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Forever Desires

October 10, 2011
By WastedDaylight, Vancouver, Other
WastedDaylight, Vancouver, Other
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Ever, at the age of 16 (almost 17), has managed to pull through her horrible, flawed life for nearly eight years. With this, she is experienced in survival and self-defense. Her gruesome ways catch the eye of the audience, along with her tender ways with the boy, whom she's known for ten years: Sail. They kept the youngest alive; Cover and Vow.

But when Vow starts to open, all trust is being slipped away. Her enemies have pulled themselves from the ground and her dependence on everyone is about to dissolve until her death. Dealing with her mass schizophrenia, and her mental turmoil; she slowly knocks down the opponents one by one.

But as time flies, realization is dawned. How will she stop The Bloody Desires, once and for all?

'To kill with a knife is to let the regret burn your palms forever, and let the soul of that victim haunt your existence. To kill with a gun brings no hesitations or guilt." I shared with The Born, raising my gun. "And I choose to have no hesitation or guilt." I watched the bullet fly.

Jacey Y.

Forever Desires

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