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Carrot-Boy #3 Birth of the Chiliface!

October 14, 2019
By Bat4man, Carrollton, Texas
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Bat4man, Carrollton, Texas
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Author's note:

I am currently working on my 1st and 2nd Carrot-Boy stories, which will give more time with Benjamin Taproot. Batman and Spider-Man, my two favorite superheroes, inspired me to create my hero, Carrot-Boy. 

Carrot-Boy #1 Attack of the Chiliface! Pt. 1 

Welcome to Veggieburg! A big city where skyscrapers stand tall like mountains and watchful blimps soar across the night sky. A joyful place where everyone gets along, well almost everyone, others prefer to live a life of crime. Take these two petty criminals running out of a bank after triggering the alarm, carrying large bags of money over their shoulders. One of them is a black bean named Stew Vegan while the other is a diced beef with a potbelly who’s Bobby Con Karne. On top of a building rooftop stood a carrot looking down upon Veggieburg with his emerald green eyes. His purple slick leather cape swayed back and forth by the gentle breeze. His concentration gets broken once he heard the alarms go off at the bank.

“It’s hero time!”-Carrot-Boy

He jumped off the building and landed inside his Carrot-Mobile, parked at the side of the building. He zoomed out from the alley, making his way towards the scene. Stew and Bobby bolted through the empty streets.

“We did it Bobby! For the first time, we’ve successfully robbed a bank without that carrot showing up to foil our plans!”-Stew Vegan

“Yeah, but we still gotta give Gourd his share of the money”-Bobby Con Karne

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there”-Stew Vegan

Once Stew and Bobby turned at the corner of the street, the Carrot-Mobile is coming at them fast. It stops, and Carrot-Boy leaps out of the Carrot-Mobile, throwing a Carrot-Rang at Bobby, which hits him in the head. Stew looked down at the unconscious Bobby lying on the ground. Carrot-Boy launched another Carrot-Rang knocking Stew’s bag out of his hand. Stew turned his gaze to Carrot-Boy, with an agitated expression on his face.

“You just can’t stay out of the way, can you?”-Stew Vegan

Carrot-Boy sarcastically threw his hands up in the air.

“Hey, you got your hobbies, and I’ve got mine, which is stopping criminals like you”-Carrot-Boy

Stew angrily charged towards Carrot-Boy swinging his fist at him, Carrot-Boy dodges his attack and grabs the arm Stew tried to punch him with, and slams him hard on the pavement, knocking Stew out.

“This job is starting to get a little too easy”-Carrot-Boy

Later on, that night, police vehicles are all around the scene, and the police officers are putting Stew and Bobby in the back of the police car. Carrot-Boy observes from a nearby building.

At a tall tower that is labeled Gourd Enterprises in big letters, at the top of the building, a large green squash is sitting on his chair inside his office. He’s facing the window, looking upon the city.

Suddenly, a pickle in a jar filled with green pickle juice opens the door. His mechanical legs and arms allow him to move since he doesn’t have hands or legs like other vegetables do. He’s wearing yellow goggles and has on a white lab coat with black buttons.

“Mr. Gourd”-Professor Dill Vlasic

Gourd swung his chair around forward, placing his folded hands on his desk.

“What is it, Professor?”-Grant Gourd

Vlasic hesitated to release the next words he was about to say from his mouth.

“The police once again apprehended stew and Bobby; the news is saying that the local hero known as Carrot-Boy is the one who stopped them”-Professor Dill Vlasic

Gourd shook his head in rage, unable to contain the anger inside of him, he exploded. Gourd pounded his fists on his desk, the desk broke, and everything, once sitting on it, is now scattered chaotically on the floor. The Professor wasn’t surprised by this reaction.

“This Carrot-Boy is starting to cause problems for my business!”-Grant Gourd

Gourd closed his eyes and breathed slowly, trying to lower his blood pressure.

“Normal criminals aren’t a match for him, which means we need to think outside the box on how we’re going to get rid of him”-Grant Gourd

The Professor’s eyes glimmered with joy.

