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One Community, One Effort

March 31, 2008
By Anonymous

On a breezy Thursday night in Rockwall, summer blooms as notes of music and laughter drift into the sky. The Concert on the Lake series is in full swing at the harbor, as the community gathers ‘round for music, friends, and dancing. Relaxing serenely on the grassy knoll of the amphitheater, I take in the scene of these festive Thursdays.

Upon the stage, scores of little children dance along with the choice band playing for the night. Wiggling and shouting, the children make new friends as their parents mingle with one another. I see elderly people enjoying the music as well as teenagers drifting around the Harbor. Such a juxtapose of ages suited comfortably amongst each other suggest the amplitude of the rather casual occasion. People watch from the decks of Rock wall’s new restaurants and stores, allowing business people to connect to the population. Police officers also wander around the complex, not always to protect, but rather to meet the citizens of Rockwall and expand their outreach.

It is truly amazing to watch the scene at the Concert at the Lake Series. How incredible it is to see how music brings the entire community together. Neighbors meet neighbors, citizens meet law enforcement, and the population meets the businesspeople. Young and old alike gather together in the safe and friendly environment. The concerts are truly a “Hawk Sighting,” gathering the community together for the important duty of having fun.

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