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SilverFalls Academy

January 15, 2017
By mickaylasalsman, Shannonville, Ontario
mickaylasalsman, Shannonville, Ontario
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In a world full of people with amazing powers and gifts, there deep in a forest lies Silverfalls academy, an academy for all who wish to be heroes, they train every day and work to master their powers.
  16-year-old Sofia Winter may seem like your normal teenage girl with cat ears but little do people know she is the high princess of the kingdom Karta and has the ability to not only control the elements and the world around her, but she also has the ability to shapeshift, gifts very few people have. She has waited for so long to get into Silverfalls academy and now that she has finally been accepted she plans to make the most of it, but tragedy strikes and students start dying and no one knows what's going on or why. Worst of all, she starts to fall for a guy who she doesn't know if she can trust. With the help of her friends she tries to find the problem and end it while she tries to keep the secret of who she really is.


SilverFalls Academy

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