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Labels are for soup cans

March 17, 2008
By Anonymous

In my school, everyone is judged based on physical appearance and behavior. For some reason everyone has to have a label. Some kids are labeled more than one thing. There's the common labels like preps, goths, skaters, wannabes, dorks, etc. But some people have gotta so bored that they mix up two or more labels like skater preps or wannabe goths. I don't understand why we must label each other. It's really mean and it hurts peoples feelings.

Every day some has to label me something. One day it'll be emo. The next day maybe loser. Sometimes I'm considered a druggy, because I am not normal. I know that I am the furthest thing from normal. Sometimes I wear all black. Other times I might wear rainbows. It all depends on what I like that day. I get called emo because sometimes I'm sad for long periods of time. Also because I wear dark eye make up. It's just the way I like my clothes and make up.

My friends get called emo, losers, or preps. We always say to the people who label us, "We aren't _____. We are ourselves." Sometimes we say silly things like, "Labels are for soup cans." The truth is labels are for soup cans. People don't come with plastic wrapped around them having their ingredients listed or a big fat "Goth" stamped on them. People are different. Each one is unique in their own way.

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