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Angel Shall Fall: Natus Todd

October 22, 2018
By SilverAngel519, North Charelston, South Carolina
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SilverAngel519, North Charelston, South Carolina
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I may disagree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it


Author's note:

This is an anthology story so they are not all in order just a collection of them. 

The author's comments:

Trigger warning, and be warned of a few grammatically errors, the phrases that are hard to read it's in Latin.

   Rome, the holy city, and home of the Vatican is the center of all Christianity, and birthplace of the Roman Empire. The city had always served as a holy beacon of the world, a testament to the might of god. Hundreds of Christians flocked here, yearly to pray to god and to view the Vatican collection of art. This place was always busy with tourist, Swiss guards, priest, and civilians. Even at night, the city was busy with parties, and other events but not tonight. Tonight, the streets were uncommonly quiet, not even the sound of the wind or the patter of rats feet could be heard. The heavens were cast in dark anonymous cloud, that stood like a black omen. The only light that lit the ancient streets was the old streetlights that cast a low light. It was like something out of a horror movie.

            At the end of the street, a man leaned against a lamp post, the low light concealing his face. Normally the man did not care for this city, and he hated the place. He found much of the Catholic religion to be hypocrisy and lies. If it where up to him he'd burn this place to the ground and show these people the truth. But he had better things to do, then mess around with the Vatican. He heard footsteps come toward him and glanced over. A Swiss guard walks up, wearing their ridiculous armor with purple and yellow pants. It reminded Natus of a clown, the uniform it self-served no purpose and offered no protection.


"What are you doing here senior?! The Vatican has locked down this entire area." The Guard asked Natus.

Natus turned toward the guard. "I got lost, Didn't know there was a lockdown."

"You need to get out of here quickly!" The guard urged.

"What exactly is going on to require a lockdown!" Natus asked.

"There is an emergency the Vatican has shut this whole area down you must leave now senior!" The guard ordered but Natus didn't care and continued to stand there.

             Suddenly a monstrous yell echoed throughout the street, like a lion screaming for food. The Swiss guard went pale and froze, though Lucifer remained unaffected. "Finally", Natus said to himself and stood up turning toward the sound of the cry. The Swiss guard pulled out a machine gun and aimed it nervously down the street.

"It's here senior you need to run now!" The guard ordered.

"I was going to tell you the same thing, this is no job for a child." Natus replied.

"You don't understand this thing it's extremely dangerous!" The guard cried.   

             Another loud grow echoed through the street, full by the sound of metal scraping. The guard began shaking nervously and slowly backing up while Natus simply stood and watched. From the shadows a man dressed in a bloodied white church robes stepped out from the shadows, dragging the corpse of a Swiss guard with him. His mouth was dripping with blood, and he wore bright red like a bat.

"God give me strength and send this creature back to hell!" The guard lets out a battle cry and opens fire on the creature

        The creature remains unaffected and charges forward toward the guard, who lets out a plea of help. Natus quickly steps between the two and kicks the creature sending it flying back and landing with a thud.

"How did you… did you do that?!" The guard asked awestruck.

"Why don't you step back and let the professionals deal with this junior," Natus said teasingly.

              The gaud tried to repute but the creature roared and threw the body at Natus, who easily swatted the body away, but the Creature had rushed forward and caught Natus off guard, and leaped toward him. He held the creature back as it tried to claw and bite him. He threw the creature off into a wall, then darted to it and smashed it's head in with his fist. The creature let out a cry of pain then denigrated into a skeleton, letting out a hiss as its skin disappeared. Natus let stretched his hands out, this was only a scout not what he was looking for.

"What the hell was that?" the Swiss guard said frightfully, with shock on his face.

"That was a strigoi, a soulless doll drained of blood and driven by an unquenchable thirst for blood. And to believe you shit your self over a little old demon like that." Natus explained.

"D…..D….Demon!" The guard stuttered, backing away in fear.

"Yep, but the party hasn't even started yet."

             More monstrous growls echoed around them, and the shadows began filling up with red eyes like a night sky.  The guard whimpered in panic, as more and more started to appear. Strigori were low-level demons, cursed by a demon of Gluttony, who acted as scouts for a stronger Demon, they never strayed too far from their count and always hunted in packs. They were weak creatures, that only acted on hunger and their master's orders. He sighed in annoyance, he was looking for more of a fight, but at least he could get a warm up.

"Stay in the light Strigori, newborn strigori are very sensitive to light, they won't go near you as long as you stay in the light." Natus told the Guard. The guard nodded scared to move even a single inch, as Natus slowly moved away from the street light. The strigoi started to growl hungrily, like a pack of wolves. "So let's get this started," Natus said, preparing to fight.

             The strigoi charged at Natus all at once, fangs out ready to feast. With lighting speed, Natus pulled out a wild boar revolver and quickly began dispatching the strigoi. He fired six shots then was forced to reload, he quickly emptied his spent rounds and reloaded taking out the strigoi. He moved around the street smashing and blasting demons like a blur. This was nothing drake couldn't handle, but he slowly starting to get bored by it. It wasn't long before he took out the swarm, leaving a pile of disintegrated corpses.

