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The Andromeda Fall

December 15, 2013
By EDWARDKAN, saratoga, California
EDWARDKAN, Saratoga, California
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The year is 2100, and it is the beginning of a new age. Humanity has quit looking at the ground, instead we are all looking up to the stars. We started looking up, to the stars, in the 1900s, but now, we can explore, and understand space in more depth.

Andromeda, is the heart of the U.S.C, United Space Command. Andromeda is the greatest flagship Earth has ever created. It cost well over 20 billion dollars, and it has the population of New York inside it. It is often nicknamed, The Curtain of Command. Andromeda’s engines can get close to light speed. FILE PARIS-YEIKO

PARIS-YEIKO’s age is 30 almost 31. Born in Japan, he has a Japanese family, but European parents. Learned how to speak 4 languages by the age of 12. He learned 8 languages including the NEW REVOLUTION MARTIAN,easy simple language. He was raised in Japan until the age of of 8, then moved to Russia, to do Artic space environmental training. Then at the age of 12 he moved to America for 4 years to study strategies, and communication. At the age of 16 he moved back to Japan for the 8 year space training.

Then at the age of 24 he was given a 2 year break before being launched into space by the U.S.C and helped inside the U.S.C military space command center. The war started when he turned 29 years old...


The Andromeda Fall

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