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Milk and Justice

April 7, 2016
By hpfmav, Glassboro, New Jersey
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hpfmav, Glassboro, New Jersey
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Author's note:

Let's just say some people on the internet inspired the characters.

The sounds of rocks being thrown up my hill woke me up the 76th time this year so far. In a row. At 5 in the morning. My hair was always messy and I don't think that will ever change? But in this jungle, that's the least of my problems. I am one of the rare supporters of The Bear Retreat. A little group of people saves animals. Most prominently bear, bunnies, chickens, foxes, even humans. Mostly bears. Ever since emperor Fusion, the founder of the jungle, made the bear retreat, and ruled out eating animals, the war has been crazy. The members of the milk society throw rocks at us. They pop balloons near our houses just to scare us. It's too much, sometimes. But I learned to deal with it early.

"Collect call from "The Bear Retreat" . Will you accept?" said my house answering machine.

"Sure, what would they want, though?" I said.

"Hello? Hello, hello? Is anyone there? Tommy? Anyone?" Lewis asked with his weird British accent.

"Let me answer the phone you milk dud!" yelled Razz with his weird Scottish accent.

"Hey, buddy! I know this is probably early, and the Milk Society is probably throwing rocks at you, or something. We need you to come over, now! Scott needs you for something!" Razz explained.

"What? Why me? I'm just an average 14-year-old." I responded.

"Did you hear me, NOW!" Razz yelled.

"OK, I'm going, I'm going..." I said. I put on my jacket and got my bow and arrow. This day was going to be weirder than all the others.

"Knock, knock," I said as I tapped on the steel door.

"Who is it?" said Ryan A.

"It's Tommy, idiot!" said Ryan B.

"Yep, it is," I said as I got into the door. It smelled nice and small. Like pumpkins on a Saturday. I could get used to...

"There's my young player!" I heard from across the room. It was the only American accent I heard. Who could that be?

"Scott? Scott Cawthon?" I asked in awe. I had no idea he was here. He was the pro-creator of the retreat. He made what we do with Fusion.

"Yes, sir! That's me! But, the reason why I called you up is not good." He said with sadness across his face. What could have happened? Everyone in the retreat is here. Clogged toilet perhaps?

"What is it?" I asked.

"Fusion is dead. He was found with an arrow in his teeth. Come to my computer room and I'll show you what happened." he said. I was surprised. I almost couldn't stand up. Fusion? Dead? But how?

"You see, we analyzed this arrow with my machine. Apparently it was shot by a boy about your age. His name was Anonymous. He wants me dead." He said.

"OK, what does this have to do with me?" I responded.

"Kill him. With this arrow, he shot Fusion with. Avenge him. He was like a brother to me, to us. I want that idiot boy dead and gone. Then, we go after the rest of the Milk Society. Got it?" He said.

"Yes, Mr.Cawthon," I said. That sentence was going through my head like wildfire.

Kill him. With this arrow, he shot Fusion with.

Can do Scott, Can do.

Running. Through the woods. At 7 PM. In the dark. It's undoubtedly creepy. I had the bloody arrow and my bow.

I heard a small rustling in the area. Had to be human. All the animals in the jungle are either wit the rest of the retreat or dead at the hands of the Milk Society.

"Hello? Is there anyone there?" someone said. I lost my head from fright as I heard the voice. I was startled.

"Anonymous?" I asked back.

"No, my name is Lilith." the girl said as she stood up to see me.

"Where did you come from?" I asked the girl.

"That cave. It's small, damp, and cold. But, it's the only way to escape the Milk Society." Lilith said.

She sure was pretty. Brown eyes, brunette hair, a soft voice, and, best of all, she disliked the Milk Society. She had nowhere to go, so I decided to ask her to join me in the crews place. She would like it, because it was the nicest place.

"Uh, hey... Wanna come with me? We have a large house with a hot tub." I knew I sounded like an idiot. She chuckled.

"Sure. But, I get some of your food." She said, well knowing we had no choice we had to feed her. I laughed.