 "Well that was disappointing I was hoping for that would be harder," Natus said complaining, he enjoyed a good fight but fighting low-level demons was just boring.  He glanced back at the guard who was still trembling with fear. Natus had to go and find the count before it got out of hand, stupid intelligence said nothing about its location. Maybe this clown knew something, the Swiss guard was a basic military so they had a good communication.

"Hey piss pants!" Natus yelled.

The guard looked up a little confused. "Me seinor?"

"Yea you! Tell me about what's going on, How did all this start?" Natus ordered.

"Yes senior. A few days the police had been getting reports about missing people, they thought it was just kidnapping but we soon discovered the body of one of the victims. He was bit by a vampire so we quickly locked down the area and hunted it down. I was sent with a team, but we were ambushed and split up." The guard explained.

"Figures," Natus said to himself. The Vatican most likely decided to use silver bullets and garlic, which are about as much use against vampires as throwing rocks at a tank. "Is there a place you were supposed to meet up when you completed your mission Or got separated?"

"The Basilica di San Giovanni, its where the priest and civilians are." The guard explained pointing toward the massive building in the distance.

"Hiding in a church, not the smartest idea or the most original." He thought to himself. Sadly the Vatican didn't really have anything blessed by God, though the church was massive and could easily be defended. Wouldn't be hard to place guards around the area to defend themselves. "Not a bad idea." He shrugged and started walking toward the church, but then stopped in his tracks. "Oh, you might want to hold onto this." Natus passed the guard a silver vile of liquid.

"What is this?" The guard asked studying the vial.

"Rottier hair, mixed with rats blood. Should keep the Strigori from you." Natus said walking off.

"How exactly, I thought they hated garlic and holy water?"

"Wooden stakes work but that’s only in the movies." He said walking off, leaving the guard confused.

         Natus hated the Vatican, he thought they were a bunch of elderly hypocrites who cared nothing about nothing but themselves. Calling themselves men of God, whose only responsibility is passing the teachings of God. Yet their the worlds largest organization, that makes billions a year, some religion they are. Though there was one thing he did enjoy about the Vatican, was the city of Rome. It was a beautiful city filled with so much history and art. They may be a bunch of old men, but they at least knew how to build a city.

         After a few minutes he arrived at the Basilica di San Giovanni, as he got closer he found that the area was littered with dead bodies. A blockade had been erected to try and defend the building but it didn't seem to be very effective. Swiss guard corpses where laying onto massive cars with broken ultraviolent lights. The streets were drenched in blood that ran like a river. As he approached the main entrance he noticed that there were bullet holes in the walls of the church, they were shooting toward the building, they were attacked from behind. The Swiss guard would never be overrun so easily, not many militaries could really survive an onslaught from behind. He pulled out his revolver and checked his ammo, he had about four rounds left, better save them. He quickly reloaded then spun the barrel across his arm, it was his good luck charm. Cautiously he entered the cathedral, ready for a fight. His heart began to pump fast, he was starting to get excited. As he entered the building the stench of blood and decay, quickly engulfed his nostrils. The massive hallway was littered with corpses and blood, the statues and walls covered in blood like paint, and the corpse stacked high like a mountain. At the far end a Vatican cardinal was kneeling down eating a corpse, Natus should have known.

Natus started speaking a verse as he slowly approached the cardinal. "Cave pelle lupos, in ovium. Si tibi confortare et esto vigilans spectemus, non pugnat cum diabolo ferrum aut lapis. Telum tentatio pertimescat."

        The cardinal looked up toward  Natus. He looked younger than most cardinals, jet black hair and clear skin with blood stains around his mouth.  He wore the traditional black and red cardinal robes, but it was covered in blood stains. He dropped the body and smiled at Natus "'Take the skin of wolves in sheep. If we look at you? Be strong and courageous, watchful, does not conflict with the devil, sword or a stone'. Their weapon of temptation and fear. I've not heard the verse before let me guess form one of the lost scriptures?"

"I wouldn't really call them lost more like forbidden, since why would the Catholic church want to show the truth about God." Natus smiled staring at the cardinal.

"Ah you must be one of the popes 'Elite guards' are you? But it doesn't matter." He said uninterested.

           Thee raised his hand up toward Natus, and the blood began to morph into an arm and pull Natus down into the pit. Natus was unfazed as they attempted to drag him down, but a larger smile began to stretch across his face. With a flick of his wrist, the arms of blood were disintegrated.

"Huh?!" The cardinal asked confused.

"Blood manipulation, you’re a pretty strong demon aren’t you?" Natus asked.

"Tch Deal with him!" He orders snapping his fingers.

           From the mountain of corpses, strigori raise up drenched in blood and guts. They let out a horrible scream and then charged at Natus like a tidal wave. Natus sighed in annoyance, he had already fought these things before he wanted more of a challenge, but he should get rid of these things first. He quickly smashed his fist into the ground and began chanting.

