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Fire and Ice

May 18, 2014
By NaLu911, Bellevue, Ohio
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NaLu911, Bellevue, Ohio
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It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

The night sky is the most beautiful thing in the world. The stars remind me that I'll be okay, they're shining a path for me. They're trying to guide me and tell me that I just need to follow them, and by doing that I'm following my heart as well. I haven't slept in days, honestly I don't remember the last time I slept, or ate, or showered. I'm homeless I live on the streets and just go where ever the wind blows. I have nowhere to go, and I have nowhere to sit or stay. I cant go home, and I have no relatives, so until I can find a job I guess I'm just going to stay on the streets. I haven't thought much about my life until now, all I know is that what me and parents want are two completely different things.

There's a park across the pond, there's almost no buildings around. Its not the safest place to stay for the night, but I guess it will have to do. I walk through all the mulch and stones, my thin shoes are not protection much, so it feels like I'm just being stabbed and poked in the bottom of my feet. I get to the opposite end of the park, I lay down on the green bench, the paint is starting to chip, I can see the brown leaking through.

I close my eyes and think of home, when it was a happy place. Dad and I would always go fishing, we would stay out so late that mom would have a freak attack. I honestly thought it was funny, dad never really had a worry in the world. We used to have the biggest bonfires, and invite the whole neighbor hood. I had plenty of friends where I lived, and I was happy. I always had a smile on my face, I never had a reason to be sad, and now, I honestly don't even have a reason to be happy.

My memory's were interrupted shortly after though. I hear laughter across the park, I don't open my eyes. The voices get closer, I can make out they're conversation.

"Think she's alive?" One guy asked.

"I hope not, it looks like I could have a lot of fun with her." A different guy says.

"As long as you share." I heard a smile in his voice. Now they're standing right next to me. Breathing on me. So close, and I don't move. "Hey girl, you okay?" The first guy asked me.

"Looks like she's dead." The second guy says. They reek of booze, and cigarettes, I want to turn around and defend myself, but I just simply don't have enough energy. I used all my last ounce of energy washing a car earlier today. The first guy touches my side. "HELP! HELP!" I start screaming. I fight with all I've got, but it comes out to scratches, and punches. My punches would make them stop for a second, and that's it. "Let go!" I yell. They pulled me off the bench. I hit the ground hard, with a loud 'Thump'. The first guy has blonde hair. As I look up at him, he starts kicking me in my stomach. He pulls me up on the ground and I punch him with the little energy I have left in my body , he slaps me and grabs my left arm and starts to twist it behind my back.

The second guy went behind me and grabbed my right arm. He holds my right arm back, and grabs my left arm that the first guy was holding. With the second guy behind me holding my arms back, and kissing my neck, the first guy comes and stands in front of me.

"You done fighting?" He asks.

"Yes. I am." I look him and in the eyes.

"Really? We were having so much fun. So you don't care what we do anymore?" He asks.

"No. I don't. If I die, nobody's going to care. I have no home, family, or friends. So do whatever. I just simply don't care about my life anymore." It was true, I mean I've never felt so alone in my life, and now, I feel like I'm drowning, but everybody around me is breathing.

"Okay." He smiles. He unbuttons my button on my jeans, and he starts to unzip my zipper. "My pleasure." He smiles and he goes to pull my pants down. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to see his face. A warm thick liquid comes across my face. I kept my eyes close, the guy behind me starts to choke me. I'm losing my breath, and I cant breath, he's trying to kill me! I try to gasp for air, but I cant seem to get any. I open my eyes, but I cant seem to see anything. I start elbowing the guy standing behind me, it don't work. I give up. I have absolutely nothing else to live for anyway. So what's the point in going on? I stop trying and just let him kill me.

"Stop standing there, help me take care of this punk!" The first guy yells, which makes me open my eyes. The second guy lets go, and I fall to the ground. The ground feels so cold against my face, I cant get up. I turn my face to see what was going on, to see why they stopped. Me eyes open wide when I see another person, he looks like he's about 18, his black hair shines in the moon light. I look behind him, the first guy was there, covered in blood. I looked back up at the mystery guy who saved me. He was attacking the second one now, I feel at ease. I give a small smile then I close my eyes, I can't help it. My throat hurts, I pass out on the cold mulch ground at the park. With one thing in my mind. Who's the black haired knight?