"Thomas. Nice to meet you." I said as I extended my hand. I expected her to shake my hand, but, she grabbed it and never let go. At first, I was confused. Then I realized what she wanted to do. I felt like an idiot.

"C'mon, let's walk before we die," she said. I accepted her offer. We then walked home together. I was very happy and calm for the first time as I heard the rustling of her boots and my sneakers on the final Fall leaves.

Then I remembered the reason why I was out in the jungle.

"How about I walk you to our place, and then I have to go really quickly..." I said.

"But... Why?" she said.

"I have to... Kill someone" I said. I expected her to look confused or surprised. She didn't. She just... smiled. Then she did something really unexpected. She kissed me. I was surprised.

"You go, champ. Make sure you don't die," she said. I walked her home remembering years later my best day ever.

I was lagging in my mind as I spit on the ground. Running yards and yards in the jungle. I hacked and coughed really hard. Blood eventually found it's way out. Suddenly, I heard a pin being pulled. I ran away. Anonymouse was right behind me.

"Wakey, wakey!" he exclaimed. He looked crazy. He was about 13 and a little overweight. But, with a little Milk Society training, he could run like a cheetah.

"Holy crap!" I said as I ran as fast as I could. He appeared to have many grenades on him. What would I do?

"Here's your prize!” he said as he threw the grenade towards me. I luckily ran away from it, though. It was loud and hard when it exploded. Annoymouse looked worried. He then ran away. I started to chase him. He started slowing down. It took my best shot and hit him. He started bleeding everywhere. I ran towards him.

“He’s… dead,” he said. I punched him in the face.

“Who!? Who’s dead!?” I exclaimed.

“This… this was a distraction, Scott’s dead,” he said. I ripped the arrow out and stuck it in his eye. I felt a short pain in my stomach. Then, I started to cry.

“Where is he?!” I yelled as I ran in the house. “Where is Scott?!”

“We know what happened, Thomas.” Razz said. He was sad. Mike S turned his back and sat still. Lilith looked drowsy. The Ryans looked like they were in a deep depression. And Lewis… he… Oh My God… he was bawling… hard. They were the most real tears I have seen from him. Scott was like his father. He brought Lewis in when he was a child.

“But… how?” I asked. “How did he…”

“MURDERERS! COLD BLOODED IDIOTS! LOW-LIFE… IDIOTS!!” Lewis yelled. I felt his pain. He fell on the floor, still crying. Lilith helped him up. I went over to help him get up, too.

“Come on man, Let’s get you a soda,” I said. He stopped crying.

“Thanks, Tommy,” he replied. We got him a soda and Lilith dragged me in the second living room. Huh, she knows more about this place than I do.

“Who is Scott?” she said. I wasn’t surprised.

“He is… well, was the leader of the retreat. He was the nicest man to walk the earth. He was on the top of the food chain. That’s why they killed him.” I explained. Then, she looked surprised.

“Oh no!” she yelled. She started crying. Then she fell in my arms and I held her. I felt a lot better then.

“It’s OK, Lilith. I got you.” I said as I hugged her. I hummed the sweetest tune. She seemed to simmer down. She fell quiet and eventually found herself asleep. I laid her on the left couch. And I laid on the right couch.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The alarm clock. It belonged to Scott. Man, how I miss him. I rolled off the couch and heard something in the kitchen. I also smelled something. Bacon. But, not just any bacon. Maple Bacon! Yes! My favorite. Lewis knew that I loved those. But, we all know he can’t cook. So, confusingly yet hungrily went into the kitchen. I didn’t Lewis, but I found Lilith. She made breakfast.

“You can… cook?” I asked.

“Oh, morning,” she said. “And, yes, I can. My mom taught me when I was six, before, you know, what happened,” she replied.

“So I guess this is what you meant when you said “I get your food”.” I jokingly said. We both had a good laugh. Everyone else started popping up out of bed. All except for Lewis. He was still in bed.

“Knock, knock, Lewis,” I said. “Hey, bud.”

“Oh, hey guys. I’m still a little, uh ...sad,” he said.

