people today want to read about it because it sounds interesting.  Everyone were equal every which way nobody was smarter than anybody else and nobody was better looking than anybody else nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else.they wanted everyone the same this is a bad thing because if everyone is the same the world would get boring. But they think that could be a good thing in the future.   

In the flag they had a 10 kid because they ranked all the kids but the dad wanted to know what was wrong even though he was already perfect because they ranked them 1-10 but something was still wrong with him even though he was a 10. So today people see that and like to read about it. In the veldt the dad said he can turn off all the power because they have technology to control everything they do like clean and make the kids go to bed and make there food and he can just turn it off when he wants and today a lot of that stuff we have to do ourselves that makes people not want to live in this world and read about the future of what it could be like because they want things like they read about.

If you go take a ball out a bag then you go to jail for 2 years and make them pay 2000 dollars for each ball they take out. They get intrubble for something so little and they watch you on cameras and watch your every move so they know if you seal the balls because they watch and hear your conversations. They did this because they think it will make the world better if everyone's is watched but really that is just invading privacy.

Everyone likes reading these stories because they bring interest to people and the stories were really good and people liked them but some people aren’t into them.

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