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Taking On

January 7, 2023
By kcnarvaez BRONZE, Cedar Hills, Utah
kcnarvaez BRONZE, Cedar Hills, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
“If you died tonight, what would you regret not doing?”


In your life, have you ever experienced an abrupt burst of willpower?
A clarity that surged into existence seemingly out of nowhere? Have you ever experienced a sudden rush of energy walking through nature, seeing life brimming all around?
Have you ever stood in the tall grass--the sun beating down--and came to think of it all? Just everything?
A subconscious part of your mind telling you something,
As if saying,
'It's time to begin?'

Reese Connolly is an extraordinary individual. From walking through walls to eavesdropping on conversations across buildings to disintegrating items between her fingertips, she doesn't know the true limits of her own body.
However, she's also young, inexperienced, and isolated. She has trouble connecting with others and developing healthy relationships. After all, how is it possible to stay confident when your only talent changes, slips away, and evades you when you need it the most?

She also has a problem: someone has dirt on her. This person, someone her age, seems to want to use her abilities—despite them being deeply unreliable—to benefit themselves.
Reese has only one question at the start of it all:
'Why me?'

Korryn N.

Taking On

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