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By Anonymous

   Sure,we all hate those annoying phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell useverything from house loans to windshield repair. But, have you ever triedlooking from their side of the telephone?

I worked as a telemarketerselling jewelry over the phone for six weeks, and it was one of the hardest tasksI've ever done. I had to go through a lot of training to do something most of usdo every day: talk on the phone. The shifts are long, and the work is hard. Theyput me in a cubicle with a phone and some papers. There were many others around,but I was busy and couldn't talk to them. The people I had to try to sell to hadno money, didn't want what I was selling, or couldn't speak English. They couldsay anything they wanted, and I had to have a comeback. A supervisor was alwaysmonitoring me, and I got in trouble if I didn't sell enough, or said the wrongthing. I always had to be pushy and not take no for an answer. It was really hardand stressful. So, the next time a telemarketer calls, be polite and rememberthey're just doing their job.

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i love this so much!