“I know, we all are, Lewis. But, we’re here for you. For all of us. For Scott.” Lilith said. Man, did she have a way with words?

We both walked out of the room to find everyone sitting and eating. I looked at Lilith and smiled at her. She smiled back. Then, she looked at everyone with a confident face. 

“Guys, we’ve got work to do. Man your battle stations!” she said. Huh? What was she talking about?

“One; we’re eating. Two; why?” Mike S asked. The rest nodded, including me.

“We have some murdering to commit. On the leaders of the milk society,” she said.

Wow. I think we were all surprised to hear her say that. She was really quiet. None the less…

“She’s right. No one kills Scott at our helm!” Razz yelled. “LET’S DO THIS!”

We all yelled “YEAH!” and started to gear up.

“You OK?” she asked. I was startled. I knew I looked like it.

“Uh… what? Uh, Yeah?” I brokenly said. “I just, I just…”

“We’ll be OK. I know you know how to fight. But not just that, I know you can kill. So, kill.” she said. Then she kissed me on the cheek. “OK, let’s go!”

“What? What passcode?” Lewis asked angrily.

“PASSCODE REQUIRED,” the machine said, once again.

We made it to the Milk Society’s base. We had weapons. We had arrows. We had faith. We knew we could do this. Only thing is, we have no idea what the “passcode” is. It was six characters long. Some idiot left a hint saying it was only numbers. But, that doesn’t help us.

“Should we break in?” Razz asked.

“No. They have enforcements everywhere, down to the bread box,” said Mike S. And he was right. We needed that passcode.

“We don’t know anyone who was in the Milk Society, do we?” Ryan B said.

I said, “No, but we knew someone who knew someone else who knew what the Milk Society because he overlooked everything before,”

“Fusion died!” Ryan A yelled. That was the answer.

We started towards the old cottage. Fusion lived there.

“A… throne.” Lewis pointed at. Hm, well, he was an emperor.

“Hey guys, a clue!” Lilith pointed out. She took down a portrait of Fusion. A note was behind it. Lilith began to read it aloud.

Dear Scott,

I remember you wanted to investigate the Milk Society’s base, but, it’s sealed. However, I think I know what the “passcode” might be. Or at least, where it might be. Let me come over your place. I remember leaving your passcode somewhere in my email. I think the pass…

                          Emperor Fusion

The part with the “dot dot dot” was covered in blood. His blood. I think that’s where he wrote down the passcode.

“His email! His Mac wasn’t turned off!” Lewis pointed out. We walked towards the Mac.

“It’s in his sent category!” Razz said.


Huh. How random.

“Take it too Scott’s room!” Mike S said.

We ran too the house and to Scott’s room. The passcode actually worked! As we walked in, we saw how dusty it was in there.

“Ick!” Lilith said. There were mice crawling around. I was disgusted as well. No one has been in the room for about a week.

“Well, let’s look,” I said.

We looked all around. We were about to give up when I saw the same painting that was in Fusions cottage. I took it down. Lilith began to read it again. The only problem was, it was the same note. Except for the six digit number again. 395248. It was the only number we could find for miles. We had to give it a good shot.

When we went to the Milk Society’s base, the passcode worked. However, it required some sort of… handprint.

“OH No! Look over there!” Mike S said. There were Milk Soldiers running towards us with SMG’s. Crap.

I pushed Lilith out the way. Lewis snapped one of their necks, Razz knocked one out and took his MP7 and took him out. I spat on one and tackled him down. Razz took a Tommy and took that guy out. Wow, he could use a gun.

We took one of the soldiers hands and put it on the handprint reading and it opened really fast. Too fast… whatever.

I could’ve sworn there was the longest flight of stairs I have ever seen. We started to climb up when Mike S said he had to go to the bathroom. That’s strange, what sort of evil doom castle has a bathroom this close by. Well, everyone has to go pretty soon. Even evil overlords.

We finally got up the whole flight of stairs. There was a slide open door. Then we saw a spinny chair.

“Well, well, well. Look who it is. The idiots who think of saving the cute little animals. How disgusting.” the man said as he ate a chicken leg. Lewis looked like he was about to jump and murder him.

