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Fergo's Tale

January 30, 2011
By rexfurry, Vancouver, Washington
rexfurry, Vancouver, Washington
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Fergo's Tale starts off with a small bird named Fergo (as you might imagine) Fergo as well as every character in this story is an animal with human like characteristics. Now, in the begging of the story we see Fergo sleeping soundly in his bed until someone knocks on his door. Fergo slowly wakes up until finally he manages to get the strength to open the door. To his surprise his best friend Lara is waiting for him! She reminds Fergo about the Annual Leaf convention in Forest Hills. Fergo quickly remembers and within minutes the two are off on their adventure to Forest Hills. But, little do they know that this adventure will be the greatest they've ever had! If you'd like to see what happens next and read about their adventure, then go on and read this story (Fero's Tale) to find out! ^_^


Fergo's Tale

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