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SilverFalls Academy

January 15, 2017
By mickaylasalsman, Shannonville, Ontario
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mickaylasalsman, Shannonville, Ontario
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Author's note:

I hope to get out of this is people picking up this book and not wanting to put it down. I hope that they will get inspired to write their own stories like I do after reading my favorite authors.

I got inspired to write this story after watching The Flash and reading  The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.

One of the reasons I write is because I find it fun and magical how simple words can come together to create a story filled with twist and turns.

I woke up a little later than normal today, looking at the clock on the bedside next to me it read that is was 12:20 pm.

Yawning I crawled out of bed and walked to my closet and pulled out my short midnight blue dress that wraps around my chest nicely and flows slowly down my curves and ends just slightly under my knees. Turning to look into the mirror I decided to do something with my hair today, I decided to do my hair in a braided crown that wrapped around my head twice covering my cat ears and then flowed softly down my back. Even braided my hair reached a little past my waist.

After I was satisfied with my hair I moved onto my makeup. Once my makeup was done, I took a nice long look in the mirror. My ice blue and silver eyes looked full of life (I am one of the rare few that has two eye colours) , and my soft full lips were a nice pink shade. My long tan legs were nice and smooth, and my scarlet red hair looked brighter than normal today.

Satisfied with my look I went and headed out to greet my people. I am the high princess of Karta,( we don't have a queen or a king, my mother and father were killed on a trip to the south, so after they died I became the ruler since I'm the oldest out of my sibling, but since I'm not married I can't become queen so they gave me the title of high princess)  a small kingdom off the coast of the magic sea. Karta is a kingdom full of meifwa, or Nekos as most call us. Meifwas are a race of cat people, we appear as normal humans but we tend to have cat ears and tails.

After a long afternoon with my people I headed back to the castle,  the castle has become lonely ever since my siblings left so I just sit around all day. As soon as I walked through the doors I noticed a letter on the table with my name on it.

Opening the letter, I started to read it:

Dear Princess Sofia Winter,

I am pleased to announce that we here at Silverfalls Acadamy would love for you to come to the academy to study how to control your powers. We would be thrilled to have someone with your gifts and class at the school, we will grant you total safety and nothing but the best. we hope to see you soon.

Sincerely headmaster Valance

After reading the letter a few times over I started to scream and jump around with joy and excitement, causing the guards to come running, after seeing that I was ok I told them all that had happened they decided to help me pack (since they knew that they couldn't stop me no matter what they did). After I was done packing I headed to bed.

The next morning I woke up early and got ready, slipping on my rose pink mini dress that had a wrap around top, I decided to curl my hair slightly letting it fall down past my waist and slipped on my black flats and headed outside to the carriage waiting for me, since you can't get to the academy by car I had to use the carriage,  climbing in I set my bed beside me and was off.

The sun had just started to set as my carriage rolled through the gates of the school. At the front of the academy, the headmaster was waiting for me.

"Hello Princess Sofia, I hope you had a pleasant trip," H e said holding out his hand to help me down from my carriage while the driver got my bags.

"Yes it was very nice, but I would love it if we can keep me being a high princess, or well the fact I am a princess a secret," I asked as we started to walk to what I would presume was the dorms.

"Yes, of course, we can princess whatever you like as long as it doesn't affect your safety or study." he said as we reached a building, pushing open the doors we headed inside up a flight of stairs and down a long brightly lit hall, till we reached a door where he pulled a key from his pocket and put it in the lock.

"This is your room Miss Winter, I do hope you enjoy your stay here at Silverfalls Academy," He said and with that he turned and left.

After unpacking, I decided to look around the academy.

I had just left my room when I heard a voice behind me.

"OOOoooooOOOOO KITTY EARS HOW CUUTTEEEEE EEEEKKK" the voice squealed, turning around I found 2 girls, one with short silver hair and bright pink eyes, she had soft mocha colored skin and had on a black short skirt and a light pink tank top with white ankle high boots. The other girl had bright pink hair with red tips and bright gold eyes and had pale white skin and had on a knee high black dress with a pair of gold strapped heels,

"Chill A, you don't want to spook the new girl do ya?" the pink haired girl said laughing at her friend who was jumping up and down with excitement.