“My name is Robert Erate. Or just call me Roberate. I have made you come to my lair just to be trapped.” The walls came down. Dang.

He had ninja-like people behind him. They had SMG’s too.

“Hehehe,” Roberate said. “I have the number one thing you all need.” Mike S was in a cage.

“Help… ugh,” he said.

“We’re sucking his life from him. He’s not going to make it out. And neither are you.” Roberate said as his men c***ed their guns. Crap…

“Here guys!” Mike S said as he kicked his RK5 out of the cage towards us. I picked it up.

“Go ahead. Shoot me. You would want to do that.” Roberate said. Mike S nodded his head. I nodded back knowing what was going to happen. I pulled the trigger and threw the pistol at the men. They knew I knew as soon as I pulled the trigger, the RK5 would explode.

“What?” Roberate said.

“DECK!” I said. We ran out down the stairs, through the halls, everywhere there was a door. they chased after us. Or at least, the alive ones. Some of them didn’t have legs.

“Left!” Razz said. The EXIT was that way. When we ran out, Roberate was at the front. He had something on his hand. A… robot hand? Why? He, and his men, surrounded us. He then stepped forward. He started to choke me with his robot hand.

“She would never save you. That old women never would have…” he said. Who was he talking about. His hand electrocuted me and I fell into a deep sleep.

Ugh… Augh… What happened? I was in a cage. So was Lewis, Razz, and both Ryans. Where was Lilith?

“Where is that girl?” Roberate said as if he read my mind. “Oh wait, we held her captive!”

Laughter was exchanged between Roberate, his soldiers, and… Mike S…?

“You might be wondering why this man is here. Well, we were actually all in this together! You see, Mike S hated all of you. He did things you would never imagine. He was with us the whole time, spying on you. We know all about you.” he said. Mike smiled and nodded.

“Wait a second… you, did terrible things?” Ryan B said. “Like what?”

“Guys, I know who killed Scott…” I said. “...and Fusion.” They realized it too.

“YOU IDIOT!” Lewis yelled. “WHY? HOW?”

“You idiots actually figured it out. I did kill both of them. I also opened the door. I loaded the RK5. I faked the whole cage thing. And, I will kill Lilith. In. Front. Of. You.” he said. I was about to break my cage.

“You can’t do anything. You see, I know how to get out.” I said. And, I did. I had a file. And a knife. I threw it at the wall, towards Smilk. I missed, of course, but the distraction allowed me to file through. It was Lilith’s. I knew her giving it to me was a good thing. She must have slipped it too me.

“UPFRONT!” I yelled. I threw the file to Lewis and took an SMG out of a soldier's hand. I shot too. I threw it too Razz and he shot them too. I punched Smilk in the face. He threw me down. They both ran off in an elevator.

“Dangit, man!” I said. “WE HAVE TO SAVE HER!”

“Damn right.... but this is also for Scott,” Lewis said. We all agreed on that.

“Yeah, but how do we even get up there?” Razz asked. I didn’t know. The elevator had a good chance of not coming back down.

“The stairs!” Ryan A said. He was right. Yet, it was the biggest flight of stairs ever.

“Hugh… hug…” I was so tired of climbing, I was almost wheezing. We all were.

“HELP!” Lilith said. Oh god, she looked terrible. No way I was gonna that slide.

“Lilith…” I said in sadness.

“Oh boy, looky what we have here. A couple of idiots surrounded.” Roberate said.

“No, we’re…” Ryan B said. Then he saw the big men behind us. “...not.”

“What did you do to her?” I asked.

“Uhh, we captured her. Duh.” Roberate said. Smilk and Roberate laughed in unison.

“You jerks…” Razz said. I nodded to Lilith and kicked the file to her cage.

“You know, you can’t do this,” I said in distraction. She was almost out. Then I guy noticed.

“DECK!” I said. We all ran out.

“Shoot!” Roberate said. They ran after us.

“C’mon, guys! Run faster!” I said.

