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Aunt Irene's Lily

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Aunt IreneÕs Lily
Every since I can remember, I had two aunts. They live far away in a tiny place, which my siblings and I affectionately call, ‘The House Time Forgot.Õ My Aunt Lily had back problems and being the little brat, I was, I once asked if she was QuasimodoÕs girlfriend. I was too little to get yelled at, but my aunt never forgot it.
My aunts were old. They had white hairs and saggy elephant skin. My Aunt IreneÕs husband died and no one was allowed to go into his cellar but we snuck down anyway. When we turned thirteen, we were allowed to go up to the attic and see the rooms, my mom and uncle had stayed inside, when they were our age during the summer.
??? My aunts always fought. To Irene, Lily was a female dog. To Lily, Irene was a donkey-like creature. I thought they hated each other. After all, that was how my brother and sister treated each other. Then one day in seventh grade, my mommy went away for a long time to be with Irene. Lily had died. I asked someone if Irene was happy. She had always asked Lily to go away after all. No sweetie. No, she isnÕt happy.Ó
Later on, we went to visit Irene in her house. She didnÕt look as unhappy as everyone thought she was. Maybe they were wrong. After a while, she fell asleep and soon I was the only one awake, watching television, when I heard a whine. I looked at my aunt. Her face was twisted and gray. Lily.Ó She muttered, softly. A tear fell down her face right before she woke up. She looked at me. What? Was I snoring?Ó
They were right. She did miss Lily. It must have hurt. Having someone, argue with you, laughing, living with that someone, your entire life and then, they not being there suddenly.

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