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The Girl You Forgot

November 2, 2019
By RenaPoppins, Austin, Texas
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RenaPoppins, Austin, Texas
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Author's note:

My passion is theatre. I love theatre so much because it has helped me through so much. I first started doing theatre when I was 8 and thats really when I fell in love with it. I have always wanted to write a play and when I was given the oppurtunity in school I took it. I loved theatre so much so I basically knew what I wanted my play to be about. I put my love for theatre on paper and I am so happy with my play.

The author's comments:

This is the list of Characters.

The Girl You Forgot



Evy- Main Character

Reece- Evy’s best friend

Ms.Lena- Theatre teacher (overly dramatic and energetic)

Flo- Main theatre kid and eventually becomes Evy’s enemy

Mr.Witz- Science teacher

Les(pronounced Le) - Becomes Evy’s friend

Alex- Auditions for school play

Sam- Auditions for school play

Lauren- Auditions for school play

Mom- Evy’s Mom

Dad- Evy’s Dad

Mr.Boc- History teacher



Austin, Texas

August, 2019

Snow Top High School

1473 Polar Forest Dr (Her Address)

Scene 1

(The lights fade up on a girl eating breakfast when her mom comes in)

Evy: Mom, Why do I have to go to school?

(Mom crosses to Counter)

Mom: Evy, you will be fine. Your not gonna die.

(Mom starts reading mail)

Evy: You don't know that.

Mom: Don't be dramatic.(Eye roll) Now get ready to go.

(Mom Exits)

Evy:(Mimicking Mom) “Don't be dramatic”

(Mom Overhears)


Evy: Oops…

(End of Scene)

Scene 2

(Lights open on 2 kids walking to school talking to each other)

Evy: Reece, I want to go home.

Reece: Same. Life would be so much easier if we didn't have to go to school. Hey, Look! (Reece and Evy look behind them) It's the freshies!

Evy: Remember when we were that small?

(Reece stops walking)

Reece: Ev, we were never that small. We were all like at least a foot taller. (Evy rolls eyes) Anyway, what are you excited for this year?

Evy: The end of it.

Reece: Wow. Real Positive (sarcastic)

Evy: Thank you.

Reece: Anyway, who’s your homeroom? (excited) I have Ms.Lena!

Evy: (relieved)Oh, Thank god you have her too. Isn't she the theatre teacher?

Reece: Yeah, remember I had her last year?

Evy: Whatever. Anyway, we should probably start heading there. We only got 5 minutes and it's like across the school.

Reece: Your Right.

Evy: Welp. Let the first official day of junior year begin.

(They walk off stage and the lights go out)

Scene 3

(The lights pop up in a theatre about the size of a cafeteria)

Ms.Lena: (very over exaggerated)Welcome back everyone! I am Ms.Lena your homeroom teacher! You will come here after lunch everyday. Now let me start handing out schedules!

(Ms.Lena begins handing out schedules)

Evy: This women seems crazy.

Reece: I had her last year. You will eventually like her.

Evy:(acting clueless) Oh,Right! You’re a theatre nerd!

(Ms.Lena comes over to Evy and Reece)

Ms.Lena: You must be Evy! Nice to meet you! Nice to see you again Reece! Here is yalls schedules. If you have a question about your schedule just ask!

(The 2 kids start looking at their schedules)

Evy: (worried) Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god…

Reece: What? What’s wrong?

Evy:(annoyed) I have theatre this year.

Reece: OMG! Your in theatre with me!

Evy: This is terrible. I didn't even sign up for theatre.

Reece: What's so bad about it?

Evy: (sad and annoyed)I don't like theatre. I don't want to be in theatre. I want to be in choir. You know? The elective I signed up for!

Reece: You should give it a try! Give it a go and you get to be with me! If you feel miserable like you can't do it just get a schedule change. But it won't hurt to try it.

Evy:(annoyed) Fine. But just so you know I’m doing this for you.

Reece: I know!

(bell rings)

Ms.Lena: (excited) There goes the bell! Everybody head to first period and I will see yall later!

Evy: (Talking to self) Im 100% sure this woman is crazy. Like why does she have to be so peppy and energetic. I don't understand how she has that much energy.

(Lights Out)

Scene 4

(Lights up on a history room with Les and Evy sitting at a table)

Evy:(Talking to self but accidently whispers) Only one more class and then I get to go home.

