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My Angel

June 11, 2012
By writer62 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
writer62 SILVER, Springfield, Virginia
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" in order to be the best you have to play the best, in order to play the best you must practice the best, in order to practice the best you must practice the most. Practice is the key to being the best!"

It was early spring, and i walked on the bus, the way i always did and made my way down the long isle to where drake was sitting, so i could attain my usual spot next to him. When i reached the usual grey bench towards the back, i saw a girl sitting there. I recognized her from around school, she was skinny and beautiful. Her blue eyes striking against her highlighted blonde hair falling a little past shoulder length.She smelled unusually strong of ciggarette smoke, but somehow it wasn't a bad thing. Normally i hate that smell, but coming from her it smelled different. I awkwardly sat on the seat across from my usual, shooting Drake a dissapointed look. I made small talk with Drake, the girl adding in once in a while on the way home. That was the day- the first day that i had ever talked to Sarah. The days following that i would come on the bus and find her, i would yell out, " sarah!" and we'd sit together enjoying small talk and passing time on the long bus ride home every day. Weeks, even months pasted, and we became closer. The small talk turned into deep heart-to-hearts, where we would share secrets with eachother that no one else knew. Weeks continued to pass as we grew closer. We would discuss friends, and school, and although i would occasionally talk bad about people, Sarah never joined in. Dismissing my remarks with a nice, " well i mean i don't really know her" or " i mean she's cool" Sometimes we would listen to my ipod, although Sarah never knew the music. She would always ask to listen to the one song she knew " Look at me now" and i would smile and always play it. We would sit together laughing, and i would breathe in her smokey-smell. I loved it, it was familiar, it was...Sarah. One afternoon we were riding home on the bus together as usual when i noticed an infection on her finger. It was red and going down her arm. I questioned sarah saying, " oh my God Sarah what is that?" she responded saying it was just nothing, and she would get it checked out soon. I yelled at her, in a loving tone, " No sarah, this is serious you really need to get that looked at!" she dismissed me laughing, and we joked about her having to get her arm amputated if she waited any longer. The bus pulled up at Sarah's stop. We said bye and she hopped off, calling, " love you!" as she stepped to the floor. The next day at a party i got a call that Sarah went to the hospital to get her arm looked at, and when they did the blood tests, they found out that Sarah had Acute Lukiemia. I was devistated. A few months later Sarah passed away after suffering a heart attack that her body was too weak to fight from all the chemo. My life will never be the same. It's not fair that Sarah was taken at only fifteen. It's not right that the last time i saw her was on a school bus joking around about what later helped the doctors find her cancer. It's not fair that she was taken so soon. It's not fair that it had to be her. Sarah is my hero. She's taught me to love life, and to never ever lose hope. She's taught me that you can smile through anything and be stong. But more than anything she's taught me to love. Love everyone, no matter what because life is beautiful. Sarah, i miss you and i know i will see you again someday. Watch over me, my angel.

The author's comments:
" Screw Cancer, love life"

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