"BUT BELLY SHE HAS KITTY EARS!!!!!!!!" the silver haired girl cried.

"um hi?" I said looking and feeling a little awkward and confused and a little crept out, its like she has never seen a meifwa before.

"Sorry about my friend here, she just really like cats, I'm Belladonna but my friends call me Belle or Belly," The pink haired girl said

"Hey, I can't help it cats are cute, Oh and I'm Alice but everyone called me Wonderland or A," the silver-haired girl said.

"Hi I'm Sofia," I said smiling

"Nice to meet you, Sofia, Do you want a tour of the grounds?" Belladonna asked.

"Ya, I would love that!" I said clapping my hands together once.

"Um hey, I hope you don't mind me asking but are those cat ears real?" Alice asked, looking at my ears with wonder.

"Um ya they are, I'm a meifwa have you never seen a meifwa before?" I asked as we started to walk down the stairs.

"No, I haven't I didn't even know they existed!" Alice said

Me, Alice and Belladonna spend the whole time talking as they gave me a tour of the academy, and by the time we got back to the dorms the 3 of us become good friends.

When we got back to the dorms I invited them into my room, My room as so big that it would house all three of is, which gave us a great idea.

We rushed down to the headmaster's office and asked for permission for Alice and Belladonna to move into my room, and after getting a yes, we rushed back to the dorms and moved all their stuff to my room and set everything up.

After the long day I had we went to bed after everything was set up.

*Beep beep beep*

I was suddenly awoken and rather rudely by some beeping noise. Growling I turned and searched for the source of the sound.  After locating the sound I was about to smash it when I felt a hand grab my wrist.

"Sofia! I understand how you feel about getting woken up but don't smash my alarm clock, its the only thing we have to wake us up for classes" Alice sighed taking the clock thing from my hand.

"Sorry Alice I just never seen one before," I said dropping my hands down to my side.

"Are you being serious? You never saw an alarm clock before?" Belladonna asked looking shocked.

"No, I haven't, Honestly I never even been to a school, I had tutors," I said walking over to my bed and sat down.

"REALLY?!? OH MY LUNA! YOUR JOKING RIGHT!!" Alice yelled nearly bursting my ears.

"OW! Can you like not be so loud?!" I yelled back.

"Opps sorry Sof" She apologized.

"It's fine Ally, Just remember I have better hearing than anyone," I said standing up and walking to the closet to grab my uniform. The uniform was a short blue skirt and over the knee high silver socks with black Mary Jane flats with a black long sleeve button down shirt with a bow on the neckline. I think the uniform is really cute and I absolutely love it.

After getting dressed I did my hair and makeup. For my hair, I did a braided crown that wrapped around mt hair about 5 times and I left some strands of hair down framing my face. As for my makeup, I put on some white eye shadow and put on a nice pink shade of lip gloss.

Taking a step back I look at myself in the mirror, With my hair the way it was you could bearly see my ears, which I happen to like. After making sure everything was good I left the closest (Yes we have a HUGE walk in closet, I don't know why we need so much space but whatever).

"AWWWWW SOFIA!!!! YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!" Alice squealed jumping up and down clapping her hands causing me to laugh.

After the girls got dressed and ready we headed down to the great hall for breakfast, which was bacon and eggs  (yum). After we ate we headed to class (All three of us were in the same class thank god!).

As soon as we walked into our first class (It was The History Of The Magic Kingdom.  OH! I didn't tell you, the magic kingdom is the biggest kingdom and it's also the main kingdom) We thankfully found seats near each other (I sat next to the window, Alice to the left of me, and Belladonna behind me) Shortly after we sat down the class started to fill. In front of me, a boy with short black hair sat down. Within a few more minutes the teacher walked in and we started class. (It was soo boring I fell asleep half way though)

The next class we had was P.E and thankfully since we didn't have our P.E uniforms yet we didn't do anything. We just introduced ourselves (I forgot everyone's names......Opps)

After P.E was lunch. Me, Belladonna and Alice decided to head out to the garden to show each other our gifts. Belladonna walked up to the pond in the garden and stuck her hand out and the water underneath her hard started to rise, pointing her hand at the spaced out Alice, she shot the water at her, snapping her out of her daze.

"AHH! HEY!! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!????" Alice screamed then stuck her hand in the air and the water that drenched her clothes slowly started to evaporate.