Les: (talking to Evy) One more class until the day is over sadly not the school year

Evy: (confused) Um… Who are you?

Les: I’m Les. I'm new but I know a lot of people so it feels like I’m not new.

Evy: Oh, I’m Evy

Les: Well, nice to meet you Evy. What's your next class?

Evy: Theatre. Which I'm not thrilled for.

Les: Hey, I have theatre too! Why are you not excited? It's basically not a class. Unless you count singing and acting class.

Evy: Because I didn't want to be in theatre. I wanted to be in choir.

Les: Well, Technically theatre is like choir you just act while you sing!

Evy: (annoyed) Don't try to sell me on theatre.

Les: Well, Sucks for you but I’m still gonna try.

(Evy rolls eyes)

(Mr.Boc walks in)

Mr.Boc: Ok class get your agendas out.

Evy: (whisper to Les)(confused) Um… Do we have agendas yet?

Les: I don't think so. (looks around) I don't think anybody else does either.

Evy: (Raises hand) Um… Mr.Boc?

Mr.Boc: Yes?

Evy: Hi, I’m Evy and I dont think we have agendas yet.

Mr.Boc: Thank You…..

Evy: Evy.

Mr.Boc: Evy! Thank you Evy for speaking up and being courageous!

Evy: Um….. Thank You?

Mr.Boc: You see class? Evy realized a problem and she had the courage to fix the problem and be a leader.

Evy: (talking to self) I swear to god my teachers are so weird this year.

Mr.Boc: Okay class for the last 30 minutes of class I want you to write me an essay about yourself that will be due Thursday.

Evy: Wow. I haven't even been in school for 6 hours and already have to write an essay.

Les: Well, at least its a topic that you know a lot about!

Evy: I don't really know myself.

Les: Dont be stupid! Just think about it for awhile. You will eventually think of something!

Evy: (thinking to self and again accidently whispers) This girls interesting.

Les: I know.

Evy: HOLY- Wait, how did you hear me?

Les: You were whispering dummy.

Evy: Oops.

(Lights Out)

The author's comments:

The phone number is not a real number.

Scene 5

(Lights up on auditorium were Evy and Les are just walking in)

Evy: Ok, I think this is right-


Evy: Well, I guess we’re in the right spot.

Les: Isn't this your homeroom?

Evy: (clueless) Oh, Yeah!

(they walk over to where Reece is sitting)

Evy: (dramatic) Good Morning Reece!

Reece:Good Morning to you too!(sees Les) And Good Morning to you to….

Les: Les.

Reece: Good Morning to you to Les! So how did y'all meet?

Evy and Les: History

(they stare at each other and sit down)

Les: So, how do y’all know each other?

Evy: We’ve been best friends since Kindergarten

Les: So in the ten years y’all have been friends, have you ever dated?

Reece: Wow. I've known you for 5 minutes and you already asked if I dated her.

Les: (embarrassed and sorry) Oh, Sorry.

Reece: JK you're fine! I’m Gay!

Evy: We get asked that a lot.

(The curtain opens on stage)

Evy: What the-

Ms.Lena:(over exaggerated) Good afternoon class! Welcome to theatre!(silence) You were supposed to clap.(A girl in the front row starts clapping a lot) Thank you! Anyways… I’m Ms.Lena your theatre teacher and I can't wait to show you everything we will be doing this year! Now to start I am happy to say that our fall production will be…. Willy Wonka! (applause from the audience) Now I will be handing out audition packets. Auditions will be tomorrow after school and during class on Thursday. Then on Friday the cast list will be up on the doors to the auditorium. When you come into your audition tomorrow we will be doing songs. So you will choose the song that the character you want sings and sing it. Then you will do the same thing on Thursday but with scenes. If the character you want doesn't have a song in the packet choose the closest song that matches that character. Same thing with scenes. Now you will spend the rest of the period preparing for auditions.

(Ms.Lena begins to hand out packets then Flo raises her hand)

Flo: Ms.Lena

Ms.Lena: Yes, Flo?

Flo: Will you do any callbacks?

Ms.Lena: Ah, Thank you for reminding me! Class, I may ask for you to sing or read for another character. If I don't ask you it doesnt mean you were awful, but if I do ask you it means I just want to see you read for a different character.