"Mommy! When is daddy supposed to be home?"

"An hour or so." My mom replied. "Cianna. Go get me the vodka."

"Do you want a cup?" I ask.

"No, why would I need a cup? I already know I'm going to drink the whole thing anyway. I went into the kitchen, and dragged one of the chairs over in front of the counter. I climb up on the chair, open a cupboard, and grab moms drink. I don't know why my mom likes this stuff so much, she will drink about six of these a day, then go to bed. I hop off the chair, and drag it back and put it at the table. I take the bottle back into mommy.

"Here mommy." I hand her the bottle and she just hands me an empty one.

"Trash Cianna." I just take it and throw it away. I start to walk back into the living room, and then, the front door swings open.

"Daddy!" I start running towards my dad. My dads and agent with the CIA, so he can leave for weeks at a time, and I haven't saw him in four weeks, so I'm excited to see him. "Daddy, come play with me!" I smiled, and he smiled back, his light brown hair falls down in front of his eyes. He hugs me tightly. "Daddy I missed you."

"I missed you to Anna." I missed my dad calling me Anna, He wanted to name me Anna, and mom wanted to name me CC. So they met in the middle and named me Cianna. Dad hugs me tighter. "Where's mom?" he asks.

"Sitting on the couch." My dad walks over, and looks at mom and just sighs.

"Anna will you please go to your room?"

"Why daddy?"

"I want to talk to mommy for a little bit, okay?" I turn around and walk to the hallway. I go halfway up the stairs then come back down and start to listen.

"It's been a while since you've been home." My mom said.

"Yea, and I come home to find you wasted. Why is that not a surprise?" My dad said back.

"Oh, don't start this bull crap with me Rick, I can do whatever I want." My mom snapped back.

"We have a daughter, or have you forgotten?" My dad raised his voice.

"I wish I could forget!" My mom yelled at dad.

"Then why are you her mother if you don't want her?" My dad started yelling at mom, he wasn't very happy anymore.

"I don't care about Cianna, or you. You both could walk right out of my life right now, and I wouldn't care the slightest bit." My eyes start to get all watery, what mom said was really hurting my feelings. Did she mean it? Has she really not loved me this whole time?

"Rachel, what happened? You weren't always drinking like this. When did this start and why?" My dad seems to have calmed down a bit.

"When I had Cianna. I felt like you forgot about me. Your life was all about her. You turned her into a Tom Boy which made everything worse, not only did you love Cianna more then me, but Cianna loved you more then me. I just simply don't care anymore. Take Cianna and get out of my house." "If that's how you really feel then fine, I'll leave right now." Dad started walking towards the stairs so I ran up to my room as fast as I could. I crack my door and sit on my bed, and just wait for daddy to come in. I was scared, was he really going to leave mommy? If he does, is he going to take me with him, or is he going to leave me here with mommy? My door opens.

"Hi Daddy."

"Hey Anna, want to go on a fishing trip, and go swimming?" My heart started to race, It sounded amazing, we normally do it every summer, but we didn't get to this year, because daddy was working.

"Yes!" I screamed, I was so excited to get to do something with my dad.

"Okay. I'm going to go to the store, and buy a couple of things. You stay here, and pack your bathing suit, and three outfits. Okay?"

"Okay!" A smile beamed across my face as my dad walked out the door. I go to my closet and grab three shirts, three pair of panty's, and three pairs of shorts, then I grab my bathing suit, and throw them in my bag. I was rushing around because I was so excited to go. After I put my stuff in my book bag, I laid my book bag right next to my bed, and laid down. I just kept thinking about how much fun I was going to have, and how awesome it's going to be. Before I even realize it, an hour passes, and I fall asleep.

I dream about the trip we took two years ago, where mommy and daddy and I took a boat, and we went out in the lake for hours. It was fun, but what I didn't know is that I was going to wake up from my happy dream, into my worst nightmare ever.