"Maybe next time you will pay attention" Belladonna laughed then turned and looked at me.

"It's your turn Sofia, Oh, by the way, don't get me wet, if I get wet I grow a tail, I'm a mermaid, just so you know, I don't think I told you yesterday," Belladonna said stepping away from the water.

As they waited patiently I took a deep breath and raised my hands and the trees around me started to bend toward me and the water in the pond started to rise. Sadly just doing all this took a lot out of me so shortly after I started to use my gifts I fell causing the girls to run towards me their faces full of worry.

"Don't worry guys I'm fine, just a little tired" I said before they could say anything, standing up I brushed off my uniform.

"You sure you're ok?" Belladonna asked as we started to head to our next class (which was Magic 101)

"Ya I'm fine don't worry about me." I said and then we walked into the class, thankfully this was the last class of the day! WOO my first day is almost over!!!!!

This class went by so fast that before I knew it the bell went off. As soon as we got back to our room, I sat on my bed and passed out. (It happens alot after using my magic sooo much)


Woken up yet again by that bloody clock, I start to hiss and turn on my side causing me to fall out of my bed.

"AHHHHHH!!!! OUCH!!! THE HECK  THAT HURT!" I screamed standing up I started to rub my back where I had hit when I had fallen out of bed.

"You ok Sof?" Alice asked standing up and stretching letting out a huge yawn.

"Ya, I'm fine A, Just a little sore," I said walking into the closet to change into my uniform. It has been 8 days since I had started going to school here at Silverfalls academy and Belladonna, Alice and I had finally fallen into a routine. Each morning we would wake up and get ready for class, then head down to the great hall for breakfast then head to class. Then during lunch, we would eat and train with our magic, then after class we would go back to our room and hang out. Everyone has finally gotten used to the fact that my cat ears are in fact real and they are a part of who I am.

Today for breakfast we had oatmeal and toast, after eating we headed to class where we were (as usual) the first people in the room then after 3 mins( again as usual) people started to fill the seats. (Belladonna behind me, Alice beside me, and me beside the window, the normal seating for us) The seat in front of me was yet again taken by the boy with black hair, he doesn't talk much in class. After another 3 mins, the teacher finally entered the classroom. Within 10 mins of class, the teacher announced that we had a group project coming up and that he would be picking the partners.

Alice was with Belladonna, and me? I was with the boy in front of me. Whoo (note the sarcasm people).

After we got into our groups we started to discuss the project and what we would do, or well at least the other groups were, I was the only one trying, the boy would I found out was named Sage didn't do ANYTHING! it totally ticked me off!.

Finally, after 20 painfully long mins class was finally over, and it was off to my next class where would be swimming today.

"YASSS! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET INTO THE WATER!" I said to Belladonna and Alice while we got changed into our swim suits.

"Um, what?! I would have though u hate water, like a cat, since well you know." Alice said looking at me with a look of confusion on her face.

"Nah A, I love swimming, Even though I have cat ears doesn't make me like a cat," I said as we started to head out to the pool.

"Hey Belle, won't you grow a tail when you touch the water?" I asked looking into the clear blue water of the pool.

"Ya, but it's cool I'm not the only mermaid here so I won't get weird looks," Belladonna said as we came to the edge of the pool.

After 45 mins of nothing but swimming it was finally lunch.

"Damn Sof, you're such a fast swimmer," Alice said as we entered the lunch line, today was taco day (YAAY)

After getting our lunch we started to head out to the garden when I was stopped by Sage.

"Hey um, Sofia, can we um work on our history project?" He asked looking down at the ground.

"Ya sure, I'll see you later girls bye!" I said as me and sage started to head to the courtyard, No one ever come to the courtyard, which is said because it's so beautiful.

After 15 mins of working Sage had finally looked at me, and the sight before me left me speechless.

Sage has such a gorgeous face, he has nice soft, full pink lips and his hair fell softly framing his face, but what surprised me the most was his eyes, they were red, a beautiful shade of ruby red.

"Sage-" I started to say when he interrupted me.

"Please don't be scared of me," He said, sounding like he was about to cry.

"Sage, I'm not, I won't be, but what are you?" I asked placing my hand on his showing him I wasn't scared, as he answered he lowered his glance down to our hands.