Reece: (talking to Evy and Les) OMG! We are doing Willy Wonka! Ev, Who do you want to be? What about you Les?

Les: I want to be Violet! It would be so cool! Who do you want to be?

Reece: I want to be Grandpa Jo! I would be an old man!

Evy: I kinda want to be Veruca-

(Flo interrupts)

Flo: Evy. Don't even think about trying out for Veruca. You don't have a shot.

Reece: What's your problem Flo?

Flo: (flirty) Oh, Hi Reece! Didn't see you there! 

Reece: Go away.

Flo: Okay Mr.BossyPants! See you later!

(she leaves)

Reece: Thank god she's gone.

Les: Does she know you’re gay?

Reece: No. It's funnier if she doesn't know!

(Evy sees what time it is)

Evy: Thank god schools over in 5 minutes.(bell rings) Welp, I guess that clock is wrong.

Reece: Ev, you ready to go?

Evy: Yeah! Hey, Les what's your number?

Les: Oh, it’s 202-555-1069!

Evy: Ok, Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Les: See you tomorrow!

(Lights out on Evy and Reece exiting)

Scene 6

(Evy and Reece are in a car and Reece is driving)


Evy: Hey, um what was the deal with that Flo girl?

Reece: That girl is a nightmare. She always gets the lead girl in the play. But the worst part is that she can't even sing that well, she just sings better than the other girls!

Evy: Do you think I have a chance of being Veruca?

Reece: Ev, You don't have a chance if you don't bring everything you got to this audition. If you want to be Veruca you gotta “BE” Veruca. You know what I'm saying?

Evy: Kinda.

Reece: Ev: I'm just saying that if you don't bring everything you got, then she can and will beat you. Also she will try to get in your head and do not let her.

Evy:(nervous) Ok. I think I got this.

Reece: Practice Verucas song all night so you are ready. I believe in you Evy.

(They pull up to her house)

Evy:(terrified) Ok. Bye Reece, see you tomorrow!

Reece: (really happy) See you tomorrow!

(Lights Out)

Scene 7

(Lights up on Evy's family eating dinner)

Mom: Ev, How was the first day of junior year?

Evy: Well I already have to write an essay and I got put into theatre. But I'm not hating theatre as much as I thought I would. But auditions for the school musical are tomorrow after school and in class on Thursday.

Dad: What musical are y'all doing?

Evy: Willy Wonka.

Mom:(trying to sound cool) OMG! I love Willy Wonka!

Evy: Mom, please never say “OMG” again.

Dad: Who do you want to be?

Evy: I kinda want to be Veruca.

Dad: (confidence)You know, when I was your age I was kinda the actor myself.

Evy: Dad, I'm not sure being tree number two in the Wizard of Oz counts as being an actor.

Dad:I was actually tree number ONE.

(Evy rolls eyes)

Mom: So what do you have to write an essay on?

Evy: We have to write an essay on ourselves.

Mom: Oh, that's easy. You will do fine!

Evy:(snarky) You would think differently if you were writing the essay. But anyway I need to practice for my audition tomorrow. Night Mom! Night Dad!

Mom: Night Sweetie!

Dad: Night Honey!

(Lights Out)

Scene 8

(Evy and Reece are in their homeroom)

Evy: Reece, I'm really nervous for auditions today.

Reece: Ev’s, you will do great! Do you want to go to the band hall? We-


Reece: omg. Chill. I was going to say that we can go to the band hall because no one is there and you can practice your song in a practice room dummy.

Evy: oh. Sorry. Also, good idea. Can you go tell Ms.Lena we are leaving?

Reece: (peppy)I told her earlier! So grab your stuff and let's go!

Evy: Where exactly is the band hall?

Reece:(disappointment) really. You’re a junior and you don't know where the band hall is!

Evy: Yep!

Reece:(sigh) Well, follow me!

(Lights Out)

Scene 9

(Lights up on the auditorium)

Evy:(nervous) Guys, I'm up next. 

Les: Ev’s you will do amazing! I believe in you!

Evy: I’m not sure I believe in myself…

Reece: (serious)Ev, Don't you dare doubt yourself or I will give you the biggest hug ever and YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!

(Evy’s name gets called and she goes up on stage while Reece and Les sit in the audience with everybody else)


Ms.Lena: Say your name, grade, and what character song you are singing.

Evy:(nervous) Um….

