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bully gets bulldozed....

October 22, 2013
By cono101 BRONZE, geneva, Florida
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cono101 BRONZE, Geneva, Florida
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AHHHHHHHH (came a nearby scream from a young cheer leader). Hi I’m Eliah; I’m a nobody, a nerd, and very un-athletic. I don’t have friends and the outside world wants nothing to do with me so I usually just stay inside and read robotic books, probably why I’m so pale. My brown shaggy hair un-kept and messy, my glasses to big for my face, surprisingly no acne or pimples, on month 3 of my braces and my family dirt poor. My life as you can probably tell by now isn’t the best, it’s life though what can you do? Well like I said, I’m a nobody… well at least used to be. I hear everyone talks about me and Marie now. Oh yea I forgot to tell you Marie, my only friend on this world, she’s just like me looks like me but her hair is long and golden blonde that just glistens in the sunlight, freckles on her cheeks, and lucky for her she just got her braces off. She was nobody too… but we found each other and were happy. Now no one could ever tear our friendship! We both use to be nobodies…. But now like I said I hear everyone seems to be talking about us…… well I think I should tell you the story of how we became well known...
I’ll start at the very beginning. Ever since my dad passed away, my mom became a heavy drinker, abusive, and just downright disgraceful. I’ve become the true adult around the house, I cook my own breakfast lunch and dinner and often for her too. I’ve pulled her from alleys out of the road and often had to lift her into her bed which she only made it half onto. I was different I wasn’t like anyone in my family… I was much smarter I knew things most adults would never know. My dad was smart but not as smart as I would like him to be… but I liked him I could talk to him and he often kept me company when I was working on schoolwork or just researching stuff. He had died from a fire at work it was sad and a hard time and we were already low on money but now with my mothers alcohol consumption we are dirt poor… hardly having food on the table and having to scrap food together sometimes going 3 whole days without food. But I didn’t need that much food anyways I was little and my work kept me busy enough to keep my mind off of it.
My mom wasn’t even the worst of it… school was terrible on me… don’t get me wrong classes love me I’m top of all classes my teachers love me… it’s the other kids I don’t have any friends and I’m a well nerd so of course I eat alone study alone, but I don’t need friends they’re just a distraction if you ask me I can get much more school work done by myself! But even that isn’t as bad as the bullies… the rest of the stuff is just emotional it isn’t bad but the bullies they hurt me physically and emotionally…. Some even just punch me and give me swirlys because they’re bored and stupid I wish they could just leave me alone…. No matter how much I beg and plead they never do… but one day at school I sat alone at lunch just like every day alone to my thoughts, most of the cafeterias taken up just my table and a few stray spots and out of nowhere a little girl that looked like me sat down quiet small nothing special I just looked at her puzzled she lifted her head and I saw her freckly cheeks I blushed and looked back down to my food she said shyly “hi I’m Marie the new girl” I looked around puzzled she must have been talking to me. But why me? I looked at her

“I’m eliah…” she just smiled and went back to her food. I was red I don’t know why I had butterflies in my stomach, the bell had rung I scurried away to throw my stuff away and I got hit by a big jock he looked me up down sneered and smacked my books to the ground. I just looked down and picked them up and turned the other way. I got into class nearly late put my stuff down and couldn’t stop thinking about Marie. She looked almost as alone as he was, so special to him…. I don’t know why she’s just…. I don’t know.
I sat at lunch again and there she was already at my table
“Hey eliah!!’ she said

