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Time For A Change

November 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Blacks! White! Wet Backs! Dark Make up! Tattered Clothing! These are the age old terms that people throughout history used to place people in to a demeaning, racial, and social out skirt from society better known as discrimination. I am presenting my proposal to implement our plan to take action against the very disturbing, heavy, frightening mass hysteria that could take place and end up sweeping through our schools, community, and if not stopped soon our country. We as a community have to stand up and recognize that there is a massive problem accruing in our school on today. We have students taking justice into there own hands and, teachers acting as if they are unaware and can not see the troublesome time going on amongst our young people on today. Parents are not being informed that their child may be the cause of the destruction of another student’s character and well being. Naturally, our preventative measures must go beyond the normal after school stay. This correlates positively with the increased crime rate since then, but because the crime has infiltrated our schools, we as a school are forced to change the way we discipline and monitor students.

We plan to utilize an extremely strict dress code. Resulting back to Black and white or Beige and White. Black dress pants, white, or beige khakis with neatly pressed white polo shirts. Shirts may not have any graphics on them must be plain. Long sleeve or shorts leaves are permitted but tank tops are not acceptable. White, black or tan gym shoes, dress shoes, or flats are to be worn. Shoes must be one solid colored, some graphics are allowed, shoes must match. Shoestrings must be one solid color; they must be the same. Ids are to be worn at all times during school hours. Girls are not allowed to wear low cut blouses, shirts are not to be tied up in any way, and shirts can either be tucked or untucked. Boys are not allowed to wear pants that kiss the top of their ankles " No drastic sagging", underwear can not be shown period. Shirts must be tucked in. Belts are to be worn by both parties at all times. Can only be black or white. If failed to abide by these terms you will be sent down to the dean’s office and the proper course of action will be projected. Special circumstances will be taken into consideration.

We have discussed possible ways to prevent bullying, but the problem of overall school violence is entirely different. There is no one solution that may be applied to any school. There are issues of socio-economic status, location, and overall quality of living that must go into decisions on how to deal with a violence problems in any given school. (Bill Dedman of the Chicago-Sun times) writes, "Metal detectors, SWAT teams, profiles, warning signs, checklists, zero-tolerance policies, even software to compare a student’s actions with past attacks…These approaches are ‘unlikely to be helpful, and could be dangerous" (Dedman, 2000). "All of these preventative measures, though possible, do not directly address the problem, and may only exacerbate the issues.’’

I can agree with this fully and say that these drastic solutions do not address the problem directly and only make them worse. Students then begin to think that they have to make a stand and show that they are not afraid of going to jail, getting suspended, being expelled, getting detentions with deans, teachers, principles or who ever it maybe. Students then start to lash out because they need to prove how strong they are and how that they are not intimidated by anyone. I say that we band together and talk to the students. When they are caught fighting or misbehaving towards each other they should have to make a mends and talk about what ever is troubling them rather then just suspending them with out giving them a chance to give their side separately and then together.

We should develop a system where they are assigned to different tasks to complete together so that they can tackle the problem that way. Fist offense (Talk about it), assigned a mediator and have to write letters to each other telling each other what they problem is and how they got to the point of arguing. Second offense (Work it Out), ISS (In-School-Suspension) where they are in a room together working together on a project that they have to present to the principle on either racism. Abuse, gang violence, drugs alcohol, etc. Third offense (Reality Check), suspended from school and sent to do volunteer work together to have a chance to see first hand how bad someone else really has it and tat the little problems they are having don’t rally matter. At the end of each step they each have to write a 1 page essay about what they learned and what they plan to do different.

We have to remember that first it starts in the home, then the school, then later on in life. And we need o educate and present to young people that there is a better way and that every solution have to result in violence rather it be physically, verbally or in some cases mentally. These are the age-old conflicts that exist in our schools today.

The author's comments:
The violence that takes place in the schools on today inspired this piece, I want young people to know that it is time for a change Lets stop tearing down ech other and making one another feel bad. Lets come to peace with who we ae nd how we view others and offer words of encouragement when its needed.

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