"I'm a half demon, My mother is human and my father was a demon king, " He said.

For the rest of lunch me and him just talked about ourselves, though I didn't tell him about my title, I haven't told anyone, not even Belladonna or Alice.

After lunch, me and Sage headed to magic class, he was in all my classes it seems.

Me and Sage decided to team up for magic class, since when we got there Alice and Belladonna already teamed up together (2 people per team is the rule for class).

Magic class sure was fun, and after class, me and Sage went to hang out and get dinner.

After dinner Sage walked me back to my dorms and left, as soon as I walked into my room I saw that Alice and Belladonna were waiting for me.

"EEK DID YOU AND SAGE GO ON A DATE?! AHHHH I SO SHIP ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!" Alice squealed jumping up and down clapping her hands.

After 2 hours of talking about anything and everything, we finally went to bed.

After 5 long days, it was finally the weekend. My first weekend at SilverFalls Academy and I planned to spend it with Alice and Belladonna. I thought it would be peaceful Saturday morning. Man was I wrong! I was rudely awakened by Alice squealing, and singing and dancing around the room. What I would actually do for one morning where I could sleep in. Sighing I rolled out of bed, rubbing my eyes while I let out a big yawn.

"Alice, what are you doing?" I asked looking at her then shaking my head cause really I'm kinda scared to know with this girl.

"I'm getting ready~," She said in a singsong continuing to dance around the room.

"Getting ready for what?" I asked picking up my brush and brushing the tangles from my hair.

"To go partying tonight Duh!" She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I was about to reply when belle started to wake up.

"Morning Buttercup," I said to her as she poked her head put from underneath her blanket.

"Ugh! What time is it?" She asked rubbing her eyes.

"Um around 7:30 AM," I said looking at the clock on the table beside me.

"Damn what the hell are you two doing up so early?!" She moaned rolling out of bed and padded off to the bathroom (Don't think I mentioned this but me, Alice and Belladonna have our own bathroom).

"Soo who's party is it?" I asked picking at some fluff on my baby blue silk nightgown.

"Um well it's Luca's party," She said as she walked back into the closet to grab more clothes.

"Luca? Who's that?" I asked standing up and following her into the closet (God I love how big our closet is, it's an endless supply of clothes)

"You know the guy who is always checking you out?" She asked. Ya of course I do. He basically watches me every day, kinda creepy.

"Ya I know him," I said pulling a short silver knee high dress with lace sleeves off the rank.

"OoOo THAT WOULD LOOK AMAZING ON YOU!!!!!" Alice squealed jumping up and down then dashed off somewhere into the closet (Ya our closet is huge and I mean HUGE! You could probably get lost in it)

She came back a few minutes later carrying a pair of black heels with ribbons that tie up near the knee. She the made me try on the dress with the shoes. I have to admit I looked amazing in it.

"Perfect now you have your outfit for the party," She said and after that, we all just hung out playing games and watching movies. By the time we were to get ready for the party we had ideas for our hair and makeup set.

I left my hair down curling the ends slightly and applied some silver eyeshadow and black mascara and to make my eyes look even bolder, I even did my eyeliner. I also added a small coat of red lipstick.

Alice had on a black and gold mini halter dress and silver heels with gold eyeshadow and peach lipstick. She had left her hair down with a cat ear headband.

Belladonna had on a pale blue mini skirt and a black crop top that fitted to her slim body like a glove and had on a pair of blue heels. She had on a soft shade of blue eyeshadow and no lipstick. Her hair was set in a nice waterfall braid that fell softly down her back.

After we were ready, we headed off to the party.

When we finally got to the party it was around 3:30 PM and the music was blaring and the house was basically packed. As me and the girls made our way through the house pushing our way past the dancers while the song Follow The Leader by Wisin & Yandel. We were just about to walk into the living room when my arm was grabbed and I was pulled away from the girl.

"Hey!" I said trying to yank my arm back and get back to the girls, not bothering to turn around to see who it was.

"Sofia! Stop please! Just come with me I need to talk to you" A voice said behind me. Turning around I came face to face with Sage. He was wearing a black hoodie and a pair of faded blue jeans. He looked like he was scared of something.

"Sage, what's going on?" I asked having to basically yell because of how load the music was. Looking behind him he pointed to the doors, silently asking if we could talk outside. Nodding we headed outside.