“Oh hey Marie” I replied
“so what’s up?”
“Just about to eat... You?” I muttered
“Say want to go to the movies tomorrow?” she questioned.
“uhhh sure?” I replied puzzlingly
“Cool cya tomorrow sayyyyy 8?” she asked
“Sure why not” I said confidently
Then she sat up and threw her garbage away and went into the halls, wow that was….. Odd. Not that I care I guess I have a friend now! Awesome
We went to see the movie it was pretty awesome and she gave me her number and we went off.
A few months later and we were really good friends we told each other everything the other boys called me gay but I don’t really care she’s someone I can talk to and is my only friend. We go to the movies and the park often and sometimes I got to her house and we study. It was awesome it felt so good to finally have a friend!
Another month and it was her birthday tomorrow and since she was my only friend I was hers we decided just to go to the movies and run around the mall. The movies was fun and then we went to the mall and saw some of my bullies they saw us and started laughing away we just turned and went into another store and looked around and went into a kind of girly shop and there were girls who picked on her…. So we hurried out and Chad the biggest jock he was the worse to me he pushed me into Marie
I said “please leave us alone it’s her birthday please…”
He shoved me again “look at these to rejects!!” he sneered to his friends
I grabbed Maries hand and ran back to the entrance they followed and they threw food and random objects at us. Marie had been caked in a slushy and I got hit by a coke. We got home she was crying hysterically and I was out of breath in a blinding rage. I have had enough…… I turned and ran home; it was time they felt pain from us.
I got home and drew out a project but I would need metal lots of metal wiring and gas, actually a lot of gas to power my machine up…. It took me 4 weeks to find the materials... and I’m sure it’s going to take at least a month to build it.. no I need to finish it sooner... so I didn’t do school work nothing distracting and I stayed home from school a few days of course my alcoholic mother had no idea what was going on so that didn’t matter.
After a week of nothing but work it is finished….. a 6-5 killing machine all metal with fuel lines injecting in and out of areas of the suit; a lighter attached to one arm and a large devastating blade with gagged edges sharp very sharp… amongst the lighter end led out two wires one for spark and the other a gas line… this was how he was going to stop the bullies… I screamed a great victory cheer and ran the whole way to Marie’s. I knocked
She opened the door looking a bit scrawny and lost a lot of her color probably hasn’t left home either I looked at her.
“Hey what’s up why haven’t you been in school” she muttered to me
“I’ve been working on something to solve all of our problems… for good” I replied hastily
“How do you suppose we do that?’ she asked puzzlingly
“I’ll show you!” I replied fast and grabbed her hand and ran back to mine without stopping half running half carrying Marie who still had no idea what was going on I opened my garage and there it was it was beautiful I just spray painted it metallic silver she gazed at it half wondrously half frightened.
“Wha… what is it?” she asked
“It’s how we’re going to make them leave us alone…” I replied darkly
“What does it do…?” she had asked
“It causes pain suffering and revenge that’s all you need to know...” I replied to her
She fell silent still gazing at the machinery
I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the back of it to reveal a back half just Maries size and she can watch it all. She was still a bit worried about it and didn’t know what she should do… she hopped in slowly and cautiously.
I could see that she was unsteady of it all so I looked at her and told her everything’s going to be ok and she just nodded back to me.
I hopped in the machine groaned and he sat down and powered it on the inside looked unreal quite like a space ship but less complicated and easier access to it all he put his foot onto special slots and he could control everything and move regularly but it was just a bit more heavier It was like moving with 10 pound belts wrapped around you arms and legs but it was much lighter than the actual machine. I walked down the street then picked up a jog the faster you go the easier it is to move your legs it was like nothing and he kept picking up pace till he was sprinting and he had stopped at the door wa of the school. He broke down the door and ran through the halls loud thuds.

“Man I miss that little nerd I haven’t had any fun for a while” said one of the biggest football players
“where’s the girl to don’t think they killed there selves wrapped in each other’s arms do you!’’ said the hottest cheerleader
The whole class let out a roar of laughter then one kid notices
“Hey does anyone feel that?” said another football player.
Everyone fell silent boom boom boom boom getting closer by the minute one of the waters on the desk vibrating. Boom boom boom BOOM!! The doors fly open the girls scream and the jocks take cover and look over to see the kid who had noticed it knocked unconscious by the door but still alive then peeks on the giant mechanism with eliah and Marie in the back the girls screams bloody merry and the jocks take cover. The robot picks up a book and slings it at the screaming girl
“So loud and obnoxious” eliah thought
It hits her in the stomach and takes the wind out of her then the biggest jock who was the leader at the mall lunged for the robot and the robot nearly stands still as he runs into it and just merely falls over he’s out for now thought eliah so he ran towards the others the jocks moved out of the way 2 got hit by the plowing machine and hit their heads and were laying there holding their heads and moaning the girls had run out and the biggest had gotten back up I ran up to him and picked him up by the neck with my cold robotic hand and started to squeeze I looked him in the eyes and he looked back and I could see the life slipping away I could feel it… it didn’t feel as good as I wanted it to… I dropped him and he went gasping for air I dropped to my knees and I heard the back latch Marie had tears streaming down her face and she jumped out at the cheerleader and started clawing and hitting her one of the jocks managed to get up and pull her off of her I opened the latch and jumped out ran to Marie and grabbed her by the hand and ran out of the school as fast as we possibly could and took a right out of the school she screamed
“STOP!” I stopped she hit the ground sobbing and looked at me with a massive grim smile on her face
That was it she had finally lost it the police came screaming down the road and 3 out of the 7 we saw came to a screeching stop before us and pulled their guns on us.
“FREEZE WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED” Screamed the sergeant
We both just dropped I held her in my arms as she gave out one more pathetic whimper and the cops were on us in no time hand cuffing me and Marie putting us in different cops cars. I had a raging head ache but a clear mind and the cop screaming me my maraud rights wasn’t helping one bit. We drove to the station I was quiet the entire time.
They did my finger prints and took mug shots and put me in a single cell and I still haven’t seen Marie must have gone to a different station. I’m all alone to myself and my thoughts. Their terrible thoughts…. My mom still hasn’t come in its been 5 hours since I’ve been here probably nowhere to be found as usual, great I wander what will happen to me…. The officers are looking at me strange and kind of a worried look but still alert they’ve obviously seen what Im capable of…. I wander how Marie doing all quiet and alone in her cell, I feel bad for bringing her with me but the way she hit that girl it looked like she thirst for it… needed it, it scared me a little but I understood they have been terrible to us I feel as though they deserved it… I feel they deserved more; I just couldn’t bring myself around to do it though.
“We can’t find your mom anywhere is there any other emergency contacts?” said one of the officers
Without even looking up I just nodded slowly.
“well looks like you’ll be here longer than expected kid” he said muttered to me. And that’s how I’m here now there isn’t much of a happy ending to this story I had broken those kids mentally… and physically but they’ll never be as scarred as me and Marie, oh sweet Marie I wander what is going to happen to us.


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