We actually got out of the tower. Then we saw Roberate at the top. He had something in his arm. A rocket launcher!

“FALL DOWN!” he yelled. His men came back in. “SEE YOU IN HELL! SEE YOU ALL IN…”

Smilk pushed him off the tower. Wait… what?

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” he said as he fell to the ground. Then he killed all the men.

“Ha, looks like I’m actually the leader of something now…” he said.

“Huh? What?” we asked.

“I am older, smarter, and stronger than all of you. I killed Scott because I needed to be the leader of the Bear Retreat. I you just would’ve let me be the leader, this never would’ve happened…” he said. “If I were on the top.”

Wow. I never knew he thought this way. But, he was one who never listened, and he was always quiet. We never thought he was so… so evil.

“You should’ve asked…” Lewis was about to say.

“I did! Scott was being a jerk! He was going to leave the whole company to… to that midget!” he said as he pointed at… me…?

What? He was going to leave the Bear Retreat to… me. That’s strange, since I’m only turning 15 in 5 months. Everyone else, besides Lilith, was older than me. Everyone else was like 25.

“You don’t have the perseverance he said you have. Pathetic. You could never lead a retreat…” he said.

“Hey! Tommy could lead 4 times better than you. I’d rather have him be a leader than your murdering reality!” Lewis said.

“Oh really? Could he lead better than me? Ok, how about we continue this war, with me at the top.” he said.

Wow. That sounds interesting.

“Except. My army is different,” he said. “Cage.”

About 10 or 100 zombie milk soldiers showed up in cages. Huh. How will this breakout?


“Arghhh!” was the noise I made while taking a katana to another zombie. Geez, this thing is powerful.

“Honey, I have dinner!” Lilith said.

“Oh yeah! I’m starving!” Razz said. Lilith brought out some pork. It’s really weird how we still have some. Our mouths were watering with joy. We couldn’t wait to get a…

“Rawr!” I heard.

“God, another live one.” I said. I ran into the forest. There he was, screaming about.

“Feel this!” I said as I clubbed the guy in the head. He fell down. Blood stream came down. I felt a little bad. Then again, if they weren’t zombies, we would’ve been dead 20 years ago. Then again again, we are being attacked anyways. Sooooo, yeah. We should be dead. But, we have strength, grit, and determination.

“Well, well, and well.” Lilith said from behind. She startled me. It’s easy now. But, I have trained myself to not absorb the surprising actions.

“Uh, hey.” I said. Ever since the outbreak, I have been quieter and quieter as time went on. You might be thinking two things; Why is their still zombies and where is Smilk? We don’t know why for both. It sucks. But when we do find him, we will kill him. Specifically me. The only live ones of us are Razz, Lewis, Lilith, and I, of course. The Ryans fell sadly in the poison water. How, we also don’t know. It’s tough still getting around. But, we know what to do. Any average person would have trouble with this.

“Still silent?” she responded.

“Yes. Yes I still am.” I responded. It’s weird, because I was the one who talked the most back in the 20’s. 2020’s that is.

“It’s Ok. I got you. We will find the source and destroy it.” she said.

“Thanks. I feel a lot better.” I said. And, I meant it.

“Hey guys, if you don’t come over here now, either we or the infected are going to eat it all!” Razz came over and said.

“Ok then, let’s eat.” I said.

Wow. This is actually good. Once again, I have no idea how we still get food. I’m just fortunate.

“Well. I know what we’re doing tomorrow.” Lewis said. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about. While it might’ve been boring, doing the same thing every day, we have done everything we could’ve done in the last 20 years.

“What are you talking about?” Razz responded.

“We must go to the Scarmane Labs. They are the ones who “supposedly” caused this whole outbreak.” he said. That actually sounded…

“Pretty smart… but, where is it?” Razz asked.

“I know exactly where it is. I used to live 3 blocks from it.” Lewis said.

“Good idea! We might find a cure, or a weapon, or something…” Lilith said.

“Live… blocks… house… mine!” I pictured. I just realized…

“We can bunker in your house! Great idea…. if it’s still up…” Lilith said.