(Reece mouths to Evy to be confident)

Evy:(deep breath) Hi, My name is Evy Ember. I am in 11th grade and I will be singing “I want it now”!(Evy sings “I want it now”)

(Ms.Lena and theatre students applaud and Evy goes back to her seat)

Les: Evy that was so good!

Reece: Evy you did amazing!

Evy: You guys really think so?

Reece: Of course!

(Flo walks over)

Flo: Hi, Evy. Good job up there.

Evy: Thanks. You did good too.

Flo: I know. Well, Anyway’s see you tomorrow. Oh and by the way don't even bother showing up to auditions on Thursday. You’re just gonna embarrass yourself!

(Flo Exits)

Les: What's her deal?

Reece: Ev, just ignore her. She’s gonna do great as Oompa Loompa number seven anyway.

(They all laugh)

Ms.Lena: Up next is Reece!

Reece: Oh gotta go! Talk to y’all later!

Evy: Les, you went already right?

Les: Yeah

Evy: I'm sorry I missed your audition. Mr.Boc came into my science class and wouldn't leave and then started talking to Mr.Witz and I just needed to know when the science homework was due.

Les: Dont worry about it! I know you're stressed!

(Reece starts singing Grandpa Jo’s part of “I've got a golden ticket”)

Reece:(“I've got a golden ticket”)


Evy: Good job dude!

Les: You did great!

Reece: I'm tired. You ready to go Evy?

Evy: Yeah, Ok bye Les!

Reece: Bye Les!

Les: Bye Guys!

(Lights Out)

Scene 10

(Les and Evy are about to leave history)

Mr.Boc: Class make sure to leave your essay about yourself on my desk and have a wonderful weekend!

Les: Are you nervous?

Evy: Most definitely.

Les: That Flo girl seems to really hate you.

Evy: Yeah, I don't know why though. She's just weird, but anyway we gotta get to auditions.

Les: Yeah, let's go!

(They walk to the auditorium and they spot Reece)

Reece: There you are! Come sit we are about to start!

(they shuffle to sit next to him)

Ms.Lena: Good afternoon class! So we are just gonna jump straight into auditions! So the first scene is the kids scene, then its Charlie's family, and then its the candy man's scene! So first up Flo, Les, Alex, and Lauren!

Flo: (mockingly)What's wrong Les? Why are you so sad? Do you need to go cry in a corner?

Les: No, I'm sad because I thought you were at least a little smarter than a carrot but its sad how you aren't!

(Flo rolls eyes)

Ms.Lena: Action!

(they begin the scene)

Flo(Veruca): Mr.Wonka, I want a pink candy boat!

Les(Violet): Turdbag.

Alex(Violet’s Mother): Violet don't be rude!

Les(Violet): Mom put some gum in your mouth! That will make you shut up!

Alex(Violet’s Mother): Mr.Wonka, where are we?

Lauren(Wonka): Well, I'm not sure!

(They finish the scene)(Applause)

Ms.Lena: Next up instead of Flo, Evy you do Veruca and everybody else stay the same!

Reece:(whisper) You got this!

Evy:(talking to self) I got this.

(They begin the scene)

Evy(Veruca): Mr.Wonka, I want a pink candy boat!

Les(Violet): Turdbag.

Alex(Violet’s Mother): Violet don't be rude!

Les(Violet): Mom put some gum in your mouth! That will make you shut up!

Alex(Violet’s Mother): Mr.Wonka, where are we?

Lauren(Wonka): Well, I'm not sure!

(They finish the scene and the audience claps)(Les and Evy leave the stage)

Evy: Les, you did so well!

Les: Same for you!

Ms.Lena: Evy!

Evy: Yes?

Ms.Lena: You are leaving for the day!

Evy: Thank You! Bye Reece! Bye Les! Break a leg!

Reece: Bye Evy!

Les: Bye Evy!

(Lights Out)

Scene 11

(Lights up on Les, Evy, and Reece walking towards the auditorium)

Les: Are y'all ready to see who you got casted for?

Reece: Yes! I'm super excited!

Evy: I'm terrified.

Les: Don't be! No matter who you play you will do great!

(They see the cast sheet in the distance with a horde of people surrounding it)

Evy: omg there it is. Reece, you go first!

Reece: Ok…..(He looks at cast sheet) I’M GRANDPA JO!