"Cianna!" My mom comes into my room yelling.

"What? Where's dad?" I ask.

"Some cops were just here. Your dad got into a car accident, and he died! Cianna! It's all your fault!" My mom was crying a lot.

"How is it my fault?" I ask.

"It's your fault, because you were born." My eyes pop open. I'm being carried on somebody's back. I look up and I see the night sky, and all the amazing and bright stars.

"Hey, you awake?" The person who is carrying me asks.

"Yea, I'm awake." He puts me down, and turns around to look at my face. His black hair falls over his green eyes. He gives me a smile, he has perfectly white, and straight teeth. The only thing that comes to my mind is,

"Who are you?"

"I'm Skylar, but you can call me Ky." He smiled. "May I ask what your name is?"

"Cianna." I look down at the ground, and start to walk, I don't know where I'm going, but I didn't want to stand there and make a fool of myself.

"Well Cianna, can I ask what you were doing out this late at night?" He started to follow me.

"I just wanted to take a walk and get some fresh air." "Have you gotten enough fresh air for the night?" Ky asks. He's now walking next to me.

"Yes I have, thank you." I say, and I start to walk a little faster.

"That's all I get? A thank you?" I stop and just turn around and stare at him.

"If I had money to pay you Ky, I would. I have absolutely no money. I have nothing of any value to give you or sell." I turn around and start to walk.

"I don't want your money, however I would like to talk to your parents." He says.

"You sound like a 40 year old stalker, who has no life." I reply. Now I'm just getting frustrated. I just want to be left alone.

"Harsh." He replies. "I'm only 16. I'm not a stalker I'm just worried." He says.

"Well I have no parents. So I guess your kind of out of luck. Sorry Ky." I say.

"What do you mean you have no parents?" He asks.

"I don't have any parents, I don't have a family. Can you just leave me alone now?Please?" I ask.

"Not until you repay me." He says. I stop and turn around to look at him again.

"How? I have no money."

"I already told you, I don't want your money."

"Then what do you want?" I ask.

"To spend a day with you." My heart literally just skipped a beat. I actually think he is a pervert! Wow, I though that there actually was some nice people out there, but I guess there's not. I turn around and start to walk away.

"Cianna! Just hear me out." Ky yells after me. I stopped, and listened. "If you don't have a home, then come spend a day with me in mine. Come hang out with me tomorrow, you can have some food, and a nice place to rest."

"Thanks Ky, but no."

"Are you sure Cianna? You look like you really need it."

"Yea, thanks." I continued to walk.

"Nice meeting you!" Ky yells at me.

"You to." I reply back, and just like that, I let another person walk out of my life, and I walked even further into the dark.

I let Ky just stand there on the sidewalk, I keep walking. The suns coming up by now, so I survived another night. Thanks to Ky. I just keep walking down the street, I have no clue where I am, or where I'm supposed to go. I wanted to look for the F.W.I.T. It's the school I want to go to. I traveled all the way here. I practiced Wizardry since the day my dad left. I'm a fire wizard, so I wanted to go to the academy here in town. When my father had passed away in that car accident, my mom became much more different. She didn't just get drunk anymore, she also got into doing drugs. My mom wanted me to drop out of school, so I could get a job, and pay the bills. I refused to drop out of school. I'm starting my sophomore year is a couple of days, that is, if I get into F.W.I.T.

I turn to my right, and see a help wanted sign a clothes store called the "Perlium Rack". I needed a job if I was going to stay here in Bandlem. I walked into the store, and looked around. They sell prom dresses, shoes, makeup, and jewelry. I saw a worker at the jewelry department, restocking shelves. I was walking up to ask for the manager, then I suddenly looked down, and saw what I was wearing. My plain black t-shirt had a hole in the bottom, my jeans had blood on them, and my black converse shoes had been all torn up, they had some holes, and they were covered in mud. Embarrassed to even ask her to see the manger, I turned around and walked out of the store.