"Sofia, I don't think you should be here" Sage said looking at me, his eyes filled with anger and something else; it was gone so fast I didn't know what it was.

"What? Why?" I asked looking at him, I was shocked why was he acting like this, acting like something bad was going to happen.... Wait was something bad going to happen....Nah not possible.

"Don't ask why ok?! Just leave. NOW!" he shouted looking like he was about to lose it. Honestly I would leave but Alice and Belladonna are inside right now, and if something bad does happen I don't want to leave them here.

"I will leave, but only if Alice and Belladonna leave too" I said crossing my arms and staring him dead in the eyes, hoping that the point got across that I'm not leaving without my friends.  Sighing he lowered his head into his hands. After a few seconds he raised his head and nodded.

"Ok, fine. I'll go get your friends. But you stay put" he said running back into the house. He came out a few minutes later with Alice and Belladonna.

"What's going on?" Alice asked looking between me and Sage. Shaking my head I asked her.

"I don't know. Sage just told me that we had to go. But I told him I wasn't going to leave without you two." I said looking towards Sage, whose eyes haven't left me since he came out.

"Well then let's go, this party is boring anyways" Belladonna said flipping her pink hair behind her shoulder and c***ing her hip while placing a hand on it. (Over the few days I have known her I found out she has a lot of sass when she's bored.

Nodding in agreement we headed home, those Sage stayed behind. When we got back to our room it was around 6:45 pm so we changed into our pajamas and had a little "party" of our own.

We spend the rest of the night watching horror movies, eating popcorn and chips while we drank Alice's vodka mixed with my Pepsi. (Wasn't that bad) and danced till we passed out.

I woke up the next morning with a killer headache. Groaning I rolled out of bed and made my way slowly to the bathroom. Taking a painkiller that I found in our cabinet I decided to take a nice hot shower.

After my shower I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to the closet. (There is a door that connects the bathroom with the closet) After picking out today's outfit; A hot pink tank top with a black mini skirt and gray ballet flats, I headed out into the room.

Alice and Belladonna were still sleeping so I decided to head out and get some food and bring it back to the girls.

As soon as i stepped out of the room, I knew something was wrong. Don't ask me how but I knew it. I could feel it in my gut, and my gut has never been wrong. I slowly made my way down the hallway, it was quieter than normal today.

I had just walked out of the dorms when it hit me, and I found out what was wrong.

In front of me, hanging from a tree was Luca and his friends. Letting out a sharp scream I ran back into the building and back to my room. Shaking Alice and Belladonna awake I told them what I saw. We then rushed back outside to go look for a teacher.

After finding a teacher and telling them what happened, we were told to go back to our dorms and stay there till further notice.

"I can't help but think that Sage might be behind this" Alice said pacing around the room while me and Belladonna sat on our beds.

"Ya I have to agree with you Alice" Belladonna said looking at me as she explained "He was acting really weird last night"

"I can't believe he would do something like this" I said looking down at my hands, after take we all just said there in silence. We ended up being stuck in the room all day, so when we finally got let out it was around dinner time and all we had to eat all day was left over chips. When we finally left our room we headed down to the dining hall and ate our dinner in silence. I hated it I don't like the lack of talk. Everyone was quiet, no one said anything, like they were afraid that if they said anything they will end up getting hurt...... or worse killed. God I hated it, you could literally hear a pin drop. After dinner we headed back to our room and went to bed.

That night I dreamt about Luca, Sage and a girl with purple hair with pink highlights and icy blue eyes with blue and pink bows in her hair. She was telling me everything will be all right and that she and her friend will be there soon and not to worry because everything will be fine.

After the incident yesterday with the bodies classes ended up being canceled for the day.

"I still can't believe that happened" Alice said as she sat looking out the window at the tree where the bodies were found.

"I know! We had just seen them at the party too" Belladonna said looking down at her hands, you could tell she could start crying at any moment. I wouldn't blame her, one of the bodies hanging was her brother.

"Hey Belle, It will be ok, the person who did this won't get away with it" I said standing up from my bed and walked over to where she sat on the bed and held her in my arms as she started to cry for the lose of her brother. After she was done crying there was a knock on the door. Standing up and walked over and opened it, only to end up gasping in shock.