“It was built just like the Bear Retreat’s place, indestructible.” I said. Then we started walking…
“Wow. Look at all that green.” Lewis said. There were vines streaming into the place. My machine still worked.

“Welcome back, Mr. Thomas. How may I succeed you?” It responded. Wow. It still answered me to “Mr. Thomas”. No one answers me like that.

“Locate the “Scarmane Labs”.” I said.

“Locating “Scarmane Labs”. Formally known as “The Mike S. Labs”.” it said.

“WHAT?” Lewis said. We all were flabbergasted. This can’t be real.

“Well, we can’t go now!” Razz said. And, he was right. There was no way we could go there. There might be traps banning us, since Smilk wasn’t on our side from the beginning.

“Wait. I have a plan. Get a rock… or brick… or… something.” I said.

“Why?” Lilith said. It did sound pretty weird in my head, but, it had to work.

“Get all of our fingerprints on it, and throw it in. If nothing happens, take the brick in with us. We’ll be ok.” I explained.

“Anything sounds good to me, so I’m game.” Razz said, and the other two nodded. We got this in the bag.





“I have a brick!” Lilith yelled.

“Good. Now, everyone touch it.” I said. We all touched the brick.

“Firm grip, guys. We need to be sure.” Lewis said. He was right.

“OK, roll!” I said.

We found the labs, and it was just like my house. Grassy, green, and inhabited with earth. Disgusting. Smelled like terrible veggies.

“Uck! What in the heck is that?” Razz asked.

“I don’t know. But, we have to work through the smell. OK, brick roll number one!” I said as Lilith gently rolled it down the closest hallway. Nothing.

“Huh. Old place must be out.” Lilith said.

“Indeed. Keep moving till we find something.” Lewis said.

Moving towards the second hallway was a challenge. Thinking of lasers or something finding us. Or a tiger. Or… whatever.

“OK, time for the brick. Lilith?” Razz instructed. Lilith rolled the thing down the hallway. Nothing so far.

“OK, step up, guys.” I said. We started to walk to the brick, yet slowly. Looked like everything was fi…

“Hey, uh. What is that huge red light?” Lewis asked. I looked at it.

“Um… maybe we should”

“RUN!” I said. The brick exploded into 5. Or 7. Or 200. I don’t know, nor care.

“*Cough* Is every *cough* one O *cough* K?” Lilith asked.

“Yeah. Fine over here.” I said. Everyone managed to get up. Then we started to examine the brick, then the camera.

“Get a piece or two of the brick. Roll one under the camera. Chuck another at the camera. Then run.” Razz suggested.

“Good idea. Let’s roll. Literally.” I responded.

“OK. Now!” Razz said.

Lewis rolled a piece down the hallway. The camera/laser thing shot it out. While being distracted, Lilith threw a piece at it. It crashed. Then we ran across the hallway.

“Nice job. Let’s go…” I said. Then, I noticed something in room C3. A… needle. “...oooOOOOHHHH MY GOD! We found it! The cure!”

“What? No way!?” Lewis said. He picked up the needle and examined it. “Yes! This is it! We won!”

“Or did you?” A voice said.

“What the…?” Razz said. “Who… are you?”

“Heh heh heh. Don’t you remember? It’s Me!” Smilk said.

“What? How are you…” I started to say.

“Still alive? On this huge screen? Questions will be asked by me only. So, start to answer. Why are you here?” he said.


“Yeah, dude. You have issues.” I said.

“You see, I hid in the shadows for 20 long years, waiting for you idiots to barge in and find something that would keep you going. A good feeling of mine thinks you won’t be living in a few seconds…” Smilk responded. Wait… what did he say?

He started to maniacally laugh as this huge, three-headed thing came out into the lab.

“OH LORD JESUS!” Razz yelled. The thing crashed through a wall and roared hard.

“Get. Some. GUNS!” I yelled. The thing started to walk slowly towards us.

“You’re a monster!” Lilith told Smilk.

“Yeah. Right. And he’s not.” Smilk said as he was pointing to the… thing.

“I call him my Margwa.

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