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The Man I Shouldn't Have Picked Up

January 10, 2019
By stormi123, Fort Louden, Pennsylvania
stormi123, Fort Louden, Pennsylvania
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A girl and her best friend head off to vacation. Along their way, they discover a man broke down on the side of the road, they proceed to give him a ride to his house. They are invited inside and are now locked in the man’s cellar. They find out the man is trying to cleanse the world of sinners. The girls must try to escape so that they can survive. Katie escapes and goes home to her boyfriend. They return to the man and get revenge. Plot twist! Katie's boyfriend is sort of in on it. He ends up shooting Katie and she has just enough life to shoot back. They both die, along with the man. 

Stormi P.

The Man I Shouldn't Have Picked Up

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