On the other side of the door was the purple haired girl from my dream and with her was a girl with blackish-blue hair with dark red tips and silver gray eyes and a pair of soft blue wings on her back.

"Hi Sofia, I'm Salena Iceheart and this is my friend Skyla Snowfall" The purple haired girl said smiling.

"Y-You were in my dream" I said my eyes wide with shock.

"Ah yes, that is thanks to Skyla here" She said

"W-What do you want" I asked taking a small step backwards

"Sofia let us in" The black haired girl, who's name was Skyla said looking at me and smiled saying "Don't worry we don't bite"

"Y-Ya sure come in" I said stepping back and opening the door wider for them to come it.

"Don't worry we are friends, We just transferred here yesterday. We have some info about the.....incident yesterday" Salena said as she walked towards the center of the room

"How do we know we can trust you?" Alice asked crossing her arms across her chest

"Yes I figured you would ask that, so let us tell you all about us" Skyla said

After telling us everything about them, they started to tell us the info that they had.

"It was a murder, someone want's the students of this academy dead, and for good reasons it seems." Skyla said as she looked out the window.

"Yes it seems the killer isn't human, it seems it's a demon, though we have no idea who it is." Salena said.

"I see" I said looking at Belladonna, she looked like she would break down any moment but she also looked liked she wanted revenge. "Well then let's catch this bastard before they kill anyone else"

  "I agree!" Belladonna and Alice said at the same time.

"Ah I'm glad you three agree with us" Salena said smiling. We spend the rest of the day discussing plans to end all this.

"Ah it's late, let's get back to our dorm Skyla" Salena said smiling at us "We will see you soon"

After they left we went and laid in our beds though we couldn't fall asleep.

"Don't worry Belle, the monster who did this will pay" I said

"Ya!" Alice agreed

"Thanks you two, come on let's get some sleep" Belladonna thanked and with that we fell asleep.

It's been a week since the bodies were found. Belladonna has gotten a bit better and with the help of Skyla and Salena we have formed a plan to catch the killer.

"Ugh! I don't want to go to class, I'm too tired" Alice whined as she cover her head with her blanket. Laughing I grabbed the blanket and pulled it off her.

"Ah but if you don't go to class how will you ever see the cute boys" I said and as I guessed at the mention of cute boys she jumped out of bed and dashed into the closet only to appear a few minutes later dressed and ready for class.

"I guess you're right, honestly I can't deny the boys their daily dose of looking at me, since they haven't had it in a week" she said causing me to laugh, since all we were waiting for was Alice now that she was ready we left and headed for class.

After a long day of classes we started to head back to the dorm when I was stopped by Sage.

"Hey Sage, what's up?" I asked waving to the girls to go ahead, I know they don't trust him, but I do and I am determined to prove them wrong.

"Hey do you want to um hang with me?" He asked scratching his head nervously.

"Ya sure." I said and then we headed off to the garden.

"Hey Sofia did you get home alright the night of the party?" He asked as we sat on the bench looking out into the pond.

"Ya we did" I said kicking my feet back and forth .

"That's good" He said, I knew we were being watched, but I decided to play it cool and pretend we weren't, God those girls are not quiet at all , though I can only hear them because of my enhanced hearing (Thanks to my cat ears)

"Hey um, Sofia do.. you wanna go on a date with me" Sage asked nervously. I was so shocked it took me a while to answer.

"Look if you don't wa-" He started to say but I cut him off.

"Ya I would love to" I said smiling causing him to look at me in shock, then smiled.

"Really?! I thought you would have said no" He said looking down at his hands.

"Well I didn't, so when will you pick me up" I said giggling a bit.

"Tomorrow at 5:30pm" He said, smiling.

We spend the rest of the day talking about anything and everything.

After he walked me back to the dorms we parted ways but not before he kissed me. It was soft and gentle and so full of love. Then he left.

After standing there for a few moments I headed back to our room.

"We don't trust him" Alice said as I walked into the room, her, Belladonna, Skyla and Salena were all sitting on the couch watching t.v.

"I know, I know, but hey this way I can keep a close eye on him" I said sitting down in front of Alice on the floor.

"Good" Alice said as she started to braid my hair.

We then spend the rest of the night talking about what I am going to do on the date.

