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I Believe in Eating Dessert First

January 1, 2008
By Anonymous

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I Believe in Eating Dessert First

If you saw an enormous slab of rich, creamy chocolate cake, would you leave it sitting on its platter, or quickly scoop it onto your plate faster than the blink of an eye? You would GO FOR IT, of course! I know I would. Life is short, and I believe in eating dessert first.

My particular flavor of cake is acting. I love the fresh aroma of theaters, and my mouth waters at the thought of each line I get to say. I once decided to audition at our city’s children’s theater. The play was a huge slice of the best cake, and I went for it. The auditions were different from anything I had ever done before, and most of the people there were grades older than me. I remember struggling to have my high voice heard in the drafty audition room—there was a huge air conditioner in the room pumping out drafts of cold air that chilled me and made it hard to focus. It was definitely difficult, but I managed to get a small part in the play, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. It was a great experience, and I had so much fun getting kicked around by the Herdmans! This experience taught me to focus on what you really want, and go for it.

A few years ago, I was able to go to London, England for a week. One week to see all the amazing sites of London!! How could you possibly see everything in seven days? I bit off a day at Stonehenge, sightseeing at the ancient Roman Baths, and two spectacular Broadway shows…The shows seemed so short—only two to three hours long. I remember leaving the huge theater and wishing I could run back in and watch the show four more times. Even though the trip was short, it taught me to savor every single bite.

One show that I saw while in London was Wicked. I got all dressed up to go to the theatre, but as my family and I were running to the theatre through crowded streets, I noticed my bracelet was missing. I beat myself up wondering where it had been, and wishing I could get it back. Instead of paying attention to the theatre and how awesome it looked as we waited for the show to begin, I kept replaying the day in my head. Did the bracelet fall off while I was eating? Maybe it fell down in the bathroom! Was it in one of my coat pockets? Then I realized that I was going to see one of my favorite musicals in an amazingly cool city, and reminded myself to be thankful for the piece of cake I had.

In my life, I have learned to go straight to the chocolate cake. Focus on what you want, go for it, eat it (of course) and enjoy every bite, and then be thankful for the delicious dessert you have enjoyed. Life is brief, so you should take a chance and go for what you really want.

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