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One Crazy Night

April 28, 2008
By Anonymous

I remember when, my friend and I were going to hobby lobby and stealing iron on letters. We used to do it all the time and get away with it and go home and make shirts and pants out of them, our parents would always ask where we got the money to buy these letters but we would never tell them what was really going on then my mom got really concerned about it and I wanted to stop but my friends called me names like punk, and scary so we went and stole some more and when we got back to my friend's house his uncle had already knew what was going on and he told us, '' yall better quit that stupid stuff yall going to get caught", but we paid him no mind. So on that Friday we had my friend's uncle take us back out there, It was real empty but I just had this funny feeling about what was going to happen in the end my heart was pounding and my palms were sweating harder then a water hose on full blast. I wanted to turn around but I didn't want to look like a chump to my friends so I didn't say anything I just went into the store with them and grabbed as many letters as I could , I looked around and saw nobody so I felt kind of better about what we were doing. After we got everything we got everything we wanted me and my friend headed for the door and for some reason my other friend stayed behind us, then instantly my heart started beating fast again but this time faster and harder I just knew we were going to get caught but I wouldn't turn around. We got to the door and we stopped and paused, I told him to go first , and him without thinking walked out and the siren alarm things went off and a man instantly grabbed him so I tried to turn around and walk off but the guy told me to stop where I was before he shot me with the tazor gun. So I stopped and the guy grabbed the both of us and took us to the back. The guy asked where the other guy was but I kept shrugging my shoulders as if I didn't know then some lady there shopping pointed him out to the guy. When he got all of us together he told us he was officer smith and we were under arrest and he had been watching us the whole time. I got real scared because I thought I was going to jail, he took us in a room and asked all kinds of questions getting our names and addresses but when he got to me and my cousin we both lied I lied to the cop and told him I lived in New Jersey and I made up a address and a school I went to and my friend lied and said he was from Dallas and he made up all types of info also. After they got Taylors info he made us empty or pockets and he warned us that if we went over the limit of merchandise that he would have to send us to the juvenile detention center for the night until our parents came. He started with my friend he had like 20 dollars worth of stickers and then he went to my cousin and he had like 25 dollars worth because when he ran off he dumped most of them out in a pot somewhere. When I pulled mine out I just knew I was in trouble and the officer had a look on his face like he just wanted to take me in but he counted them and it came out to be like 60 dollars worth and he said I went over the limit and he had to call and see if they had room for me, I just put my head down knowing I was going to be in big trouble with my mom. After he got off the phone with the people he explained to me that the place didn't have room so I was lucky but they were going to be in contact with me very soon. I kind of thought it was over and everything was going to be okay but I still had to find a way to get it passed my mother so after he got everything he needed to know he released us and instantly my mom called. I answered and she said ''boy where you at'' I answered on my way to my friend's house can I stay the night''? She asked what's going on over there" I replied "nothing I just want to hang with him tonight" she says "okay but come home tomorrow" . The whole time I was thinking should go home and just stay home until everything was okay, but I knew everything wasn't going to go that way. So after the weekend at school that Monday we went on a fieldtrip. While we were gone all I could think about was my mom finding out and getting in worse trouble. When we returned from the trip I was headed back to class and a girl stopped me and told me that the cops were in the office and they said my name I thought she was just playing with me because everyone had been talking about it at school that day. So I kept walking to my class and before I could get there my teacher told me to go to the office because they were looking for me down there. I turned around and walked slowly to my class thinking about what was about to happen and, when I finally got there standing there was two undercover policemen waiting on me , and when I walked in they just from the jump started asking me questions. The first guy asked me " I thought you lived in new jersey and before I could think of something to say he told me" not to try to lie my way out of it because it was just going to piss him off and I didn't want to piss him off". So I told him everything he had already figured out and knew when he came , so he gave me a card and told me to get the card to my mother in 24 hours and if I didn't then he would be back to see me. So I returned to class and all I could think about was the trouble I gotten myself into. All of a sudden a pass came to my class, it was for me. It read “Tell him after school come straight home NO BASKETBALL!” I got more scared when I knew somehow my mom found out without me telling her. I knew I was in for it now I didn't know what to do nor say when she got home from work, after school I went straight home like she said and I waited. When she finally got off work she shot straight to my room and started asking questions like “Why you didn't tell me”, “What where you thinking you could have been thrown in jail”. After she yelled for a while I explained how sorry I was and how I knew what I did was stupid and how much trouble I could have gotten myself into, But she didn't want to hear it one bit she just told me to shut up and go to my room and don't think about going anywhere for about a month or so. During that time i couldnt do nothing all i could do was get on the computer and go to my room, i couldnt take it,i had to get out the house into somethin i thought i was gonna was half way threw the baskietball season and all

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