After hours of talking Skyla and Salena had to leave so after they left, we end to bed.

After a long night's sleep it was finally the day of my date with Sage. I had finally gotten used to the damn alarm clock.

After getting ready for class, me and the girls headed down to the dining hall. As soon as we ended the hall, all hell let loose.

"You're the one who killed them you bastard, you're pay for what you did" A voice yells, looking around the crowded room I found the source of the voice, it was Ally from my magics class, She was dating Belladonna's brother, She was yelling at Sage.

"How do you figure?! Why the hell would I kill him?!" Sage yelled back


"ENOUGH!" I yelled putting my hands on their chest pushing them back

"Ya! Fighting won't solve anything" Alice said coming up behind me. Sighing Ally took a step back.

"Ya you're right, fighting with this half breed will do nothing to bring them back" She said turning around and flipped her hair over her shoulder and marched away. sighing I turned and faced Sage.

"You ok?" I asked

"Ya I'm fine" he said looking down at the ground.

"Good" I said looking around noticing everyone staring at us.

"Fighting with people will get you nowhere in life" I said and turned and walked away.

After getting food me and the girls headed to class and on the way met up with Skyla and Salena. We then walked to our class, since all 5 of us have the same classes.

First period we were presenting our project. Me and Sage were first up, it actually went really well. The rest of the classes went by pretty fast, before we knew it, we were in our closet looking for something for me to wear on my date with Sage.

I ended up picking a red mini dress with lace sleeves and a pair of black heels. Alice did my hair in a waterfall braid that fell softly down my back and Skyla did my makeup; my makeup was a soft shade of pink for eyeshadow and I had on peach lipstick. After looking in the mirror we decided I looked amazing. After 5 minutes of getting ready there was a knock on the door. As I opened it the girls all gathered around me, on the other side of the door was Sage.

"Hey Sofia, Wow you look amazing" He said looking me up and down smiling.

"Thanks Sage, shall we get going" I asked smiling.

"Ya let's go" he said holding out his hand for me to take, grabbing my jacket I placed my hand in his and then we left, but even though they stayed in the room I knew the girls were following, thanks to Skyla's angel magic.

After walking for a few minutes we came to the forest on the outskirts of the academy's grounds.

"What are we doing here?" I asked looking at Sage as he started to walk into the woods.

"Just come on and you'll see" he said pulling me with him. After walking for 10 more minutes but this time though trees and bushes we came out into a beautiful clearing.

"Wow, Sage this is beautiful" I said looking around. The clearing was full of wild flowers with a stream running through it. In the centre of it all was a blanket with a basket full of food. Pulling me alone Sage sat down on the blanket pulling me down with him.

"Do you like it?" He asked looking at me

"Yes I love it!" I said looking around then looking back at him to see him staring at me like there was something on his mind, but shaking his head he looked at the food in the basket.

"Come on let's eat" He said and grabbed me a place of what looked like chicken. Taking a bite my mouth was greated with a wonderful taste.

"Sage this is amazing!" I said taking another bite of the chicken.

"Thanks!" He said smiling then took a bite of his own chicken.

After eating some more of the chicken I was about to say something when I heard a twig snap somewhere off to the left of me. Snapping my head towards the sound, I quickly stood up, looking back at Sage it seems like he heard it too because he to had stood up and was looking in the direction the sound came from but the difference between me and him was that where I was scared, he looked mad and angry.......He looked scary.

"S-Sage, let's get out of here, please." I bagged

"NO!" Sage yelled at me turning to look at me with eyes full of anger.

"S-Sage?" I said taking a step back in fright.

"Sofia don't you DARE MORE!" Sage yelled turning so his body faced me, reaching out his hand he grabbed hold of my arm.

"SAGE! LET GO OF ME!" I screamed beating at his hand and started to claw his arm. Finally he released me and I took off running.

I don't know how long I had been running for or where I was but I couldn't run anymore and fell right where I stood. Huffing and Puffing I crawled my way to the closest tree and laid my back against it, listening to the sounds of the forest and listening out for footsteps.

After what felt like forever, I heard footsteps come close, and at that moment time seemed to slow down as the footsteps got closer. Shutting my eyes I started to prepare myself for a fight.

"Sof!" I heard a familiar voice call out, opening my eyes I saw Alice, Belladonna, Skyla and Salena running towards me.

