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Angel from Above

December 14, 2020
By Anonymous

Anna’s eyes fluttered open, she blinked, getting accustomed to the light. She rolled over on her side, twisted in bedsheets. Her red golden hair on her face, her hand dangled over the bed. Sunlight slowly creeped in and shone down on her like a spotlight. The smell of pumpkin spice filled the house making Anna’s stomach let out a slight grumble. Anna heard a smash, followed by a loud clatter coming from the kitchen. 
     “Darn!” Cali yelled from the kitchen. Cali was the clumsiest person she’s ever met. Anna slowly rolled out of bed and yawned. She spread her arms wide open and stretched slipping 
on her bunny slippers. She started walking down to the kitchen and just as she predicted, Cali was baking. She scanned the room, flour was everywhere, on the floor on the stove and on Cali’s light blue mom jeans. Her dark brown hair was up in a messy bun and her oversized Rolling Stones tee shirt looked like it had been used to mix a cake. 
       “My pumpkin pie!” Cali winned, “It fell!” Anna looked down at where Cali was pointing. Sure enough, Cali’s pumpkin pie was on the tile floor crushed by what looked like a footprint.
       “What happened?” Anna asked, “Did you step on it?” She looked at Cali’s white converse, the remains of the pumpkin pie were smeared on the soles of her shoes. 
       “I didn’t mean to! I pulled it out of the oven and it fell on the floor and I accidentally stepped on it. I worked so hard to bake it!” Cali looked at her shoes and kicked them off, tossing them in a corner. Cali walked over to the living room and sat on the couch, she stared at her feet and started to pick on her nails. 
       “I was gonna surprise you with pumpkin pie for dessert this evening. Now it’s ruined.” She sighed. Anna walked over to her, the floorboards creaking as she walked. 
    “You can’t let this ruin your day. Yes it was a nice gesture and yes I would have enjoyed eating it with you, but it’s okay.” Anna stood up and walked over to the remains of the pumpkin pie. She bent down and took a clump of what looked like the crust of the pie. She rubbed it against her fingers and threw it on the floor. She walked over to the kitchen counter and took a paper towel to wipe her hands. As she walked over to the trash can to throw the crumpled paper towel she looked over at Cali.
“How about we make another one?” She proposed. “It’s Saturday and it also happens to be Fall so why don’t you and I make another pie?” Cali smiled, she got up and brushed flour off her jeans.
       “That sounds great. But first I’m gonna go change.” She walked over to the kitchen to pick her converse up.
       “White!” She winned, “My shoes were white! Now a portion of them is orange.” She walked over to the laundry room and tossed them in a bucket.
       “I’ll clean them later.” Anna made her way to her bedroom so she could change. Anna looked down at her outfit. Her striped pajamas and bunny slippers were a fashionable choice, but not if she wanted to go outside. She started to make her way to her own room so she could change.
       “Should I put on my green top and purple pants, or that dress I bought last weekend?” Cali shouted from her bedroom.
       “Put on that dress cause you haven’t worn it yet.” Anna responded. She reached the doorknob to her room and opened the door. It was fully daytime now and it must have been windy because the leaves on the tree outside Anna’s window were dancing gracefully. She could almost feel the crisp autumn air as the orangey brown leaves twirled on the sidewalk three stories down. The fluffy white clouds were slowly making their way east changing shapes as they went. She faced her bed, her bedsheets all twisted and tangled, her blankets and pillows now were on the floor though she remembered them on the bed the night before. There was a fair amount of sunlight entering her room but instead of shining on her bed, it was shining on her wood floor now. She scanned her closet, trying to grasp every detail she could so she could come to the conclusion of what she wanted to wear. It was a bit chilly outside so maybe something that she could wear in the autumn weather. She picked up a navy blue skirt and a white sweater Cali had gotten her for Christmas last year. Cali barged in wearing a maroon brown like dress that had spaghetti straps. Little white flowers decorated the dress. She twirled making the dress pop out around her. She was wearing her black doc martens and her hair was in a French braid. She was wearing a natural makeup look that outlined her dark brown hair. 
       “Don’t I look great?!” She smiled “Go change, I know this great cafe we could go for breakfast!” Anna slipped on her clothes and took a black purse with her. She brushed her hair and put on some mascara. She put on a nude lipstick and did her eyebrows. She slipped on her brown boots and made her way to the kitchen. 
       “Let’s go, I’m starving!” Anna complained. Cali smiled. They made their way down to the ground floor of their apartment building. As they stepped outside, the cool air hit them. Brown and orange leaves were scattered on the sidewalk and crunched as they stepped on them. Breezes came and went, making Anna’s red golden hair fly around. As they crossed the street, Cali pointed at a busy cafe.
       “That’s the place, Anderson cafe. It's a bit busy on a Saturday morning, but I’m sure we’ll get a table.” They made their way inside. Anna took a whiff of the fresh bakery smell, she looked over at where all the baked goods were being displayed. She saw so many desserts she almost started drooling. Chocolate dipped strawberries, hot fresh scones, creamy pumpkin pie and many other baked goods filled the cafe. They walked over to the register to find a guy that was wearing an Anderson’s cafe apron. His hair was combed back by a ton of gel that made his hair look crusty and almost shiny. He wore black glasses that looked too big for him and made his electric blue eyes look big. On his name tag, it read ‘hello, my name is Jack’ and crossed out, it read ’Edward’. As the two girls stood there, they guy smiled.
       Alio/Angel from Above/6
“Hello, what can I get started for you today?” His voice was surprisingly deep. 
       “Hi, can I get a  chocolate filled doughnut?” Cali asked.
       “Sure thing.” He said, “What can I get for you?”
Anna looked at the menu.
       “I’ll take a croissant.” 
Soon, the two girls were sitting outside eating their breakfast when Cali realized she forgot to turn off the stove. 
       “I’ll go to the apartment and turn it off for you.” Anna offered. She stood up and started heading down the street when suddenly a car sped past her causing another car to crash into it and it started a chain of cars colliding into each other. Everything happened in a burr that Anna didn’t realize she was in the middle of a car crash. Then, a drunk driver not aware of the chaos, hit Anna. 

