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Cold Stones

May 29, 2013
By hannah368je, Chaska, Minnesota
hannah368je, Chaska, Minnesota
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During ancient times there was a faraway land called Ravenna Regnare. In that dreaded land, it contained a maiden warrior named Josie. She, possessing amazing skills and knowledge of the land, was forced by the Queen of Ravenna Regnare; Queen Ravenna. The Queen knowing of Josie’s skills, demands Josie to go on a quest to find a magical artifact for the malicious Queen. After years of tracking this unique artifact, Josie comes up short. Although manages to run into a sinfully attractive young man named Beau. After telling his story, Beau shares with Josie a very important detail that could not only end her quest, but also make her journey all the more arduous. If she is to fail, it could mean the destruction of her kingdom.

Hannah E.

Cold Stones

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