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Double Tap

November 29, 2019
By 20ianfli, Cedar Falls, Iowa
20ianfli, Cedar Falls, Iowa
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Suburban family lives a normal life, and their preeteen son is going to spend the night at home while his family goes to his grandparents. The story switches to the preeteen’s father, who is on a special operation in Syria with no communication with his family. During a raid of a small village, he kills a teenage boy holding a rifle out of self defense. He finishes the mission and returns home, unphased by the murder he commited, believing what he did was justified and saved his team. Upon returning home, his family is in utter despair. Their son was killed in a late night home burglary while they were gone. The father breaks down, unable to process what has happened. His son received the same fate as the young boy he killed overseas.

Ian F.

Double Tap

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