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September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

For thousands of years, anti-Semitism has reigned over the globe. Throughout that time millions of Jews have been murdered during various events, but probably the most recognizable event to most people is the Holocaust; a time when about six million Jews were murdered. Before this horrific event every one of the victims had a real life before they were sent to the camps, most of whom would never see their home, friends, or even family again. This tragedy should have never happened, but since it unfortunately did we need to learn about people’s stories and experiences with it and apply it to our own lives to ensure that nothing of this magnitude ever happens again.

By learning about this tragedy, as sad as it is, we can see how one person filled with so much hate can change the minds of millions. It is extremely important to learn this now because we are still at a young age and as kids many of us still look up to adults and we are still subjective to change. There could be some kid out there who never heard of the Holocaust and overheard an adult they looked up to saying that they hate Jewish people. It is highly plausible that that kid will decide he hates Jews as well. That is why we need to learn of the wrong, barbaric, and inhuman events that took place during the Holocaust by the Nazis. It needs to be imprinted in our minds that Hitler and that Nazi Party were erroneous about a perfect race so that something of the same nature as the Holocaust by no means ensues once more.

Immoral to me is a perfect synonym to prejudice. Although the real definition for the word prejudice is the intolerance of or dislike for people because they belong to a specific race, religion, or group, I will always compare the word prejudice to the word immoral. Just like the right pieces to a puzzle these two words go together perfectly. Unfortunately, the image these two pieces make once put together is not of baby animals or a beautiful view but the image these two pieces formulate is one of hate and detestation. Prejudice, for many people, is the way of the world sadly. We can do everything possible to teach kids that prejudice is wrong, but if there is just one person out there who didn’t learn that lesson, prejudice could take over again even after all of that effort because prejudice, though extremely hurtful, is highly powerful. In almost all tragedies, such as the Holocaust, prejudice is the building blocks to a person’s peak of power and many times once those blocks are put up there is no knocking the structure down.

Bullying is a just a useless quest for power because most bullies are just cowards themselves striving to find someone they can scare. No one will ever know for sure of the real raison d'être of Hitler’s plot to eradicate the Jews but I honestly accept as true that Hitler was just a bully looking for power. Hundreds of kids all over the world go through a nightmare everyday just to get through school when school should really be a safe haven where all kids should feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, bullies are making that an impossibility for many kids. Victims and survivors of the Holocaust went through a nightmare everyday as well but their nightmare had a much greater magnitude of heartbreak and anguish but the same concept of bullying still applies. By learning about the Holocaust it is possible that some bullies may come to a realization and understand that what they are doing is wrong.

The Holocaust is a time in history that many people would rather forget but still, as hard as they try, can not help but wonder or comprehend how such a tragedy could happen. As much as we wish it could, history can not be erased and we must accept that this tragedy happened and make it our goal in life to ensure that this time in history will not repeat itself. The easiest way to do this is simple. All you have to do is remember.

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