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Not my fault.

February 4, 2010
By Shel-Bells SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
Shel-Bells SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
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When nothing goes right , go left (:

Friends come and go you say... Well I never left.
I had a best friend, she was practically my sister! When I first met her I hated her. But she grew on me. She was like me in so many ways. We soon learned we were practically exactly the same, just one person in two different bodies. We could say anything, and we knew we wouldn’t judge each other. We laughed so much when we were together, we had so many memories! Memories I still can’t forget.
She soon moved across town to a neighborhood that wasn’t routed to our school, which meant she’d have to transfer. I couldn’t let her leave. So I suggested she could come to my house a few days a week until someone came and picked her up. So that went on for a while. Then next thing I knew two whole years had passed! We’d been friends for two years. Then over Christmas break I was staying at her house for days , cause we both had nothing else to do and I was like family.
I stayed with her and he family and friends on New year’s , and only ten days into the new year I had lost my best friend over a illness. She didn’t die or anything, I was sick with the stomach flu. I had stayed home from school for 2 days. My friend came over 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Well it was Wednesday and I was still home sick. She was getting out of school and texting me asking if she could still come over. I had told her no because one of my mom’s rules was I can’t have anyone over when I stay home from school, I was just going by her rules. Then the next thing I know I hear the door bell ring and my friend was standing at my door step. She asked if she could come in and I simply said “didn’t you get my text”. Then I was lost she told me that I said don’t ring the door bell cause my mom was sleeping (my mom wasn’t even home) i told her I hadn’t said that and she just stared at me like “well are you going to let me in or what?”. I just stood there and she walked away… I went inside as if nothing happened and then she’s all over MySpace saying “wow nice friend”. The next thing I know when my mom gets home she asked were my friend had been and I told her that she didn’t come over. The next thing I found out was my friend had went behind my back and texted my mom asking if she could come over, my mom said yes cause she knew my friend had no were else to go. We argued back and forth over MySpace until we came to the end . FRIENDSHIP TERMINATED! What could I do I hadn’t really done anything I was just following the rules! I still see her everyday she still goes to my school... she rides a different bus and goes to her other friend’s house after school now. What can I say? She lost the greatest friend she ever had... I lost my sister... All over a illness and a small miscommunication.

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I had a best friend. We no longer talk, she ruined the greatest friendship she'd ever had.

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on Feb. 11 2010 at 5:01 pm
Shel-Bells SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
8 articles 2 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
When nothing goes right , go left (:

i was always with my friend like i literally lived at her house on the weekend and she lived at my house during the week. i've lost hope. She reccently posted a few pictures on myspace and edited them and put "Pictures never change , just the people in them" How do i respond to that , everyday i see her in school and she glances at me ! I dont even no what to do .

on Feb. 10 2010 at 3:01 pm
daffodilsNblueskies SILVER, Clayton, North Carolina
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aw... I'm sorry. I had a friend like that once except time was our "miscommunication." If you want some advice, I regret everday that I didn't spend with my best friend when I had the chance... that's what's important. Don't give up on your friendship. That's what best friends are for.