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Running To Stand Still

January 21, 2020
By rasoluc000, Medina, Minnesota
rasoluc000, Medina, Minnesota
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Stephen was still rattled three weeks after his heart was stabbed with the dull, but agonizing blade of being dumped by his girlfriend, Laura. As he was walking down Pearl Street, the beloved center of Boulder, Colorado, he still had glimpses of the night he walked down that street back to his apartment with a tears trickling down his cheeks. She couldn’t stand his fears of losing her anymore. Stephen tried everything in his power to prevent that from happening, yet that was exactly why it happened. Even acknowledging that fact made the wound sting. Everytime the stinging became noticeable again, he would pull a joint out of his pocket and smoke away. He inhaled the fuzziness and exhaled his thoughts. It made things easier. The cloud of haze carried him down Pearl Street, upon the apathetic bricks and past the gift shops and clothing stores. 
For the first time in three weeks, Stephen had a destination for his regular walk down that street. He was going to Starbucks to meet with his law school friends to plan their road trip to Big Sky, Montana. Morgan suggested to him a week ago that continuing his winter break schedule of smoking weed and watching movies in his apartment was not the best way of getting over his devastation. Stephen conceded his suggestion with his arrival at the Starbucks that afternoon.

Luca R.

Running To Stand Still

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