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My First 4-wheeler

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

I was sleeping when I heard, “BRANDON!!!” It was my Dad yelling for me to wake to go to school.
I thought, NO!!! “I don’t want to go to school,” I yelled back. We had a long weekend and I liked to sleep in. Now it’s time for school.
When I got up stairs and my Dad said. “We are going to pick a 4-wheeler today”
Yeah! I said. I was running a yelling. I was happy about getting my first 4-wheeler. I was 11 so I did stupid stuff.
However I was standing outside waiting for the bus. I was thinking maybe he is just kidding about getting a 4-wheeler. But then I heard my Dad walking outside. I asked what are you doing he said, I’m hooking the trailer on to the truck so when we pick out a 4-wheeler we can put it on the trailer. Here comes the bus.
After 7 hours of school I finally got to go roud of it and when we got home my Mom took a picture of me. The next day I showed it to my friends on the bus and at school. Also I was so happy about getting the 4-wheeler I even tolled the story about it. By the way my Dad went all the way to T and Topples that is along drive. I bet that my Dad was tired. But he did it all for us. That was the happiest day for me almost. YEAH!!!ho me and my Dad was going to pick us up. So I would get to see the new 4-wheeler. When I was walking I seen my Dad truck and I turned my head and I seen the trailer with the 4-wheeler on it. The 4-wheeler is red and it was a 3-50 it was brand new 2007. It was just made last year.

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