Evy: I'm so proud of you! Ok Les, your next!

Les: Here we go ...(She looks at the cast sheet) OMG I’M VIOLET!

Reece: YAY! Evy, that just leaves you.

Evy: Ok, Here goes nothing…..(She looks at the cast sheet) guys.

Reece: Oh no-

Evy: (excited)I’M VERUCA!

Reece: (annoyed)Don’t you dare scare me like that ever again.

Les: Ev, I'm so proud of you!

(Group Hug)

Reece: Wait, who does Flo play?

Les: It says that she plays…. omg. She's Oompa Loompa number seven!

Evy: Wow, Reece you were right!

Reece: WOO-HOO!

Evy: Oh shoot, We have to be in class in two minutes!

Reece: Crap. Well see y'all at lunch!

Les: Bye!

Evy: Bye!

(Lights Out)

Scene 12

(Later that night at Evy’s house)

Evy: Goodnight Mom! Goodnight Dad!

Dad: Night Honey!

Mom: Night Evy!

Evy:(Thinking to self) Today was not that bad of a day! I can't believe I get to play Veruca Salt! But I still hate theatre. But do I really? I've had so much fun this past week, I don't think I ever enjoyed choir this much. Well, I should go to bed. I'm tired. Good night thoughts!

(Lights Out)

Scene 13

(Reece, Evy, and Les enter the first rehearsal for Willy Wonka)

Ms.Lena: Hello Class! I hope you all know who you play because we will begin blocking the show today!

Flo: Ms.Lena?

Ms.Lena: Yes, Flo?

Flo: I was just wondering how big the Oompa Loompa part is?

Ms.Lena: Well, the Oompa Loompas are basically the ensemble of the show!

Flo: Can I have a new part?

Ms.Lena: Of Course! Would you like to be an Oompa Loompa or not in the show?

(The class goes “oooooooooooo”)

Ms.Lena: Now, Flo please sit down we have work to do.

(Lights Out)

Scene 14

(It's the day of the show and it is chaos)

Ms.Lena: Attention Everyone! All actors need to be on stage in 30 minutes, fully costumed and in makeup so we can run through songs.

Evy: How are y'all feeling?

Reece: I actually feel really good and I am ready to do this!

Les:(scared) I'm really terrified! What if I mess up my lines and ruin the whole show?!

Evy: Les, that will not happen. Now, go get into costumes. Same for you Reece.

Reece: Fine.

(Reece and Les exit)(Flo Enters)

Evy: Hi, Flo!

Flo: What do you want Evy?

Evy: Nothing. Jeez…. Wait, actually I have one question.

Flo: Well, What is it?

Evy: Why do you hate me so much?

Flo: Wow, you don't know why I hate you?

Evy: Yeah. I don't.

Flo: Evy it's so clear. I hate you because you stole Reece from me!

Evy: What?

Flo: I love Reece and you just stole him from me!

Evy: Flo?

Flo: (annoyed) What Evy?

Evy: I didn’t steal him from you because he’s gay. He doesn't like you because he doesn't like girls.

Flo: Well, I still hate you.

Evy: That's fine with me!

Ms.Lena: I need all actors on stage! Okay ladies and gentlemen, the doors open in five minutes but I just wanted you to know I am incredibly proud of all of y’all and no matter what happens tonight do your best! Now everybody head backstage! Break a leg!

(Lights Out)

Scene 15

(Lights up on Evy in her Veruca costume)

Evy: Tonight I think was one of the best nights of my life. I have never been so close to so many people. When I was first placed on theatre, all I wanted to do was not be in it. But after being in this incredible cast and show, I have never been more certain on what I wanted to do with my life. When I graduate I want to become an actress or I want to teach wannabe actors and actresses. I want to help young children find their passion through the arts. But I'm telling you now and it's your choice if you choose to listen to this, but there is no way that you will get anywhere in life without someone to help you along the way. I was so lucky to have two amazing people help me when I was stuck in the dark or I just didn't know where to go next. But those people won't just show up. You have to go find those people and you have to help them too. So I want you to go home tonight and think about those people in your life. Whether it be a teacher, friend, family member, stranger, who ever it may be. Go home tonight and think about those people and think to yourself about how much they have helped you and guided you to where you are now. Because I promise you without those people in your life you wouldn't be where you are now.

(Lights Out)

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