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Growing up from house to house

October 16, 2019
By Anonymous

Growing up from house to house

Going from house to house when I was 6 years old was tough for a kid that was afraid of moving and trying to get along with new people. Moving was such a priority to my parents because they were in and out a lot on their relationship, but in the long run able  to stay together, 

because they had my little brother. They ended up splitting when he was 3 years old, my mom and I moved into an apartment with my little brother, we went on and off with my dad just so there was no un balance to seeing our parents. But it was hard we moved 6 times as a kid back and forth when they would decide on getting back together. But in the long run they didn’t make it they split and found new partners but they were still great friends to make sure us kids didn't end up hating one parent or the other. 

My parents would fight back and forth and argue next to the catwalk stairs that lead up to my bedroom. But the bad part wasn't that they would argue it's what they would argue about, it was always about other girls but I knew my dad he wouldn't have done that to my mom and they would try to take me and put me on sides of them to target the other person, but I wasn't for teaming up because I was worried that I would ruin relations with either of my parents. They would yell “who the hell is this” and “why were you talking to this f***ing guy” but that's what made it bad I know you aren't supposed to cuss at ones you love and it was only because they were upset over the situation that they were fighting about. In the end when they would fight we got things done around the house like retiled the bathroom ad repainted the walls a nice grey and white sequence, after a fierce fight and the kitchen got redone the cabinets and countertops because of all the stress and anger that was let out after a fight that they would always have. 

They ended up meeting the people they've been with for like 6 years; Britteny who is the best person I could have hoped my dad to meet; Johnny who is not the most ideal for my mom but he was like a kid and did things that most older people wouldn't have considered doing because they are older but he had that kid mentality that most people lose mid 20’s. The only good thing that could've come from all of this the two of everything; christmas’s , thanksgivings and you know I like to eat, birthdays and it's the best when you ge to spend time with family. Every year around christmas everyone in my family would stay at my grandmas that was a two story house that was old and built by my grandpa own two hands. He built everything he was a crafter and I really look up to him because he came from the same type of background as me not growing up from house to house and having multiple sets of parents which can be very stressful on a kid of my age.

The author's comments:

It was very hard to keep up on moving all the time for me things were very distracting and it made things very hard to keep up on. I was very easily attached to things that i liked and moving wasnt one of those things 

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