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Here's a tip!

March 5, 2009
By Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
Loralie GOLD, Bowmanville, Other
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As a girl in a world where finding someone who loves you and who you can love back can be very complicated. There are many times where I personally have wished there was a manual, a book you can read that outlines all the do's and don'ts of a relationship. Now I may not be a specialist in relationships and I may not know all about getting into the minds of girls and boys/men and women but I have dated. I have been with someone for quite some length of time. I have had my heart broken and broken someone else's heart. I think as a girl I can give some advice to thoughs out there who don't want to put up with a lot of the same crap as I did, even though don't get me wrong thoughs things could still happen. So listen up, here up some tips I think you should follow or atleast keep in mind. I hope they help you because honestly if I knew the things I knew now at the very beginning this whole relationship stuff would have been a lot less complicated.

Finding the one can be difficult, girls nowadays are so concentrated on finding the one they can spend their lives with forever it tends to get there self esteem down. They start ragging on themselves because they havn't found anyone yet and it must be because of their looks, personality, humor, ect. It also dosen't help if their closest friends are finding the guys they want to be with. I've found that there could be two reasons or things you could do to prevent this from happening to you. To prevent bringing your self esteem down because as the story goes "You cannot love another until you love yourself."

Reason One: Don't give yourself an ultimatum.
Lot's of people set a certain "date" to which they want to meet the guy of their dreams, or when they want to get married or even when they want to have kids. This is simply just an age, for example someone could want to be married by 30 and if they are not they then get very discouraged and wonder if it will ever happen.

If we stop doing this to ourselves and setting dates for when things should happen, especially the things we cannot controll it would be a lot easier on ourselves personally. Sometimes it can be hard but you just have to hold on and go with the flow. It is one thing to plan picnics or vacations but love is one thing you cannot controll so don't try to.

Reason Two: You are looking too hard.
One thing I have found is that girls spend there whole lives literally looking for their love, the guy that will come along and sweep them off their feet. The best thing you can do to avoid this and all the tantic emotions that come along with this situation is STOP LOOKING! Just start persuing goals of your own, things you want to do in life. Perhaps you want to go skydiving? Do it. Perhaps you want to travel to a far off country, do it. Along the way love will just fall into your lap. If you go looking for it your bound to find something that wont work, if you let it come to you, it could be meant to be. Sometimes things just happen, so let them.

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