"OML SOFIA YOU'RE BLEEDING WHAT HAPPENED!?!?" Skyla screamed, looking down at my arm I saw it was covered in blood.

"Ya I'm ok. Sage, He....he attacked me" I said struggling to stand, causing the girls to rush over and help me.

After explaining what had happened the girls took me home and as soon as I lyed in bed I was out.

It's been 3 weeks since the fateful of my date with Sage and no one has seen him since. I was sitting in my room working on my magic when Skyla busted in with the girls.

"Hey girls wha-" I started to say went I was interrupted by Alice.

"When were you going to tell us you're a princess?!?! Even better when were you going to tell us that you rule a kingdom?!" She sqwealed

"H-HOW DID YOU FIND OUT" I yelled, then looked behind them to see Leo, my  head guard standing behind them.

"This handsome boy here told us" Alice said eyeing Leo like he was a piece of candy.

"Leo, YOU'RE DEAD" I screamed throwing a book at his head.

"Whow chill princess" Leo said ducking out of the way of the book.

Sighing I told the girls to sit down and explained everything.

"So it's not that you didn't trust us, that's good I thought it was because you didn't trust us" Alice said smiling

"Yes but princess it's time you come home" Leo said as he stood leaning against the wall. Looking down frowning because I didn't want to leave my friends I had an idea.

"Hey do you girls want to come with me to my kingdom?" I asked.

"YES!!" They all cried in unison causing me to laugh. After that we spent the rest of the day packing. After I finished packing I decided to take a walk along.

I headed off to the garden where me and Sage had spent so much time together. Sitting on the bench I looked into the water thinking about all the time me and Sage had here.

"Sofia" I voice said behind me, turning around I came face to face with Sage. Screaming I jumped off the bench almost falling into the water, the only reason I didn't is because Sage grabbed me before I could.

"Sofia STOP!" he shouted holding me still as I tried to struggle away from him.

"NO" I screamed back. After he let me go I took 5 huge steps back away from him.

"Did you kill them?!" I asked looking at him with eyes full of fear. He looked down at his hands which lead me to believe he knew who I was talking about.

"Yes I did" He said looking back at me with love in his eyes.

"I did it for you, honestly I didn't mean to hurt Belladonna but those boys needed to go" He said smiling, holding his hand out to me.

"You're SICK!" I said looking at him with even more fear than before. Hurt flashed in his eyes for a split second before they were filled with anger.

"I did this for you!" He shouted.

"I DID THIS FOR YOU! I DID THIS FOR US! SO WE COULD BE TOGETHER!" He screamed taking a step forward towards me.

"DON'T YOU DARE TAKE ANOTHER STEP TOWARD THE PRINCESS!"  A voice yelled, looking behind Sage I saw Leo holding his hand out as a ball of fire shot out grazing Sage's arm.

"UGH! THIS ISN'T OVER!" Sage yelled disappearing in a cloud of black smoke.

"PRINCESS ARE YOU OK?" Leo asked looking at me, nodding I stood up and we headed back to my dorm room. When we walked in the girls we're all ready to go.

Heading out to the front gates we were greeted by the headmaster.

"Have a safe trip back girl, and don't worry we have notified your parents where you are heading, It was a pleasure to have you Princess Sofia" He said bowing, nodding my thank you to him I climbed into the carriage with the girls following behind me.

After everyone was on, Leo jumping into the driver's seat and we were off.

Me and the girls spent the whole trip back talking, I told them all about my kingdom and people. Alice was excited, they all were but Alice the most.

"MORE KITTY PEOPLE EEEKKK I CAN'T WAIT!" She squealed causing us all to laugh.

When we finally got back to my kingdom we were greeted by all my people, smiling I waved to all of them as we past.

When we reached the castle, I had my maids show the girls to their rooms and after that me and the girls went out to hit the town. After a long day of exploring the town we headed back to the castle then headed off to bed.

That night as I lyed in bed, sleeping I was awoken by knock on the window, getting out of bed I patted my way to the window, opening my curtains I let out a cry of fear and shock. There was a message written in blood on the window:

Beware Princess. This isn't the end, it's just the beginning. I will have you. This is far from over! Princess, you can't hide from me.

The end of book one

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