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In Love with Singleness

December 21, 2012
By simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
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\'let the life that you live dictate who you are, not Facebook.\'

I believe in Southern charm. Four months into college, I have not seen much of it. Many girls and guys seek disposable relationships, where one night of bliss and a morning of guilt define “dating.” Yet, I still believe in the virtue of purity and Southern charm. Why has this generation forsaken all dignity and has confused sexual immorality for sexual liberty? I only see my floor mates’ mess in the bathroom and hear them gossiping about their latest hangover.

I believe in waiting for that special someone and in the meantime, becoming the person that God destines me to be. Right now, I can barely pick between studying law or marketing. How could I possibly express to someone else who I completely am if I haven’t thoroughly defined myself?

I love the freedom in creating myself. This is the blessing in being single: I am not devoted to anyone. I can “date” everyone: grab dinner with Andy, swim with Lance, and not be judged for walking alone with Will. I am a free ribbon in the air, drifting to my own rhythm and unattached to any burden that may hold me down. This is the time when I can go on a missionary trip, work in an internship in China, and look at the ocean without yearning for him.

At the moment, I prefer brotherhood. I have a close brother in Christ who I often see in church and business class. Sometimes, we grab lunch or breakfast in our honors business class, dressed uncomfortably (me) and fashionably (him) in professional suits. We also live in the same dorm building and share the same deep passion for Christ. He seems like a little brother, who is also trying to figure out his place in the world. We both don’t really know how great our capabilities are, but are certain about our identities as Christians. I love being around this friend because he always makes me smile and has a strong sense of home. On the grayest of days, he is always very happy, and this joy radiates to me. Coming from a family that walks cyclically through problems and is not always happy, I am now able to have a different perspective on life after spending time with him. Every family faces problems, but I want to bring a joyful attitude to my own. Furthermore, I really appreciate our relationship because it is innocent and good. Instead of being touchy feely or awkward, we are natural around each other. We can talk about anything and I often forget how he is of the opposite gender. But he does not forget to be a gentleman, opening doors for me and complimenting on my outfit. I appreciate that too.

For now, I am fully satisfied in the Lord and figuring who I want to be. I don’t mind having doors opened for me, but do not need anyone other than a friend. I am the Princess in waiting – but not locked in a tower. I am travelling the world, smelling the flowers, being bettered by the community around me.

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