“That’s what I came to discuss with you, sir; I would like to begin the G.M.F.O.(Genetically Modified Food Organisms) trials, with your permission, of course.”-Professor Dill Vlasic

“What does your little science projects have to do with Carrot-Boy?”-Grant Gourd

“Think about it, foods that can manipulate fire, maybe become invisible or even have super strength. We could destroy Carrot-Boy, the police force, and rule Veggieburg. With an army of superpowered foods under your control”-Professor Dill Vlasic

Gourd walked back to his chair, clearly already had made up his mind.

“Fine Professor, you may begin your trials, but it better work”-Grant Gourd

“Anyone, in particular, we should start with?”-Professor Dill Vlasic

Gourd comfortably sat back down in his chair.

“Someone expendable in case our little project goes…”-Grant Gourd

Gourd turned his head around to  face Vlasic with an ominous look in his eyes.

“Sideways”-Gourd Calabash

“Understood”-Professor Dill Vlasic

Vlasic went out of the room, meeting a crookneck squash leaning on the side of the wall. He has yellow skin with dark yellow stripes running across it, wearing shades over his eyes and has a green stem. His neck is tilted a little bit downward, giving him the gangster name, Crookneck, and is Gourd’s top agent.

“So, what did the big bad boss say?”-Crookneck

“Release Stew Vegan from prison and then bring him to my lab, he’ll serve as a great test subject”-Professor Dill Vlasic

“Copy that”-Crookneck

Crookneck walked down the hall and mumbled “weirdo” when he was far enough from Vlasic’s earshot. 

In the morning at a vast mansion, Ben Taproot is flying with a stylized carrot jetpack around the lab part of the mansion. His father, Hank Taproot, watching with delight.

“Alright, Ben, I think the jetpack works, you can stop!”-Hank Taproot

Ben gently landed back to the ground in front of Hank.

“You come up with the absolute coolest inventions, dad!”-Ben Taproot

“Wait until you see the rest of what this baby can do”-Hank Taproot

Hank pressed the blue circle in the middle black double shoulder strap, causing the jetpack to fold into a boxed shape on Ben’s back.

“It’s so light, almost like the jetpack’s not there at all”-Ben Taproot

“Well, that’s the genius in my tech, speaking of which how are the other gadgets and carrot-mobile holding up?”-Hank Taproot

“Good. I’m going to head out and patrol around the city, see yah!-Ben Taproot

Hank sat down on his chair in front of his keyboard and giant computer screen.

“And I’ll be on comms if you need me. Be careful!”-Hank Taproot

In an experimental location, Stew Vegan is inside of a giant oven glowing orange and with sparks of fire coming from the bottom of the racks. Stew looked through the screen in front of him.

“What is this? Why am I here?”-Stew Vegan

Gourd’s voice boomed in the Oven.

“It’s what you signed up for Stew, I got you out of prison, you and Bobby never paid your debt to me, so this will be your repayment”-Gourd

“So how is this going to work? Do I have to do anything?”-Stew Vegan

“You don’t have to do anything, Mr. Vegan, just stay very still”-Professor Dill Vlasic 

The Professor pushed a red button on the control panel and turned the oven knob, increasing the temperature. Crookneck is in the back of the room, crossing his arms, observing with a faceless expression.

“Is the heat neccessar--”-Stew Vegan

Before Stew could finish his sentence, he saw the top of the Oven door slide open, and a large blob of chili soup fell through it, landing right on top of him.

“What the!?”-Stew Vegan

Stew tried to pry the chili soup off of his face, but it was to no avail as it kept spreading all over his body. Gourd and Vlasic looked through the screen, no longer seeing Stew but just a blotch of chili soup sitting on the floor.

“Let’s clean this mess up with a mop and try again”-Grant Gourd

Suddenly the chili soup started to move. This realization even made Crookneck curious who had stopped folding his arms and is watching as well. A hand made out of chili soup rose from the blob of chili!

To Be Continued…

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