Anna’s eyes fluttered open once again. 
       “She’s awake!” Cried a familiar voice. Cali. Anna tried to get up. She yelped in pain. She felt like someone had banged her head on a concrete floor several times. She looked around as a thousand thoughts filled her mind. Where was she? How long had she been here? What had happened? She must have had a puzzled look on her face when the nurse came in. 
       “Hello, my name is Miranda, I will be taking care of you.” She fiddled around with some paperwork. 
       “Says here you were hit by a car and suffered a severe head injury.” She said. “You’ll be here for a couple months and hopefully you’ll get better. It’s been two days since your...since you were last conscious.” Anna’s heart dropped. She had been in a coma for two days. 
       “You suffered a severe concussion and we were hoping to get some tests in soon so we can provide you with more information.” She smiled. “I’m sure you’ll be fine, just hang tight and you’ll be out of here in no time.” 
       “Thank you so much.” Anna had almost forgotten Cali was there, for she was still processing all the information the nurse had just provided. 
       “I’m glad she’ll be okay.” Cali said. The nurse smiled and turned to leave.
       “I’ll let you guys have some alone time.” Cali rushed to the bed Anna was laying in. The two girls talked day and night.
6 days later, it was Halloween. Anna was still in the hospital and thanks to Cali, her room was all decorated. The nurse had been incorrect, time did not fly by, instead it seemed to go in slow motion. Her head seemed to be more fragile and worked slower than it had before. The doctors were worried although they had detected nothing wrong with Anna’s head. Everyone was worried whether they showed it or not.
Cali walked into the hospital room wearing her space cowboy costume. Her sparkly cowboy hat and shiny outfit made her hard to stare at. 
       “Doesn’t my costume look amazing?” She smiled. “I bought a bunch of candy and the nurse said it’s okay if I stay and watch horror movies with you all night. It’s gonna be so much fun!” Anna smiled. 
       “Thanks for doing this again. I know how much you love trick or treating even though you're a grown adult.” Anna said.
       “Who wouldn’t say yes to free candy?” Cali responded. “Plus, being with you is better than taking free candy from strangers. I almost forgot!” She ran to get something from her purse. As she rummaged around, Anna was trying to get a better view of what she was trying to find. Finally, Cali pulled out a pumpkin pie cake mix.
       “Is that what I think it is?” Anna asked.
       “Only if it’s what you think it is.” Cali said walking over to Anna’s bed. “A pumpkin pie cake mix. Remember when I baked one a couple weeks ago and it fell. You promised me that we could make another one. So I brought a cake mix.”
       “You are such a genius!” Anna exclaimed. That night, they ate tons of candy, cake, and anything that contained large amounts of calories. They settled down and decided to watch scary Halloween movies.
Two hours later, the girls were both lying on Anna’s bed. Stomachs full and eyes glued on the tv screen. Suddenly, the doctor rushed into the hospital room, he had a worried look on his face and you could tell that he was tired by his red eyes. 
       “I apologize for coming in so late but I have some unfortunate news.” Anna looked at Cali to find that she was looking at her with the same confused look on her face that Anna also had. 
       “The tests that we ran earlier today, they revealed that when that car hit you, your brain suffered internal damage.”
       “What does that mean?” Cali’s voice trembled. 
       “It means that Anna’s brain is functioning more slowly everyday and when the time comes, it will stop functioning completely.” Anna’s heart dropped. The room suddenly felt stuffy and she found it hard to breathe. The voices around her felt so 
distant and her eyes became blurry. Her head started spinning uncontrollably. She was going to die. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She began shaking, trembling with fear. She felt so alone and scared, not knowing what will happen next. She became so lost in her emotions she was almost unconscious. 
Cali’s arms were wrapped around Anna’s. She was choking back tears. She wanted to reassure Anna that everything was going to be fine but she feared that wasn’t true anymore. All that they could do was hope fate had decided to let Anna live. After what seemed like eternity, Cali spoke.
       “I don’t know what will happen next, but I want you to know that I love you. All the moments that you were by my side I’ll treasure forever. Our friendship is more than I could ever ask for.” Cali took a deep breath. “I’ll stay by your side until the end.” Anna let out a sob. She sniffled, crying silently. 
       “I love you too.” Was all Anna could say as she had just received the most devastating news of her life. Some time later, Anna realized something that she never had truly understood before. 
       “Cali? I don’t want you to be sad when I...pass away...I want you to remember the good times where we were both happy. The moments when we were both side by side. All good things must come to an end, and when they do, we need to know how to move on. I know I’ll live in your heart forever as you will in mine. I will be forever grateful our paths crossed and we became good friends.” Anna sighed. She slowly closed her eyes. She stopped shaking. Her last breath had been cut short. 
Anna had passed away at 3:45 that morning. She lived with no regrets and was grateful for every moment she had spent on Earth. Sometimes, an angel disguised as a person is sent down from heaven to live in the hearts of others. Cali thought Anna was an angel sent from above, with her red golden hair and freckled skin.  

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