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The Bus

February 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you remember riding on the bus for the very first time? Did you feel scared and sick to your stomach? Were you so nervous you could barely walk and think? Did you make it all the way through the ride without crying? Well, all of that describes my first day on the bus. Scared and Alone.
Back in New Jersey I was eagerly waiting to go to school to start the new day. Mom grabbed my backpack, put my lunch in it, and sent me on my way. I walked down the flight of stairs and walked out the door in front of me that lead to the big beautiful outside. The sun was shining and there were very few clouds in the sky. You could hear the birds chirping in the trees and bus breaks squeaking.
As I get into my dads car I could hear my dad say, “No Kathleen, we’re going to ride the bus today.” WHAT! Is he crazy? Having a six year old girl, just entering kindergarten, ride the bus?
My dad and I were walking to the bus stop and I could hear him say, “When Sister Teresa lets you out go to the buses by the playground, get on bus three, and he bus driver will tell you when to get off.” I wasn’t paying attention o a single thing he said. I was just so nervous. My dad and I stopped where a bus was coming to take me away. A couple minutes later I could see a big yellow bus come towards us.
Once again I could hear the squeaking tires coming to a stop. Yellow lights were flashing in my eyes. Then a tall door opened up in front of me, and the scariest man I saw was sitting down, staring dead at me.
Well hello little lady, come on aboard. Watch your step, they’re pretty tall,” the bus drive said in a very friendly voice. “Go on Kathleen, its ok. Mom will be here when you get off.” Then I walked down from the sidewalk and stood right in front of the bus. I wasn’t even taller then the first step that lead to the unknown.
I stepped on the first step. Then the second. Last but not least the third step. I now found myself staring at many of seats an kids looking at me. I was looking around to see I could find anyone I knew. Nobody. I was all alone. I looked behind me and I could see my dad talking to the bus driver. I turned back around and found an empty seat a couple rows back.
The bus started moving and the noise from everyone began to arise. After a couple more stops we passed the shopping center and we went over the highway, and we were off to school. As we came by the church everyone started grabbing their stuff knowing he school was right behind it.
As everyone was getting off the bus, I was happy that this ride was over. I never wanted to go back. . I walked don the stairs into a sea of boys in blue polos black pants, and ties, and girls in black, white and grey jumpers with black shoes. I started walking towards my class room. I looked up and I could see the sign I loved. “Welcome To Our Lady of Lords.”
After the school day was over, Sister walked us out of the class room, and outside where the buses and parents were waiting to pick up the students. I looked over to the parents and didn’t see my mommy waiting to pick me up. So I walked over to the buses like my daddy told me to and I just stared at them. I didn’t know what to do! I was so lost in my head. I could take it any more. So I sat down where I stood and began to cry!
All of the teachers didn’t know what was wrong with me. So Sister Teresa took me inside and sat me down. Then she got on the phone and called my mom. “Christine?” “Yes,” said my mother. “Well I have your daughter in my class room right now hysterically crying.” “WHAT!?!? Hold on, Hold on I’ll be right there.” “Ok.”
After a couple of minutes my mother showed up and took me home. My parents couldn’t believe it. They thought I was old enough, but they were wrong. My first day on a school bus was pretty eventful. I was scared out of my mind, I didn’t know what to do and I felt horrible, but things got better on the bus rides when I started to grow up. Only, I will never forget that day, ever.

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