I turn to my right and continue to walk. I walked down the street, and passed so many stores, and so many cafes. This city is huge. I find a picnic table in front of a small park in a nice little neighbor hood. I had seven-hundred dollars left. I walked into a dollar store, ashamed that I'm actually about to buy my clothes from there. I walk to the back of the store, and I walk straight to where the jeans were located at. I looked and looked, I hate light blue jeans, they just don't go good with me. Actually I hate bright colors in general. I found a pair of black skinny jeans, grabbed them off the shelf, then walked over to the shirts. I found a dark blue T-shirt that had a black skull on the front of it, I quickly looked on the rack, searching for my size. Medium, perfect. I walked to the front of the store, and quickly ran down the health isle, and grabbed a tooth brush, tooth paste, a brush, hair spray, and deodorant. Everything else could wait till later. I paid for my items and walked out of the store back into the bright sunlight.

I walked to the nearest bus stop, and walked inside the restroom, it smelled like somebody had just peed all over the floor, it smelled like it hadn't been clean in weeks. The sinks weren't even white, they had a yellow stain color to them I quickly went inside a bathroom stall, I regretted it. The putrid smell made me want to puke, I need to hurry before I doo. I put deodorant on, then changed my clothes. I looked down, and sighed. I had forgotten to get new shoes. O well, I guess I will have to make another stop on the way. I walked out of the stall, and went to a sink. I pulled my tooth brush, and tooth paste. I turned the water on, and brushed my teeth. The sink smells even worse then the bathroom stall did. I spit in the sink, and put my tooth brush and tooth paste back in the Dollar Store bag. I splash water on my face to get the dirt off, the sink starts to turn red and brown. I start to push on the soap dispenser, nothing comes out. They have no soap. I turn around to get some paper towels to dry my face, and there's none of those either. I grab my bag, and walk outside into the fresh air.

I take a left so I can pass all the stores again. Its a nice day, the suns shining bright, I can hear the birds chirp, and there's people everywhere. I walk into the very first store I see.

"Welcome to the Bedazzlem. Can I help you?" A tall skinny brown hair girl ask. She had perfectly straight teeth, and she had big brown eyes, they looked so carrying.

"Yes, where are your shoes." I reply.

"Sorry, you cant afford any." Then she had to go and open her mouth.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Your clothes say that you cant afford anything from here." She replies. I can not believe the nerve of some people.

"My fist says I should punch you.." I glare at her name tag "Cassy. I don't think I'm going to listen though. I'll ask again, where are your shoes?" She glares at me.

"Follow me." She turns around and her long hair slaps me in the face. I start to follow her to the back of the store. We pass a black leather jacket that zips up, and has pockets on the lower side of each one, and has a small one in the top right. I look at the price tag. I was shocked, I have never saw a jacket so much, it was $80. The jackets where I'm from are normally $20. I find a medium, and grab it anyway. I continue to walk to the back of the store.

"You looking for any types of shoes?" She asks.

"Leather boots?" I replied.

"What size?" She asks.

"Eight." She grabs a pair of leather boots that have small spikes on the top of the toes. They zip up on the insides, and have small buckles on the outside. I fell in love with them. They are the cutest things I have ever saw. "How much are they?"

"$120" She replied with a smirk.

"I'll take them." Her face went from smiling to jaw dropping. She wasn't expecting me to actually buy them. One thing I learned, was to never judge a book by their cover. We walk pass a shoulder strap, messenger bag, that was black, and had a fire growing in the bottom left corner, and ice coming down from the top right corner. We walk up to the front of the store. I put my things on the counter and the register.

"I like your bracelet." Cassy says. I look down at my thick spike bracelet.

"Thanks." I hand her the money, and leave the store. I sit on a bench out side, take my boots out of the box, and put my old shoes in the box. I slip the boots on my feet, and hop off the bench. I take my jacket out of the bag, and rip the tags off. I rip the tags off my bag and put everything that I bought at the dollar store into the bag I had just bought. I grab my brush and start to brush my hair as I head back to the Perlium Rack, to grab a job application. My hair had tangles in them, but when I finally got them out I put my brush back in my bag. I put my brush back in my bag, and before I knew it, I was in front of Perlium Rack, and I couldn't move.

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