"Et in peccatis tuis, perducat nos ad salutem luceat lux!" Natus yelled, and a bright yellow spherical symbol appeared around him that let out a bright light. The strigori around him were pushed back by a blast of light white. He then raised his hand inot the air and started changing another verse. "Et ultimo die armati jussit "Fiat lux" Et mundus illuminatus in ardore caelesti gratia!" Another yellow symbol appears above him, illuminating the giant room in a great bright light that dissertated the strigoi. The cardinal coved his face form the light and was burnt.

"What the hell? What the f was that?!" The cardinal yells surprised.

"What you shouldn't really be all that surprised? You did summon the demon, didn't you?" Natus asked confused.

"Your no normal exorcist are you, but it's still not enough!" The cardinal raises his hand, from the pile of corpses a swarm of red bats emerges and charges at Drake.

         The excitement drake felt moments ago started to disappear, this guy was far weaker then he imagined. He quickly pulls out a small white canister and chucks it toward the swarm. From his side he pulls out a double barrel shotgun, shooting it at the canister. It bursts into a massive red flame that engulfs, most of the swarm.

"What Is that?" The cardinal askes supprised.

"Oil, the same oil that was harvested for the first Honika, very flammable! Now give me something exiting." He shoots the shotgun again, which rips through the cardinal who screams in pain.

"You are testing my patience I don't know who the hell you are but I will destroy you!" he screams and charges at Natus, like a beast.

"This might get interesting." Natus smiles and quickly reloads his shotgun.

          The cardinal slashes at him with bloody claws, Natus easily avoids it and hits him with the back of his shotgun. The cardinal is barley phased, and jabs at Natus with sending a torrent of blood at Natus. He barley avoids it but is caught of guard as a strigori grabs him. The cardinal quickly recovers and leaps at him, but Natus uses his shotgun and kills the Strigori rolling back he uses his revolver and empties the clip into the Cardinal. Though it appeared to just make him angrier, as Natus reloaded The cardinal pined him down and tried to bite his neck chomping at it like a wolf. Natus felt a surge of excitement rush through him, he was actually starting to put up a fight. He quickly pointed his shotgun at the cardinals stomach and fired sending the cardinal flying back. Natus quickly jumped up and ran at the downed cardinal, with all his might he kicked him in the cut sending him flying into a wall. Conveniently in the shape of a cross.

        The cardinal began to bleed, a black murky liquid, which smelled like burning sulfur. When possessed humans bleed they drip out mire, which looks like boiling tar. "You're really starting to piss me off! Your just a puppet to the Vatican their just a bunch of old fools who are afraid to let go of the power. Join me, and I'll show you true power"

Natus pulled out a cigar and placed it in the barrel of his shotgun, using the trigger as a lighter. "Join, me and show you true power!" He said mockingly."Don't you old farts get that were trying to stop your power hungry asses." He says mocking the cardinal. "Besides I ain't a part of them."

"What? Then what are you?!" The Cardinal asked confused.

"Sir Natus Todd, Knight Templar and 4th knight of the Round." He says saluting the cardinal.

"Crusader, but your kind died hundreds of years ago!" The Cardinal cried.

"Yea you farts need to get off your asses once in a while." Natus reloaded his pistol then gave it a quick spin. "Now we can fight some more or have you given up, cause I was just starting to have fun?!"

"I'll give you fun you damn brat!" The cardinal rips himself from the wall the mire starts to pour out of him like a fountain morphing around his body. His skin starts to form scales, his head begins to elongate and grow massive teeth. His arms and legs get larger, and massive black wings appear on his back. He had morphed into a jabberwocky a servant of Bezelbulb, the prince of gluttony. "I'll show the power of hell, you f'ing brat."

Natus couldn’t' help but crack a smile, finally, the cardinal was going all out. Now he could go all out and enjoy himself. "Soo were getting serious now. It's about time old man!" Natus laughs maniacally.

          The jabberwocky charges at Natus, letting out a monstrous shriek. Natus jumps out of the way and fires two shots into the demons eyes, blinding it. It screams in pain, and then sends out a wave of burning blood gushing out of his mouth toward Natus. But he quickly speaks another incantation. "Veritas vos liberabit!" A red cross appears in front of him that blocks the attack, as he falls toward the creature. Once the stream disappears he lowers the barriers, and land on the creatures head smashing it on the ground. He the points his shotgun directly at the creatures head.

"Uhg, now that was just disappointing. I thought you'd be stronger than that." Natus says sighing

"Please don't do this! No!" The Jabberwocky struggles to free his head form under Natusfeet but is stuck.

"Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright so that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. This is your oath." Natus began reciting.

"No! What are you doing!" The Jabberwocky cried out.

"To those who try to corrupt the holy land of earth, by thy oath a banish you oh sinful spirt from his grace! Let god grant his mercy upon your lost soul. By my oath, I drive your spirit to hell!" Natus yelled pulling the trigger.

            The Jabberwocky's head exploded into a puddle of mire, as it let out a ear shattering cry of death. He stepped off the head and watched as the demons body slowly started to melt into the mire, letting off a strong sulfur smell. Once the body completely melted the cardinals body was all that was left, a steaming bloody corpse covered in scars. Natus then realized that he lost his cigarette, but no matter he didn’t' really need it. He Sighed and exited the building, mumbling about boredom.

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