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My Dream of Owning Dispensary

September 27, 2019
By mrineeditall BRONZE, Sacramento, California
mrineeditall BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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"It's hard to get up and work for some money, its hard to be broke you'll be hungry pick your hard"

Weed gets a bad wrap because of certain things and people. My dream is to own a chain of dispensaries in California and it’s a big dream for me because I think the exact about weed. I think there is so much money to be maid in the canabis industry legally and illegally but there's even more when you’re licenced and can actually have permission to sell bud. I dream of myself having pounds on top of pounds of grade A weed, hash oils, wax, mushrooms edibles and everything else weed related all legal and all sold out my businesses. This is important to me because this is the only way I can see myself being successful while handling things I’m interested in.

Achieving a goal like this isn’t going to be easy but I’m going to make sure I take the right steps to accomplish my dreams and goals. First step i’m going to take is making sure im very comfortable with California’s medical marijuana law. Like proposition 215, the compassionate use act and that’s for seriously ill Californians. Also Senate bill 420, The medical Marijuana act program. Basically it’s a statewide identification card system. One card user can get up to 8 ounces of dry weed, 6 mature weed plants, or 12 immature plants. Step two to achieving my goal is anticipating the start up money for a weed dispensary it’s going to be about 30,000 to 500,000 dollars depending on the location and it's scale. It’s going to cost a application fee from the state, local city, and county. It also cost money for the building of the dispensary and purchasing of the right equipment, cultivating the weed, and consultations with legal and financial advisors. There’s also a variety of companies that will build a “turn key”  dispensary that means you just turn the key to open the door and the place is ready for you to run. You can find these companies online they promise to fill all necessary paperwork on your behalf and make sure you comply with all the laws. Before you consider this type of dispensary you should consult with your own California marijuana attorney to make sure the company is accurate and legit. This weed dispensary I have is a good idea to me because everyone in my corner is going to get something in return, profit will go up and eventually i’ll have shops all through California and ill be able to drive to anyone and I will be rich off of weed thats one thing everyone told will never happen. It’s going to be a professional medical weed dispensary for people who very ill or for people who have memberships and are 21 or over. I feel like the help I need i will have to get on my own because people hate and don’t want to see others succeed but I’m a gritter not a quiter so im going to keep griding until I see my goals.

In my life I dream to be successful and I plan to do so in the field of marijuana even though like before I said it gets a bad wrap. I’m going to need my business licence and my weed licence but I’m ready to work for it. Weed is forever going to get a bad a name but like it is always going to get labeled bad I’m always going to get money off of it.

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This piece is important to me because it has a lot of good evidence and a lot of my ideas and all my goals im actually trying to achieve.

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